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All the horrors posted here. What freaks you out? What keeps you wanting to know more? It's all here, and you can be apart of it. Also, post your stories for readers to read and review, ask for advice, give advice, take the advice...
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There are billions of ideas for plots that we can use in our stories, and the fact that we barely think of less than a quarter of that isn't so great. For those having writer's block or are just bored to death, you can cimply come here and look for new plot ideas- that is, if people decide on posting any. If you do, however, want to reccomend a plot that you would love someone to creat into a story, you can post it here, but to make it clear, here are some guidelines: First, if you plan on posting a plot idea, label it, give it a title. Doesn't necessarily have to be the name of the story, but if you are having trouble and have no clue what to title it, you can simply- for ex. put, "plotidea101" any number that isn't too hard would be fine. And don't forget to mention that it was you who came up with this idea. So, don't plagiarize and get it from somewhere else, but if you did, the least you could do is mention it and hope the writer wanting to use the idea can come up with something muy creative. Now, to the writers wanting to use the plot idea mentioned by another, you should at least submit a post the moment you want to use the idea. Type down which plot idea you will be using and when you might think you will have the story up and running. Don't forget to be back and post a link to the story so the wonderful ppl that came up with the idea can see how the plot is turning out. And, highly recommended, when you post the story with the plot you decided on using, don't forget to mention that the plot was from the person who came up with the idea. So, good luck to all! I'll definitely be up with this topic in my other forums...so...copy...and paste...^_^
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