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All the horrors posted here. What freaks you out? What keeps you wanting to know more? It's all here, and you can be apart of it. Also, post your stories for readers to read and review, ask for advice, give advice, take the advice...
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...but is anyone interested in reading my story? It's still in progress but so far everyone who has read it has enjoyed it (as far as I know from the reviews anyway!) Unlike most horror stories on fictionpress it does NOT have vampires or werewolves in it. The story is called Isolation and tracks the fight for survival that ensues when, following disastrous floods, pupils and teachers are trapped in their school until help arrives. Includes a long-established rivalry, a terrible curse and pancakes. BRING IT ON! Rated Teen but it's a dark story. Don't read it if you want fluffy bunnies. Also I know it starts slow, please keep at it! Thanks in advance. xxx
4/17/2007 #1
i read your story and left bout...five reviews?? lol. i thought it was really great. it has the supsense, the horror, the tad romance, and the rivalry-definitely, oh, and the pancakes. i'm looking forward to see what's actually going on in the school. it's hard to imagine a school on top a hill where water hasn't been reaching completely. that's basically the only thing that's been bothering me. i hope you explain that a little more-maybe where the school is located-like near a mountain range in the outskirts of london-blahblahblah. heh, but this story is very awesome. you did a great job with the details. oh, and another thing- what do u mean by "prickly" when you describe Kate? I hope you can develop her character a little more. we don't know much about her likes and dislikes, just that she lost her parents and she's quiet, but we don't know much about her personality. do you understand what i mean, cause i got a little confused trying to explain. lol. well, i'm looking forward to the update, so keep up the awesome writing, k? p.s not all horror stories have vamps and werewolves, right? i haven't checked lately. lol. although when i say that it's not so good cuz i have both those stories, but unfortunately, i'm becoming disinterested in those plots.. ah well... ^__^
4/18/2007 #2
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