For those people out there who have a plot they want written. If you have a plot you want, put it down and someone can either write it or recommend a story along those plot lines.
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Hey everyone, post the basic plot here. It can be vague or detailed doesn't matter! If you see a plot matching to a story, please list the story. thx.
4/26/2007 #1
LL Anonymous
I have a major writer' block right now, so please will someone give me an idea. It can be as brief as you want it to be. I don't care! Please! I need plots! Or just give me characters so that I can setup my own story! PLEASE!!! Thank you, lol.
5/5/2007 #2
i've got a couple that are really basic and frankly s*** at the moment but heres one. two girls are rivals and their older brothers are best friends. One of the girls starts dating the other girl's brother. Not to be outdone, the other girl dates the former girls brother. yeah and it kinda progresses from there. its a sorta brother's best friend pretend dating cliche. but i love those cliches so i decided to combine them. use it if you like, though i'm aware the plot is kinda shallow and dull.
5/5/2007 #3
LL Anonymous
Oh YAY! I'll definitely use it. Now I'll just write it down and the story will be on it's way! Thanks a million. I hope I don't disappoint you... but don't worry you don't have to read it. :)
5/6/2007 #4
haha im so going to read it! can't wait! lol
5/7/2007 #5
ok, i was actually thinking of writing a story sometime in the future but i know deep down that i'll never do it because my english sux plus i dont have the skills to make everything flow perfectly or develop characters and plots. im actually sick of highschool/ teenage romances so if someone could please write something along the lines of what im suggesting that would be great. a woman in her early twenties has just finished her business degree or whatever when her parents die from something or other. she goes to vagas for a weekend to try to forget everything. ends up having an amazing one night stand with this guy. when she gets back home she finds shes pregnant anyways fast forward 4 or so yrs later and shes working her way up the corporate ladder as a single mother. then she finds out that his the ceo of her company. anyways the baby boy is the splitting image of the father who is young, hot, sexy and a player thats why she doesnt want the father in the boy's life, but he tries to convince her otherwise because he still cant forget that night 4 yrs ago. anyways the story must have steamy hot scenes in it =D i would really like a story with the atmosphere or chemistry as the story 'connection' by Cherie Dee. its such a great story
6/16/2007 #6
i really like the plot of it, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to write it and finish it. i'll try, but no promises.
6/16/2007 #7
A girl walks in on a guy "getting it on" with himself. From then on, they are totally connected. They keep seeing each other in the hallways, bumping to each other at the mall...etc. They don't talk to each other yet until when the girl is outside by herself riding her bike to a friend's house (she's the only one at 16-17 who doesn't have a car) and sees the guy watering the grass of his front yard. She kind of freezes up and look at him, not really paying attetntion to where she's riding the bike. She falls of the bike and scrapes her knees/arms...whatever, and the guy helps her. Then, a relationship starts to evovle. Another one: A girl and a guy scheme to be popular, through their scheming and planning, they fall in love. Bleh that's kinda bad nvm. Or maybe not?
7/23/2007 #8
Oh my. I love the idea of the first one, though I'm not sure if I'd be able to pull it off anytime soon. I could probably get a first chapter out sometime during the week, but that's about it. If you're still offering it, I'd love to give it a shot. It sounds like a fun idea. Although I think that I might change just how they meet or something. Like... when they start talking. It seems too damsel in distress for me, somehow.
11/25/2007 #9
Hey! I've had a certain plot in my head for a long time, but am not able to write romance, or angst (which I think this plot calls for) very well. Basically, it follows a guy and a girl at a big university. They're both in the same major, a small honors program. The guy is a frat/party boy, and the girl is the quintessential "good girl." They both find themselves in the same World Literature class their freshman year, and both love their wacky and crazy professor. One day, their professor calls them in his office, and reveals a plan to go back in time to Medieval England, and wants to take them with him. The rest of the story would chronicle their adventures there, with both of them first hating each other and then falling in love. I think an M rating would be appropriate. If anyone is up to writing this story, I would be greatly appreciative!
12/29/2007 #10

A young couple, dating in highschool. The boy's girl friend dies in an accident of some kind, her body is lost. During mourning for her, his girl friend's ghost comes to visit him in his dreams, telling him to bring her back to life, showing him some images and telling him things, telling him he is the only one who can bring her back. Later a dark strange shows up, claiming to be his girl friend's murderer, he tries to kill him (complete phycopath) The boy runs away, before the man can kill him, running as far away as he can, all the while his girl friend's ghost visits him each night in his dreams. During his journey to get away from this man trying to kill him he discovers that he has the power to bring things back to life (starting out with small things like animals and what not, and slowly getting better and better at it until he can bring humans back to life) Now he must find her body before its too late, before this man catches up and kills him, and the one chance at bringing her back is lost forever. He must find her body and bring his love back to life, so that they can both file a report to the police about this man trying to kill them both (changing his girl friend's story to where the man attacked her, but didn't kill her) He eventually finds her body and brings her back (very touching scene). They go to the police about the murderer, he gets caught. They are back together, and she is alive...and all is well. They are in love, a heart warming ending.

(literally i just came up with all that on the top of my head, anyone can use it if they want to, i'm not going to)

1/17/2010 . Edited 1/17/2010 #11

MioneAngel--your story idea seems really interesting. I'd love to work on it! However, I'm currently writing another story, and most of my attention is turned toward that. I'd be interested in a collaboration, though...PM me if you're interested!

1/28/2010 #12

Hi, I have a plot! :)

A plain girl-next-door and freshmen in college goes to a bar and meets a mysterious guy... Who happens to be there drowning his sorrows because he found out he has an (incurable or aggressively progressed) cancer. You know. They become friends... Or fall for eachother :)

If you write this, please PM me I'd love to read it. I'd also like credit for my plot. Thank you!

5/15/2011 #13

That's so interesting. I can't write it at the moment (working on 2 other stories) but I do have a suggestion, and I'm not trying to self-promote here. I co-host a website called

where people offer ideas (called plot bunnies) up for adoption, and can adopt others' ideas. Credit is given, of course. I'd be delighted if you're interested - just head on over!

5/18/2011 #14

I have a plot!

The theme is "B*** mentality". (that was meant to be the title as well but whatever)

Anyways, a sporty popular boy is failing a class due to some crazy family issues that no body knows about. His tutor is a girl that is creepily observant but kind, she doesn't ask questions and doesn't mind being picked on. As the boy gets to know her he thinks it would be a good idea to teach her what he calls b*** mentality, because he has five sisters and has seen enough of it to know.

since this is what the stories pretty much about I'm going to explain:

It involves flipping emotions, things that make you mad make you cry and vice versa, things that make you happy are dissapointing and vice versa.

yep, I think that's enough to get what I want but vague enough to get creative with.

7/7/2011 #15
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