How was YOUR day?
Mm...I'm curious.
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Written Aesthetics
Oh, I had a horrible day yesterday so I guess that gives me some material to post here, hm?. :P To start off, I only slept for about 20 minutes before I had to start getting ready to go to school. I was up all night wroking on a story for Creative Writing and, unfortunately, my writer's block WENT away at around midnight so my creative juices started flowing at the most inconvienient time. :( Since I was tired, I was grouchy in the morning and quite sluggish. I was too slow in getting ready so I missed my bus. I asked my dad to take me and we somehow got into a big fight about gas money. At school, I was feeling bitter and tired. School gave me some energy though and I was so happy when lunch time came. I had to stay after school to finish my story in the computer lab, but they closed it early so I didn't get to finish. It's already a week late! Then at home, I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend about...drinking. :( And some words were said by him which were absolutely unnesessary and I was just being an emotional mess. We never really had any closure on that and even now I'm still worried and hoping he would call... Plus! My friends had invited me to a party which I thought was TODAY instead of the 20th, but I looked at the invitation and saw that it was yesterday at the same time I had just planned to go to the movies with my best friend/self proclaimed "sister". I decided to go to the movies with my friend, but since my dad was still bitter about this morning, I couldn't really get a ride and so all plans were cancelled and moved to today. *breathe* I wish I could get my license already! :( :(
10/21/2006 #1
WELL! i... am... impressed. i know how 20 minutes of sleep can feel and i pity you. my mind set is so messed up that no matter when i go to bed i wake up at 5 in the morning, 3 hours before i have to get up for school. yea, its lame. i forgot to do my essay for english altogether, and as i was explianing it to her during class (note: the whole class it watching/listening) i puked. yea. puked. right there on the carpet on my teachers shoes with my classmates watching me. did you know puking is painful? it really is. and it makes your mouth taste bad for hours. and then guess what! after i ran out of the calssroom in emmbarassment, i puked again! in the hallway where anyone passing by could see it. and you know, before i puked i didnt feel sick at all, but now i could smell it. now i felt sick. i went home. (after filling a toilet with my insides, ug) and then my mom didnt believe me and didnt want to take me home but of course the nurse MADE her and then here i am, waiting for someone to call. *teartear* your day i think was worse, because of the whole boyfriend thing, i hope that turns out okay.
10/24/2006 #2
Written Aesthetics
I hate throwing up. :( Hope you feel better.
10/25/2006 #3
My day was complete crap. Thanks for asking.
1/8/2007 #4
black feathered
Well, I (shock horror) actually had an all right day?
1/11/2007 #5
i puked in school once. i just wish it had been on henry.
3/9/2007 #6
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