How was YOUR day?
Mm...I'm curious.
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Mm...ok I guess. Nothing funny or special happend. How was yours?
10/19/2006 #1
Good. It was raining. I love rain!
10/20/2006 #2
Yesterday was better, I went paintballing and got stuck up a tree :) and yeah, rain rocks.
10/21/2006 #3
I've been having a good day. I just got back yesterday from a ten day cruise to Mexico, and now I'm spoiled beyond belief! This morning, I freaked out about having to make up my own bed! (Pathetic, I know!) It may take a while before I'm used to regular life again.
10/22/2006 #4
polka dots and addictions
uckkk. mine was alright i suppose. I got up at like, 11 o.0 (thats really late for me. I usually wake up at about 7 ^_^)
10/22/2006 #5
Day is going smooth, but at the same time I want to scream because I have such a headache. It is good because I am thinking about my boyfriend every second. Things always work out, well most of the time. Everyone I hope will have a good day. Bless you all!
10/23/2006 #6
i puked 3 times today. be sorry for me.
10/24/2006 #7
The Intelligent Designer
ignominy, I have found you! How are you feeling? I heard when you left, and it was so weird to sit in lunch without you! We had a guest, and it's the only one you hate. Anyway, I am sorry for you. My day was awesome, except for the part where you "puked," ignominy. Nothing special happened, except for my math teacher's outfit, which was absolutely hilarious and brightened my day considerably. Tuesdays are always boring.
10/24/2006 #8
my cat's trying to catch my fingers as a type.... He purring like a madman. I'm dying day by day... they say I only have 8 days left... and then... death. *looks down* "exams... I'm doomed" *smiles brightly.* today is a good day. I'm board out of my wits, but I love being board, it doesn't happen often.
10/25/2006 #9
Limited Edition 11/6/2006 #10
My day has been pretty good so far.
8/24/2007 #11
Hi, my day was boring (not to mention hot). I got my first flame, ever!
9/3/2007 #12
My day was interesting. Does anyone here (if anyone is here) like elemental related things? Or just want to check out my forums if they're bored?
11/9/2007 #13
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