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Well i might not be Japanese but i can draw Anime and Manga (Well not professionally of coarse i'm Australian not Japanese) Well i am writting a story called aniMagic and i have drawn some pics to go with it, it might not be all the characters but it is some i will be updating as much as i can, hope you like my drawings the link is if possible could you send me what you think of them to trazia_faith@hotmail.com Put the message under picture review so i know that you are telling me what you think of my pics, if you want to know more about the characters after you have seen them and liked them you will just have to read the story. K talk to ya's later
11/2/2006 #1
Well, if we're talking about drawings, anyone have any deviantart names? Mine's Kumquat121 - what about you guys?
1/14/2007 #2
Queen of Cyrum Sasarai
Eh, I have a piczo and a DA (but not many original arts can be found on my piczo, though there are different ones then in the DA): And in case anyone is interested, I am trying to get people to join my RP: It might look like it wants to be serious, but we don't really use those stats, and have been thinking of getting rid of them...
6/19/2007 . Edited 6/19/2007 #3

Hey Trazia I posted a comment on your Piczo site.

6/17/2008 #4

I have a deviantart page but its just drawings of people from other animes, like blood+. My username on there is White-Rose-Kitten

7/25/2008 #5

LOL i forgot that i even made this forum LOL those pics i drew bak then are CRAP lol here are some of my newer drawn pics i will look a everyones pic ^^ i love looking at other peoples art ^^

7/25/2008 #6

I am BlazianFangurl on Diviantart

3/5/2009 #7
Kalista Jia

ah, talking about own manga artwork sure brings back memories. I used to draw so much. (I stopped last year to concentrate better in school) though now I am writing... not muct focus now do I? Oh well...

(I dont go to my Devianart account much)

Too lazy to upload the rest.

Aw, I sure miss drawing manga~ _ yadane!

3/6/2009 #8

Ooh. Try Baconmoose.deviant.com. Her art is de shizznit.

5/12/2009 #9

Er...I draw manga too but started off as drawing fanart for several animes like Kuroshitsuji... Is currently working on another piece which i will submit to deviantart pretty soon...:)

4/14/2010 #10
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