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as beauty dies
Recommendations for any good yaoi? ~____^ - Noelle
11/2/2006 #1
Limited Edition
manga or anime?
11/5/2006 #2
as beauty dies
Any; I'm desperate. [Also, any good FP!slash recs?] - Noelle
11/5/2006 #3
yeah, here's a few: -Gravitation -Yami no matsuei (descendants of darkness) -loveless um...i'll post again when i think of more, but i hope those ones help!
11/12/2006 #4
Cedric Kale
Oh erm Sukisho's a good one, really funny but only 13 episodes
11/13/2006 #5
Xinta Kitsune
^__^ Loveless. I own all of it in DVD and I'm working on getting the manga. I second that!
11/15/2006 #6
virgin lilies
ooooooh...YAOI, well I'm an official YAOI addictuz!!! well I'm also asking for some YAOI reccomendation!! anyway here's some YAOI anime that I reccomend!! 1. Loveless (I have the DVD...oooh I love the opening theme..."curse of the moon") 2. Gravitation (A very famous YAOI...hehehe I also have the DVD...but I can't seem to find the OVA) 3. Yami no Matsuei (I have the CD...it a slight YAOI but the plot's more focus on their missions) 4. Gakuen Heaven (I also have the DVD...both opening and ending theme are really great...and also the story..I'm going for it's manga next) 5. Kyo kara Mao (I don't have that much info 'bout this it is also reccomended to me so I'm searching for it's DVD) Hope this helps!^^
12/1/2006 #7
virgin lilies
Sukisho??....I haven't heard of that...is it really good??
12/1/2006 #8
Limited Edition
*twitches and dies* I like Sensitive Pronograph XD
12/1/2006 #9
virgin lilies
*shock* okay...i just made a brief research 'bout...SUKOSHI and oh my god!! guess its only for 18 and above...hehehe guess it's still illegal for me!!;P
12/1/2006 #10
virgin lilies
ooopz...I mean SUKISHO!;P
12/1/2006 #11
Cedric Kale
is it?! i didn't know and i've watched it and i'm only 13 oh my god
12/2/2006 #12
virgin lilies
did you finish the whole anime?????
12/2/2006 #13
Cedric Kale
Yah i finished it the whole anime, it is good.
12/3/2006 #14
virgin lilies
well do you know any other YAOI besides that??? ~YAOI addictuz~
12/4/2006 #15
O_o Yaoi? I like it, but the only one I watched and read properly was Gravitation. Hiroshi is ace...but yeah, anybody who hasn't read that, I recommend it. ^^
12/5/2006 #16
Cedric Kale
Yah i know more yaoi, there's Desendants of Darkness (i just started it only on Episode 2) and Papa Kiss in the Dark (it funny looks like incest but is not, i'm on episode 4) and er Angel's Feather (also episode 2) and Kye (Derek57) whose Hiroshi, i've watched Gravitation but that was a while back so i can't remeber that much.
12/5/2006 #17
Hiroshi is the really cool guitarist with the ace hair! ^^
12/5/2006 #18
virgin lilies
oooh...I'll try looking for that anime....thank you s0o0o0 much DAISUKI-san!!^^
12/6/2006 #19
Seattle grunge-love
Good yaoi...Yellow is incredible, I just got it for my birthday. Only the Ring Finger Knows was adorable, and Dear Myself was just plain hilarious. If your REALLY a hard-core yaoi fan girl, you'll proabably like Wild Rock, Junjo Romantica, and Man's Best Friend. And my all-time fav is Gravitation--it's shonen-ai, but it is so amazingly funny and sweet.
12/21/2006 #20
Seattle grunge-love
Whoever said they like Hiroshi Nakano---he is mine. So don't even think about it. And Papa to Kiss in the Dark was so sweet...
12/21/2006 #21
ooh. really good yaoi, is probably togainunochi, or as it is better known as True Blood. it's based on a post apocolyptic time setting, the characters are really well thought out, the art is beautiful, and the storyline is awesome.(hearts to Gunzi and Shiki!) Nothing better than a homosexual nutjob! XD
3/11/2008 #22

You can try my Unsevered Ties, it got 500 hits in three days

3/5/2009 #23
Deadly Disaster

were do you watch these yaoi animes at

4/21/2009 #24

Logo shows a few on Alien Boot Camp, channel 139 on comcast.

5/12/2009 #25

I am an absolute yaoi fangirl and some of my absolute favorites are:

xxxHolic: which is more shounen-ai then yaoi, but I think (as do most other people) that it hints towards a yaoi pairing. Rarely do you see any other view of it.

Kyou Kara Maou: which is the best shounen-ai anime/manga/novel I've ever seen/read. It's more obvious than xxxHolic, but the main character is still in denial over his feelings for his beautiful and very male fiance.

Soukyuu no Fafner: which is another shounen-ai anime that not-so-subtly hints toward yaoi. Let me put it this way: the main character compares his relationship with his best friend to his mom and dad's marriage, and goes on a suicidal rampage when he gets hurt. The only thing is, this anime is so sad!

Anything at all by CLAMP mangaka: over the years, CLAMP has created my favorite yaoi pairings. Holic is by CLAMP, as is Legal Drug, which someone made a topic about.

Yami no Matsuei: which is the anime that got me into yaoi. My first ever fanfic, which started off my interest in writing, was about this anime.

Count Cain: very sad, but beautiful shounen-ai. I suggest some of the other works by this mangaka, like Boys Next Door.

Tactics: the anime/manga only subtly hint at anything yaoi, but the mangaka made an unrelated mature doujin with the two main characters. So cute!

Sukisho: isn't really mature. I watched the whole thing and they never show anything too nitty-gritty. The game, however, is mature because it's a dating sim, so maybe you got confused? I think you should watch: it's adorable!

Gundam: anyone will do, but mostly Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed. Yaoi hints are all abound. Also, Gundam Seed was drawn up by the same artist who created Soukyuu no Fafner.

If you want anymore recommendations, because I have a lot, just ask me. I should make a list. ^^

As for on FP, check out my favorites. 99/100 of the stories are amazing and some of them are the best on FP. Also, you can check out my work, though I don't think I'm among the best of the best. Still, all of my stories are yaoi. Take a gander.

6/20/2009 #26

Sensitive pornograph. 8D But that's more along the lines if you're looking for hardcore yaoi xc

Gravitation c: It's sweet, funny and romantic

Enzai c: Again, if you're looking for something more hardcore (has gang rape)

6/27/2009 #27
Descendants of Darkness is freakin great! I wish they would make a sequel.
3/17/2012 #28
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