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The Chibi Queen
When we decide on a setting, this is where it'll be, okay? Keep that in mind.
11/7/2006 #1
Cedric Kale
I vote madieval
11/9/2006 #2
Oooh, yesh! And lets have mages and dragons! Here's my idea. It's more renesance than mideavel, but oh well! The year is 1570, the calender of Our Lady Celest, the primary goddess of the island nation Brita Nire Land, and the Queen Elizabeth has recently been assasinated by her cousin, Mary, the Queen of the Scathotts, a wild gang of rouges that lives on the recently conquered parts of the island. The Brita Nire country is crumbling, with the king Philip of Espain threatening to invade. What is left of the nation need to pull together and fight the Espanlandic brutes, which could be hard, since the country is already devided, rebels and the royalists hating eachother with burning passion. Dispite the fighting in the streets, one of Queen Mary's knights has taken it upon himself to recruit new mages and knights to help defeat the Espanlandic dogs, pulling young men and women from wherever he can grab them. The fruits of his endeivors wait at the Backingham palace to be trained, but with Political devides and personal grudges can they ever get along? . . . or not? It's just an idea I had floating around in my mind, you don't have to use it though. I just thought I'd throw it out there. I do like all the historical parallels, though! Just tell me what you think. I open to anything, as long as it has something supernatural/fantastic/Sci-fi-y
11/9/2006 #3
Cedric Kale
Why does that sound a little too much like the Tudor Times in England? but any where are the dragons
11/13/2006 #4
Of course, it was based of a magic-effied version of the Tudors. As for dragons, Phillip's army rides them! (But we could have some good dragon riders.) I admit, it's not a very good idea.
11/14/2006 #5
The Chibi Queen
okay, i'm sick of waiting. let's start already!
11/19/2006 #6
Okees! Who goes first?
11/22/2006 #7
The Chibi Queen
whoever wants to, of course.
11/22/2006 #8
Jesse the Storyteller
Hahaha wow that setting was descriptive and historical. My mind reels from the names. I'm a chicken, I don't go first... somebody else go!!!
11/24/2006 #9
Fine, I'll go! Yay! First post! BIC/ "Fa-ather" she sings. Blond braids swing, a green ribbon is threaded in them. A pale hand lands on a stone banister, leaves a paint smudged handprint. Lightfooted, she darts up the stairs. His office, smelling like leather. A hardwood desk, a pen and inkwell. The chair, dead animal skin wrapped around a mahogany fraim, it creaks as he leans back, faces away from her, into the bookshelves that line the room. The books are all so millitary, 'tactical warfare,' 'the terror of espionage' 'art of war'. The last one looks almost a thousand years old. She jumps up to the desk, almost as tall as she is, there are importaint loooking documents shuffled around on the table top. She places her hands on them, smiles. There's paint on them, too. "Father, I finished a sculpure! Come see!" she demands. The chair swivels around, groaning, rattling of death. There's no one in it. And the paint is Red. Crimson like blood. She wakes up, and she doesn't know where she is.
11/25/2006 #10
Cedric Kale
Kk i'm next it's gonna be short. Kiro woke to the sound of clashing steel, with a firey orange glow surrounding his family's home. It had started, father had told him that the attack would come before dawn and it did. He stood catiously, looking around.
11/28/2006 #11
Cedric Kale
i'm sorry the freaking thing suddenly posted my unfinished work, might as well finish it. It seemed his family had already gone to join the fight, his father, his mother and his 16 year old brother, but they had left him. they had good reason to have done this for Kiro was inexperienced in the art of sword fighting. He walked out the door, meeting a bloody and unforgetable sight. Just to the left of the door, lay the body of his family. Strewn across the blood laden floor about two feet away from Kiro, lay his father, well what was left of his father. His arms and legs had been ripped off savagely, there was a gaping hole in his chest, his head was half blown apart. It was all too much for Kiro who had collapsed on the floor retching. Then someone, more of something, spoke 'Kiro, my child' it was his father, 'you must leave this palce and find a haven for those of your kind' what did his father mean by "those of your kind", 'i am sorry that i leave like this my son but you must go, you are one of the chosen few who must battle the Espainians. Now go my son, i shall watch over you.' Kiro was just 5 then. *** That was over 10 years ago and Kiro had grown since then but still he couldn't understand what his father had meant by "find a haven for those of your kind" but soon all was to be revealed.
11/28/2006 #12
OOC/ Um. I'm going to introduce a side-chara. You can control him and stuff, I just thought he'd be one of the ones rounding up people. That's all! /BIC She woke up staring into the face of an extremely peculiar man. He was, tall, thin, with a face like horse, all teeth and birdlike nose. Upon his head pirched a pointed hat, and he wore faded magenta robes over his gaunt body. His deep green eyes serched her groggy ones. "Are you all right?" he asked. "I didn't mean to hit you so hard!" She sat up, and winced. Her abdominin hurt like hell, and there was blood on her smock. "Who are you you and why did you attack me?" she demanded. She could barely remember anything, shaddowy figures dancing in and out of her memory. "I know you did," she lied. Lying again . . . how typical. "You're all right!" he exclaimed, elatedly. "That's perfect!" He reached down and grabbed her hand, pulling her up. She gave a yelp of pain, her injuries burning. "What did you do?" she asked. "I tried to heal you, but that's not my forte," he replied, smiling a little nerviously. "You'll be fine. Anyway, there's work to do!" "What work? And who are you?" He didn't answer, merely pulled her forward. "The time is near," he whispered mischevously. "We must find the others!"
12/3/2006 #13
Cedric Kale
Okay since no one else is going, i guess i'll go again. um Kumguat-chan, can we name the guy? bue on with the story. Kiro ran as fast as his legs colud take him. He was running from someone, someone whose name he dare not think of nor mention. That was how dangerous his chaser was. He turned his head round, pale blue hair whipped across his face to see if his chaser was getting closer. No, it wasn't. As he turned his head round again, just in time to see a tall figure barring his way. Kiro slamed his face into the figure's chest. Kiro moved backwards so that he could get a view of the man's face. The man's eyes were a deep green that seemed to glow in the dark of the flithy alley, shoulder lenght hair framing his slender face. The man looked to be in his mid-twenties. His style of dressing was pretty weird, magenta robes topped with a pointed hat. "Kiro?" the man asked wanting to know if the boy in front of him was indeed the person he was looking for. "Can you help me, someone is chasing me, please help me." Kiro pleaded, eyes wide. "Yes i will that is what i am here for," said the man sweeping his robes over Kiro's head.
12/3/2006 #14
OOC/ How about Mordrid?/BIC She drew back from the man, like struck. "I - I don't care!" she shouted. "Who are you? And where - where am I?" She looked around. Where WAS she? She had barely noticed her settings, this place she had been spirited away to. She appeared to be in a long hall, stretching off until the marble floor kissed the dark abyss of infinity. Pillars holding up a ceiling wreathed in shadows, busts of kings and queens of the long ago past nestled between the columns. Behind the man's worried face there was a large shape, misty with shade. It seemed granite, rough and cut into a pattern of . . . scales? She thought perhaps it to be a statue of a dragon. Not to far away from her, slumped against a pillar, was a slender boy of about her own age. His sky blue hair glowed haloed around his face, a beacon. "Who's he?" she asked bluntly. "Another kidnapping, you pedophile?" THe man recoiled. "I'm not a - a -!" he couldn't even say the word. "No, I'm nothing of the sort!" He blushed. "I'm just a . . . a . . . well, even I don't know what I really am!" He smiled brightly at her. "Then why else would you kidnap children like us, you perv?" "You see, I was trying to tell you, but you - !" The boy was stirring. She pushed past the man and walked over to him. The man spun around dizily and turned to catch up to her. "You're a very rude little girl, you know," he scolded. "I don't care." Lying again. Her inner bitch was stirring. "I don't."
12/4/2006 #15
Pluto's Rose
*Forgive me if this is bad* A barmaid passed the center table, checking to see that the customer hadn't passed out yet. A mass of silver hair covered the table, and she was about the poke it when... "Here's you're pay..." the voice grunted. He tossed two coins at the girl, who jammed them in her pocket. He sat up, and murmured to himself. "It begins..."
12/5/2006 #16
Cedric Kale
Kiro opened his eyes, shaking his head slowly. Where was he? Then he remembered. he had been saved from the thing by a man whom he didn't know. Kiro looked up to see a girl's concerned face looking down at him. "Hello" he said to the girl. He pushed himself up and started to say something when he fell sideways. He clutched his head in pain, crying out. His head felt like someone was hammering it withthe biggest sledge hammer ever. At first Kiro thought (which was rather painful in his current position) that this pain was caused by him standing up too quickly, but seen the pain seemed to expand it couldn't be that. The girl loomed over him saying something which he couldn't catch thorugh the red haze of pain. "You!" he looked up to the man standing behind the girl, the man who had saved him. "You did this to me didn't you? How could..." He stopped for he couldn't continue to speak for the pain was too much. The the darkness consumed him.
12/23/2006 #17
The boy opened wide eyes. "Hello," she replied. The boy started yelling at the man, although he knew him. She looked between them for a moment, wondering what was going on. She didn't know this man, nor this boy. She'd never seen them before in her life! That meant they were obviously not well known Londoners, she had dined with all of the capitol royalty at one point or another, save her grace, the Queen may-she-rest-in-peace. Well, when she said dined . . . Yes, there was eating. There was also cold staring, and questions. Politics, policies. Interrogation. And her father would glare at them, scrutinize them, take in every rumbled cloak and hasty word, every sweet lie and bitter truth. Then they would finish dinner, and Peri would be lead away, because she wasn't allowed to hear when her father pronounced them traitors and pulled out his badge. And then some people wouldn't come back to dinner. Ever. This boy had blue hair. And this man was strange enough. If she had known them, they would be dead. And suddenly, the boy fainted. Peri gave a shriek, and cought his head as he fell, then blushed for screaming. The tall man gave a scream as shrill as her own, delayed for a second. He rushed to the boy's side. "Oh no . . . oh no . . . oh no. . .!" "Do something!" Peri screamed at him. "Oh - I - yes! Right away!" The man rolled up his magenta sleeves, then looked confused. "Do what?" Peri almost dropped the boy trying to hit the man. "HEAL HIM!" "Oh!" The man kneeled down next to Peri, suddenly buisnesslike. "All right. Keep his head elivated." He whispered something, and lightly touched the boy's forehead. Something like a pink spark jumped from his hand to the boy's temples. Peri watched interestedly. Her father distrusted magic, so she didn't get to witness something like this every day. The man grimmaced. "It's not strong enough." He turned to her. "Do you have any gifts?" "I . . ." It took her a second to realize he was talking about magic. "No!" The man peered at her for a second, scrutinizing her heartshaped face, her eyes. "No, I think you do. They're just untapped. Which means this is going to be painful for all of us." "Untapped . . .?" The man pulled on of her hands away from the boy's head, as she fumbled to keep him from hitting the ground. Taking the hand he had been using to perform magic, he pulled a knife out of one of his pockets. "Do you favor your right or left hand?" "Left." "Good!" She was about to point out that the man was holding her right hand, when something else distracted her entirely. He plunged the tip of the knife he was holding into the soft flesh of her palm. She screamed again, and slapped him, leaving blood all over his face. He seemed to be expecting this reaction; instead of fighting back, he pulled her injured hand up and linked fingers with it. Putting down the knife, he gently touched the boy's head. A spark jumped from one of her fingers and travelled up to his forehead, turning into a a thick stream of green light. "Perfect," the man said, as the boy opened his eyes. ((Edit: wow, that was long . . . Don't worry, I'll tone it down in the furture!))
1/14/2007 . Edited 1/14/2007 #18
Cedric Kale
Kiro opened his eyes slowly, he was still in pain. "What happened?" he asked as soon as his double vision stopped. "Well, you passed out," the man who had saved him seemed relieved. "I know that. i mean how did i wake up so fast?" Kiro didn't mean to ask so many questions. The man looked at the girl, hoping she would answer the question.
1/17/2007 #19
"I . . . I . . ." She didn't know what to say. Blood was trickling down from the palm of her hand. Watching, though from some strange out-of-body perspective, she saw another red jewel drop, and fall. Splashing into the brown of her work-pants, staining next to the rest of this amber dye. She couldn't remember the last time she bled from wounds like this. Perhaps when she was a small child, she remembered her father's rage and - "This girl . .. err, Peri, I think - woke you up! Isn't that nice?" the man chirped. "How do you know my name?" she demanded. "Your father told me." "My fath- how do you know my father?" The man didn't answer her. For a moment his smile wavered, but then it returned, a chershire-cat grin. "Ah, but you too haven't been introduced! Not formally, at least. Go on, greet eachother! It's very impolite not too, you know." Feeling rediculous, she held out her good hand, burying the other in her skirt. "I'm Perriwinkle VanHearths, Daughter of Sir Evan VanHearths, knight of the English Queen. And you are . . .?"
1/22/2007 #20
Cedric Kale
Kiro watched both figures talking, then the blonde girl held out her hand. He looked from the hand to the girl several times, but still he didn't understand what she wanted. He pushed himself up, it was painful, pressing his hand to the grimy floor. He brushed his long bangs away from from his eyes, "My name is Kiro . My family died when i was young so i can't remember the family name," Kiro looked down sadly, remembering that day. Then he noticed the girl's bleeding hand, something had been done to her. He lashed out at the man, "What did you do to Lady Periwinkle VanHearths? why is she bleeding?" "My name is Mordrid, i am... er... like a teacher or something. And Peri can tell you herself." he sounded a lot calmer than whenever he talked to the girl.
1/23/2007 #21
Peri blinked. His family was . . . dead? All of them? She couldn't even begin to immagine that. She knew, even if her father died, there would always be relatives to take her in . . . relatives and family friends and servants and . . . This boy, Kiro, had none of these? Kiro talked in a commoner dialict. She seemed to be right - he was a commoner. "He . . ." What to say? Stabbed me to heal you? Attacked me, kidnapped me, and yet still seems completely guiltless? "I think he gave me magic!" She looked up from the corner of her eye at Mordrid. Was she right?
1/23/2007 #22
Cedric Kale
Kiro cocked his head to the left. "Magic?" he looked at Peri. "Isn't magic a bad thing?"
2/12/2007 #23
She looked at her bleeding hand, and back at Kiro. "I . . . I don't know." She gave a shakey laugh. "I'm . . . really our of my element right now. I don't know anything we're doing here." She looked up at the man, out of the corner of her eyes. Mordrid seemed about to say something. "Well . . ." Then, a light lit up in his eyes. "But, ah, it would be so much better to have HIM explain! Come on!" He grabbed Peri's hand, and she gave a yelp. Pulling the boy upright aswell, he began to drag them down the hall. ((Umm, Pluto's rose, if you're still here, do you want to be the one Mordrid's bringing them to? Or not? I can always edit this. Um, that's all!))
2/12/2007 #24
Pluto's Rose
((I haven't been here in a while. *sweatdrops* Sure, I guess.))
3/3/2007 #25
((Me neither . . . hmmm, we have to bring this back to life!))
3/11/2007 #26
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