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Alexander Rowe
I just like to know what would be your idea of a perfect yaoi story? Would it include vampires, a teacher and his loyal student, two best friends expernimenting, or you know just let your minds run on it!
5/21/2007 #1
Fractured Illusion
I would like to see depth to the characters. What the surrounding circumstances are is not all that important. I am mainly interested in the people in the stories. Also, I really detest when one of the romantic two is girly and has no backbone. Of course these type of characters can exist, but what is wrong with two capable characters, and no one of them really needs to be saved like the princess in the tower? :/ I am too tired of that. Also; sparks! Chemistry! Interesting dialouge! This can be shown in several different ways, luckily!
7/12/2007 #2
The perfect Yaoi story? Hmm...that's a toughy. Well I know one thing for sure, there would be some demons and fantasy like creatures roaming about. Perferably demons. The place could be anywhere, I'm particularly attracted to the shower scenes. The semen could have his uke pinned against the wall or he could have him laying on the bottom of the tub...you could use your imagination. The hours of fun and hours of imagination are endless.
7/19/2007 #3
Fractured Illusion
[q]The semen could have his uke pinned against the wall or he could have him laying on the bottom of the tub...you could use your imagination. The hours of fun and hours of imagination are endless.[/q] *laughs* Just rent a porno, and get it over with :P
7/20/2007 #4
Oh god. Semen? No. Seme. Oh god. Semen is like. Other stuff. yeahh. anyway. my perfect story... would involve two dominant characters. not particularly rivals, but simply two men trying to come out on top of the other. whether emotionally or... er. in other ways. whatever. and then one of them turns into a [still intelligent but mute] zombie and there's just like hardcore necro sexing all around. there's no porno for that. unfortunately.
9/17/2007 #5
Well my perfect yaoi story to me is now and forever in secret, finishing it was the highlight of everything.it's got well...incest, so i dont think anyone will want to read it.it's read at your own risk...
2/21/2008 #6
Rika Onienkai
These comments are really helpful for me to get started. Thank you!
2/26/2008 #7
Lol as if I see genders anymore. XD (is a hardcore het, yaoi, and yuri fangirl) What's needed in most romance makes a good yaoi. Sparks, beliavable characters that grow, relationships that change, the works. (I do have sort of a thing for vampires though. *sheepish laugh*)
2/27/2008 #8

uhm...gee...haha XD

Lots of twists and turns that get the reader going on an emotional roller coaster, School boys/high school boys & realistic things that happen in society today

:) lol kinda like my story (wink,wink*)

6/19/2008 #9

I'd love to read more harem yaois~ ^_^

((..rivalty, jealousy, wish for freedom.. ))

7/11/2008 #10
Kalista Jia

Mine? How do you like criminals? I love one of my stories, wanna check it out? It is in my profile *evil smirk...yaoi~~~~* LOVE YAOI !!!

8/5/2008 #11

I am somewhat of a Yaoi fan. My Yaoi story would be about these two teenage boys, They are best friends, They secretly are in love with each other but are to embarrass to tell them. They pretend to like girls but deep down they like guys. Eventually they told each other that they love them but in the end they found out they are brothers that were adopted.

I know it's not good, but it's just an idea. If you like it, then I might make a story about it.

12/6/2008 #12

I wish there were more master/slave stories. Like with BDSM and whatnot.

That would be awesome ^^

12/27/2008 #13

eeh, but there are so many of them allready ^.~

you just havent found them

12/28/2008 #14

I have seen them, but they are never done quite right.

12/28/2008 #15

what do you hope to see in them then?

12/28/2008 #16

Hmmm...Good question...

Less fluff, that is for sure. And heavier bondage.

Something else I would like to see, mostly for kicks, is "deflowering" stories. Those are always intresting.

12/28/2008 #17

hmmm.... how about you just go watch torture ^^

lol...okay I really still didnt get what you mean... -.-

something unusual?

12/29/2008 #18

Unless your into BDSM, your not going to get it. Plain as that, I explained it to the best of my ability.

Anyway, I'm a fan of virgin stories, so I would like to see more of those.

12/30/2008 #19

hmmm... okay~ I hope you find what your looking for

12/31/2008 #20

Hmm... Virgin stories....

fresh meat. :D

lol, Nah, I'm not a big fan. I'm more of the "IhateyousohardIjustwanttonookieyou" kind of writer. Unfortunately my old profile was lost, and most of my writings went with it. Press button recieve bacon. D:

1/26/2009 #21

Sorry about your profile BillNye, that really bites.

Yeah...Fresh meat *rofl* ^.~

1/26/2009 #22
Kalista Jia

Hmmm... prefect yaoi story... I prefer them not to be too cliche... I get cranky when I read too cliche stuff. I like dark slash...

A Tale of Woe Lorewolf joined the army when he beloved, Craine, disguised himself as a woman to avoid concription. However, peaceful time never last when a general's son caught him in his disguise and threatened Craine to obey his orders to live. RAPE! ABUSE! M/M SLASH...

ANyway yep! You get my point. _

1/26/2009 #23


But oh well. Got anew one; yaaaaay! and I finally got my first chapter up. took me forever. 0.0"

1/30/2009 #24

nobody wants to talk to me

2/4/2009 #25

narutoorange, I'm sorry, I'll talk to you :)

2/4/2009 #26

OK! I feel much better now! HEHEHEHEHHE! Do you like my yaoi story?

2/4/2009 #27

I meant my yaoi idea

2/4/2009 #28

Okay ^^

2/5/2009 #29

Yes, I do. Do you plan to write this or is this just an idea you had?

2/5/2009 #30
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