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so, i deleted the contests posts - i had a feeling it wouldn't really do well in here - and now, i have come up with something that belongs in the "Stories" topic, but would do better with it's own topic.

and the creation is... "Featured Work" (of the week).

hopefully, this will be an interesting way to showcase people's work...but the catch is, it CAN'T BE YOUR OWN! that sounds cruel, yet this could work out to your advantage. make deals of reading a few chapters with a new author, talk about the pros and cons of a favorite story, find something new to read, etc. i want this to uncover some hidden treasures that haven't recieved the publicity they deserve - and all by a someone nice enough to give a small summary of a story they bumped into. who knows? they might just return the favor!

8/16/2007 . Edited 2/1/2009 #1
d'accord, the first story i want to advertise is by my dear sister, Twilight Hoshiko-chan. i'm being her BETA, so i get to read the chapters before they're posted. general's shounen, action/drama. when i first read it, i thought it was somewhat similar to Bleach - but, it gets much more deeper and goes in a different direction. here's the summary: This is what happens when you miss a step [or in my case, a scar] and start pushing up daisies too soon. Sabotage, witty double crossers, and political turmoil...I thought the afterlife was supposed to be quiet. title - Shiroi Stitches. author - Twilight Hoshiko-chan. i hope you check it out. there's one chapter posted now, so take a quick look!
8/21/2007 #2
If you're into shoujo, I found a really good one. It's called 'Slap Proposal' by ImariAkai'. I've been reviewing her story for I think almost a month... And the story's nicely done. The author sure knows where she's going. There's the link. ^_^ I have another recommendation under the action/adventure genre this time. It's called 'Music of the Woods' by Sumimasen. I found the story really nice and finished it from start to end. In fact, the author has made a real manga version of this one, and currently selling the comic in Canada (was it Canada? I'm not sure... but it's Canada I think... although the comic version has a different plot but same characters). Here's the link - - ~hiro
8/22/2007 #3
alright, here's another story that's really interesting and i LOVE to read: - "Custard Cake" by Lai Anderson it's so clever, thought-out, and fun, that i absolutely had to read it once my school-life settled down. i love the themes she implies in each chapter, and her characters are highly interesting too! another one is... "Fists and Lipsticks" by hiro0911! sure, i was a little nervous when i saw the title, but the summary hooked me in - and the addicting chapters locked me in tight. my main reason that i recommend it to people (and i'm truly working on getting my sister to read it) is because the style is so real, so...light that it's easy to read five or more chapters in one day - which is good. alors, c'est tout, maintenant (then, that's all right now). later! (might i remind you, i roam the halls with mind-numbing zombies. excuse the...yucky way i word things)
12/16/2007 #4
Eun Ai Hoshi
Oh I've read both of those! But I haven't had that much of a time to read the newest updates and review. I'll have to go back to them soon. :) Great job to all these authors out here who are writing so amazingly. Keep it going!
12/18/2007 #5


I've actually been posting manga stories here at fictionpress for quite a while. I was wondering if you would be interesting in reading and maybe feaurting some of my stories. I recommend either "Gin Rummy" or "Kiku Yume" if you like Shoujo manga.

Thank you for your consideration!


11/20/2008 #6
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