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how does it go? The story swap, I mean? and how do i know who to swap with?
12/9/2007 #61
on Friday (or Saturday), i post the pairs. so, as an example: -hiro0911 & Twilight Hoshiko-chan -Dylislily & MistyRose14 and then you would read a story/chapter of their's and they'd read a story/chapter of yours. of course, it will be as random as i can possibly make it for...the end of the week. (does that mean i can sign you up?)
12/10/2007 #62
i don't see why not. i have a question though. will it involve those chaps that are ALREADY or chapters that 'ARE YET TO BE POSTED'?
12/11/2007 #63
um...that depends on who you get. if it's someone who hasn't read a story of yours, they'll probably do one that's posted (keep in mind, you are only required to read one story/chapter, but if you want to read more, go for it!). but, if it's someone who is a devoted reader, then they will probably look at the one yet to be posted, when it is posted (hmm...does that even make sense to me?). anyways, if you don't have anything new posted when i put the pairs up, just tell me so i can make a switch, if needed. bon d'aller (good to go)?
12/11/2007 #64
This is off topic, but I wanted to make the announcement that my computer is fixed! (I'm very happy, two weeks without internet was horrible... I'm spoiled) Chapter 20 of Pyshich Avenue will be up as soon as possible. Can't wait for the next story swap, it'll be good.
12/11/2007 #65
congrats!!! my evil computer did that too for three months, but my laptop still works. only four (or five) days until the next story swap!
12/11/2007 #66
yay!!! (this is actually Twilight Hoshiko-chan, i'm just too lazy to switch out of Misty's account because she's always logged in) i only have 3 stories and 1 chapter for each but who cares! i'm soooo excited!
12/11/2007 #67
okey dokey (artichokey)! here's the match ups - my sister and i did this blindly: -MistyRose14 & Dylislily -Twilight Hoshiko-chan & dyingshinigami11 -storykeeper & NeoMiniTails -hiro0911 & sweetcynicism-chan -Taka-Chan-A Talking Takoyaki & Lai Anderson just ask if you have any questions!
12/14/2007 #68
Chapter twenty is up for any that want to read it. And I'll read something of NeoMiniTails tomorrow, it's nearly one in the morning... I guess I'm preparing myself for collage.
12/14/2007 #69
Tyner Twine
hi, guys, who'll I swap stories with?!!! What about me??? :((
12/15/2007 #70
Tyner Twine
The skies wept that day... and though she wanted to die... she struggled to live to this the hearts of those who know her story... Title: One last Glimpse Genre: Somewhat fictional and autobiograpihical, drama...the rest is for you to find out.. URL Description it's almost 10 years...still when it rains, I recall the boy I first my very best friend... PLease read my story... Thanks! dyingshinigami11
12/15/2007 #71
*sigh*, please check ALL of the pairings and look closely - i assure you that i will never leave you out on purpose. here's your pairing again (keep in mind, your name will not always be posted first due to randomness). -Twilight Hoshiko-chan & dyingshinigami11 there you go - à plus!
12/15/2007 #72
Eun Ai Hoshi
Sorry I'm kind of late about this whole thing. (My email was messed up so I didn't get any of the alerts) Hmm, okay I'll do the story swap thing, only one problem is there is no story on my page anymore. I'm probably not going to be posting up any original stories for a while--so what I do is go and read a new story or any story of MistyRose's right? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm slightly confused myself. But anyways, I'm off to reading. Good day, everyone!
12/18/2007 #73
yup. don't worry about being late or having nothing to swap - i substituted the "swap" here for reviews on your fanfiction!
12/18/2007 #74
hiya, c'est moi! um, i wanted to start a new story (you know, just as a present for the holidays). so, i have two stories, each with one chapter ready to put up, and i would like to get some votes/opinions on which one to do. i'll warn you, these choices are kind of the exact opposites of eachother. please tell me your fav and why, SVP (please). merci beaucoup! here's the choices: Option A.) In a world where crimes are the typical, and dusk is perpetual, an event of pure fortune - or misfortune - occurs. An unenthusiastic teenager with nowhere to call home and a bright prodigy with everything she wants out of her reach, team up to solve the most mystifying and extraordinary murder cases their city has ever seen. And they do it all within 24 hours. Option B.) What happens when you take an aloof work-a-holic and give her three months vacation to 'find herself'? Secrets are revealed, bonds are formed, and lives are changed - for better and for worse. Could even something she has dreaded since forever be found? And what if that something is love?
12/22/2007 #75
Eun Ai Hoshi
I have two votes ready for you! :) One from me and my sister. We both vote for A. Reason would be because it seems like a unique and very interesting plot. To be more eloborate, the reason I chose it is because I think it'll also be very fun for you to write. To me writing these kind of stories most probably feels like you are also in the mystery. Trying to solve stuff and etc. This plot seems like it'll be more action packed. Option B is good too, but maybe, just an opinion, you get the feeling that it might be a little slower paced than Option A. :) Anyways, these are our reasons and opinion. Good luck, Misty! :)We'll be awaiting to read whatever you choose! Both are great.
12/23/2007 #76
Tyner Twine
[s:2455569:Bondages] When boy meets girl, the unthinkable happens. He's known because of his looks, wealth and his weird actions. She is known because of her smart, cunning, cheerful personalities and a startlingly dark past. Both traveled different paths for a long time until one day, they meet. What will happen? Please support this fic,,, ^^
12/28/2007 #77
Tyner Twine
hiro0911, would you allow me to send one of my works to you? I need to have it viewed and criticized. Thanks
12/28/2007 #78
sure, send it to me.
12/28/2007 #79
^ Check your email, I sent the edited version ^_^ Hope it helps. Post your story soon!
12/28/2007 #80
Twilight, is there a certain story that you want a review on since I am your story swappee?
12/28/2007 #81
Never Mind, Twilight!
12/28/2007 #82
[q]Chapter twenty is up for any that want to read it. And I'll read something of NeoMiniTails tomorrow, it's nearly one in the morning... I guess I'm preparing myself for collage.[/q] Is there anything specific you would want me to read for you, Storykeeper?
12/28/2007 #83
hello!!! im new here and i just post my story called "the jikken", you are welcome to read it and give your opinions and ideas so i can improve my story!!i hope u like it im gonna post more chapters in the next days!
12/28/2007 #84
bienvenue (welcome)! i'll check it out if i have time! feel free to post more or take a look around the forum and c2.
12/28/2007 #85
Tyner Twine
Chapter 11 of [s:2404344:11:Beyond the Universe] is up please check it out!!! The Paper Crane (Trailer) Kristine U. ...“I’m pleased to meet you; my name’s Dr. Sean McKnight.” The other guy opened the door fully and accepted the proffered hand then answered: “Raymond. I’m Raymond Alexis.” The two looked at each other for a while before Sean broke the eye contact with a calm smile as he released the other guy’s hand and continued into the room, thus walking past him and Ivan. He stopped on Christine’s bedside then looked at her face. She looked up at his amazingly brown eyes and suddenly felt as thought she’s met him before. She blinked out of her stupor when Sean bent down and touched her motionless hand and, with a mysterious and unwavering smile whispered: “Good morning to you, Ms. Christine…How are you feeling today?”... xxxxxxxxx ...“Just what is your business here?!” He finally demanded throwing the sheets aside. Be it reasonable or not, he’ll throw this guy out if he tries to annoy him more. He could see the odd calmness in the doctor’s eyes it actually made him feel sick. How could someone be as calm as though they’re not human? Shin watched the brown eyed doctor walk into the room and stood still, the emotion in his eyes suddenly changing… whatever it was; it somehow made his throat dry. What was it? Was it anger? Hate? Or was it— The emotion vanished instantly as soon as an amused smile suddenly beamed in his face. “You aren’t very friendly to people are you?” Came the suddenly gentle voice. A voice so gentle it seemed to taunt him. Shin glared at the doctor then replied: “I’m sorry but I choose who to be friendly with.” “Oh, OK.” The doctor replied proffering his hand to him. “In any case, I guess it’s been rude to actually barge in and not introduce myself… How do you do? My name’s Dr. Sean McKnight…the new doctor in charge in this floor.” Shin merely stared at the hand and didn’t move. Sean lowered his hand. There was no need to push this guy for now… and so with a calm voice he said: “It’s been nice meeting you Shin… you can call me if you need something—“ “Where is Walsh?!” He demanded just before the annoying doctor turned the brass door knob of his door. “Unfortunately, he’s been assigned at the surgical department…” Sean answered without looking back. Whether it was just his strong premonition or not, this guy played a major role in Christine’s life… and it didn’t seem to be a good one. He’ll have to wait until he gets her trust before he could take action… “See you then.” “I wouldn’t want to!” Shin snapped. He shrugged and exited the room, his eyes closed. When he opened it, the tiger in him was calmed and he continued his rounds on the halls with a smile in the face. ...“Shin!” Christine almost screamed as she hurriedly scrambled towards the guy on the floor. When she got to his side, he raised his head and revealed his forehead that was beaded with sweat. Their gazes met and quickly averted from each other. “Shin.” Raymond said kneeling beside Christine and with both of his arms, raised the poor guy from the floor. “What happened—“ “Please.” Shin said grabbing on to Raymond’s shirt and looking at his eyes. “You need to leave this place quickly…” “What? What happened?” Raymond asked, suddenly confused. “Come on; let’s go inside the room to avoid making too much commotion.” “Sean.” Walsh said without turning back. He didn’t to turn to know it was his son who entered his office without knocking. “What is it?” He asked as kept himself focused on the view beyond the blinds of his office window. “I need to ask you something.” “What is it?” “It’s about Shin…that Japanese patient in room 409…” “What about him?” “Who really is he?” The older doctor momentarily flinched at his question. Finally he asked as he focused his glance on the view again. “Why do you want to know?” “I need to.” ...“I see.” The brown-eyed doctor replied turning his back from his senior… He started towards the door, his eyes narrowed. “Is that the reason why his men are after my patient’s neck? It doesn’t seem to fit.” “Sean.” Walsh suddenly said. He turned halfway and saw his father’s meaningful gaze. “This is something personal…It’s none of our business…” “I can’t have those thugs hurt my patients in anyway…if it concerns their safety…they’ll have to go through me first.” A pained expression suddenly crossed Sean’s face as he finally hurried out of Walsh’s office, his heart pounding so hard he doubt if the nurse’s report was correct when she said that he’s got a healthy heart. ...“Someone needs to be with her.” Shin replied looking at Raymond. “But thank you for offering.” “They’ll kill you at that state! Are you insane?!” “They won’t kill me lest they came from my big brother’s lair.” He responded looking away from him. “And I hope to God they aren’t.” They looked at the door when they heard a faint knock. Raymond looked at Shin for a short moment, then at Christine and Ivan then approached the door. .......“Doctor.” Raymond finally said. “Listen to me pal, right now your necks are in danger.” Sean cut in giving Christine a gentle gaze before looking at Raymond and at Shin. “If you need someone’s help right now, the right person to ask would be a doctor.” Sean turned to Christine, met her eyes then suddenly felt nervous... ..."Just trust me"
12/29/2007 #86
@ NeoMiniTails: Not really, just whatever catches your interest.
12/29/2007 #87
Tyner Twine
[q] 2 stories updated![/q] Bondages chapter 2 is up! [s:2455939:2:Bondages] Beyond the Universe was also updated! [s:2404344:11:Beyond the Universe] please read and review! Thanks! Hey Misty! Thanks for being my first reviewer! Dyingshinigami11, rolling off.
1/2/2008 #88
[s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] Little does Luna know that her flawed life is but a part of an engineered competition that her brother participated in. However, there is a lot more than simply a competition and a prize it's an evil attempt at altering humanity for life.
1/31/2008 #89
Just to let everyone know that [s:2191842:Fists and Lipsticks] (my fic) has been moved from Manga to Romance section. You might be wondering why it's gone in the C2 of Shoujo Star. Thanks ~hiro
2/11/2008 #90
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