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pretty much what it says - Anime/Manga edit: can we include Asian Dramas too? have fun, and it DOESN'T have to be shoujo!
5/16/2007 . Edited 8/16/2007 #1
Eun Ai Hoshi
Has anyone seen the anime, Tsubasa Chronicle? Two season are out. The third one is no where in sight. Hmm..
5/18/2007 #2
nope, i haven't seen it before...i'm currently watching the taiwanese drama of Hana-Kimi. from what i've researched on wikipedia, it sounds cool and i'd like to check it out!
5/18/2007 #3
Eun Ai Hoshi
ah! I'm watching this drama called, Full House. Its a Korean Drama. And it is absolutely worth checking out. Hilirious.
5/19/2007 #4
i want to see that too! ugh, i need more time for these things!
5/19/2007 #5
Lai Anderson
My blog contains some anime and drama reviews from stuff that I've watched. I haven't gotten around to reviewing any mangas yet, 'cause I really haven't finished a whole series yet. *sobs* I do watch Korean dramas too, but I've always been incline to Japanese stuff. see my blog if you wanna get suggestions.
5/31/2007 #6
Taka-Chan-A Talking Takoyaki
yes, i've seen tsubasa. I don't know if you've seen card captor sakura, but i thought i was sweet how it more or less continued sakura and syaoran's story... well, it didn't continue their story, but it was still them...... only in a diffrent world and having diffrent characters...... am i still making sense?
6/20/2007 #7
Eun Ai Hoshi
hah, yeah i get what you mean. and cardcaptor was the first anime i ever saw. hmm, they still havent broadcasted the third season for Tsubasa, a little wierd. oh and you should check out this other anime, its called, "Lovely Complex" i believe its still being broadcasted around. But its a good laugh.;)
6/27/2007 #8
if you want to have a crying spree, see "Grave of the Fireflies" anime version. I was crying while seeing the DVD and my girlfriend was not crying but laughing hard because I was crying! How cruel tsk tsk... I heard they made a 'live-action' version too, and I heard it's nice. Actually, making anime into 'live-action' version is the current trend nowadays (Hana Yori Dango, Kimi wa Petto, Marmalade Boy, and even Sailor Moon! (W**! Even SailorMoon?!) Sorry to Sailor Moon live version fans but it's really ... uh... nevermind. I've got nothing against the anime version though. The other live-versions seem fine though, especially Death Note. Sorry if I've been spamming. I'm suddenly bored heh heh...
8/22/2007 #9
Lai Anderson
yeah, sailormoon. the live action version is quite old too actually. i saw a few previews and had my jaw dropped the whole time. imagine the girls in blonde, blue and green wigs and add the CG scenes of superhero transformation by "make-up". haha. anyway, i haven't seen the death note live action yet. maybe i should. i've been watching the japanese live action for hana kimi and it's quite entertaining. ^^
8/22/2007 #10
ah, i LOVE watching the live actions of Hana-Kimi. i still have to watch ep 6 of the japanese...but i've seen all of the taiwanese. i'm not sure which one i like more yet...
8/22/2007 #11
I've seen Hana Kimi too - but the Taiwanese one. I've seen the recent Japanese version too, but I haven't seen the whole thing. But in case you haven't noticed, the girl there in Hana Kimi would actually make a good Kuchiki Rukia of Bleach! (don't you think so?!)
8/23/2007 #12
Lai Anderson
you're right, hiro. horikita maki would also fit the role of fujioka haruhi if there would be a live action of ouran high host club... she's cute, i should say. the japanese live for hana kimi is still airing in japan from what i know. i've only got until ep6 as of now.
8/23/2007 #13
Eun Ai Hoshi
I watched the Tawainese version of Hana Kimi and two episodes of the Japanese version. Personally I like the Tawainese version better. At first I was very hesitant to watch the Tversion because I'm more into the Japanese language and normally the whole reason I watch dramas or anime is to learn their speech. At that time I really had no clue about Tawainese dramas or Tawain for that matter. But I gave it a try and I liked it very much.
8/31/2007 #14
Taka-Chan-A Talking Takoyaki
ohh, i watched the Tawainese Hana Kimi too, i went to China this year and i watched it there, The girl playing the female lead is Ella. Lol, some of my friends don't really like her......
9/7/2007 #15
Is Hana Kimi good? What's better? J** or Taiwanese version?
10/20/2007 #16
^ japanese version is funnier and the girl there is prettier
10/22/2007 #17
Isabel M. Ringo
Well i am so bored so i think in personal jdramas and kdramas are the best shows that i have ever seen in my life but does anyone else think that they are kinda stupid about love i mean in full house they share a kiss a very ugly kiss!!!! awful they need to work on that and i would like to recomend goong or princess hours is the best and also my sassy girl movie is just a master piece and i think they are gonna make the american version , also a tale of two sisters is a must seen is koren drama and the music is beautiful, i know a lot about it so if anyone want to add me at msn is jajaja i also like manga but i would like some suggestions because i dont have anything interesting now ...
1/25/2008 #18
i'd have to say my best recommendations would have to be for Togainu No Chi, and Tactics. i'm not usually into the whole demonator and little mascot things, but goodness gracious it's sooooo cute! Togainu No Chi really gets into the h*** Yaoi thing, but aside all that, it's pretty good. great plots lines, awesome characters.
3/11/2008 #19

let's see...what am i up to?

Manga/Manhwa - Chocolat, Animal Paradise

Asian dramas, Anime - Tokyo Juliet (i really need to finish this one up...its taken a year), Vampire Knight, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (going to watch...)

i need to set up a regular time to watch my shows so that i can get my writing done on time. haha, i'm one of those people that keeps saying they need a schedule, but never make one!

6/6/2008 #20

Has anyone seen Shugo Chara, it's reasonably new, it's for older children, so it might not appeal to you.

7/28/2008 #21
Scarlett Dickinson

Bubble Gum Crisis is a good anime. its old though. don't know if you can find it any more...

6/4/2009 #22
Stalker of Stories

I'm just going to drop a list of good Shoujo manga I've read. (The summaries are written by me rather than the official one)

Karin (aka Chibi Vampire) - Karin is a vampire, the disappointing middle child. Why? Well, she can go outside during daylight without any ill effects, she can't control bats, nor can she erase memories. Oh, and rather than drinking blood, her body over produces it and she has to either inject it into another person or have a monstrous nosebleed. And no one found her out the transfer student, Usui Kenta, ran across her injecting blood into someone.

Shiawasse Kissa Sanchoume - Uru is a second year high school student, but because of her diminutive height she's often mistaken as an elementary school kid. Despite this, she's supper strong. When her mother marries a man 10 years her junior, Uru decides to strike it out on her own. She gets an apartment and, while looking for a job, find a bakery where the only workers are two men, one of whom falls asleep whenever he gets hungry (and the only way to wake him is by force-feeding) and the other an unfriendly looking and violent baker. It seems like the perfect place to work, right?

Skip Beat! - Kyouko came to Tokyo with her childhood friend Shou when he decides to become a rockstar. But once he makes it big he dumps her like last week's leftovers. Heartbroken and filled with thoughts of vengeance, Kyouko decides to become a star with a rival talent agency so that she can get her revenge on Shou.

Wallflower - Four handsome high school boys get free rent to live in a mansion under one condition; they have to make their landlady's neice into a proper lady. Seems easy, right? Wrong, of course. Sunako is a horror-obsessed girl who is afraid of light and "radiant creatures" (beautiful people) to the point that it makes her almost anemic - or, in the case of the latter, gush blood out her nose and fall unconscious.

Beast Master - Yuiko is an animal lover to the point that animals hate her. Reo looks and acts like a wild animal sometimes, but animals love him. Except when he sees blood, he goes into a wild frenzy to get rid of whatever might be attacking him. And Yuiko happens to be able to snap him out of that rage.

I'm not even going to both suggesting Ouran High School Host Club since I'm sure most people have read it by now.

Other than that... I'm not actually all that big on Shoujo. I've just been on a binge the past week 'cause I didn't have anything to do.

For other genres though, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro are must reads.

6/30/2009 #23

oh, yes, the wallflower and beast master are all very good mangas.

Also, i recommend: (under the shoujo category)

Dengeki Daisy (the same mangaka as beast master)

Special A (one of my long time fave :D)

Kimi no iru machi (really simple but yet its pretty good)

kyou, koi wo hajimemasu (the guy's hot :D)

aoi kiseki (short and sweet)

and there are many more, go to either mangafox or onemanga to check it out :D

and for dramas, there are a lot. For now, I'm watching a taiwanese drama called why why love, starring Rainie Yang and Mike He, also Kingone Wang.

Its awesome! :D


8/15/2009 #24

"Special A (one of my long time fave :D)"

Oh my god, I love you! XD Megumi is the most adorable girl in the world, Akira is the perfect example of a female tsundere character, Tadeshi eats more than everyone else in Special A combined, Hikari and Kei are the cutest couple in the anime world, Kei's voice is my favorite male seiyu... The reasons why I love that anime stream in an endless line. OwO

Shugo Chara! is also great. If you like Peach-Pit's other manga, or just mahou shoujo series in general, then I recommend reading SC. It's got splashes of romance, awesome magic transformations, well developed characters, and everything in between. Plus, the protagonist isn't your typical magical girl: she's "cool and spicy!" XP

Vampire Knight is wonderful, too. I hope there's going to be a third season. I'd like to see in color what happens between Yuuki and Zero, as well as how the Night Class students will react to Kaname's and Yuuki's incestual relationship. Then again, maybe that's not what the anime director intended to reveal lol.

I haven't seen most of those animes or read the majority of those mangas, actually. I tend to reread and rewatch a lot of the series I like, including the three above, so I don't often involve myself in another manga/anime. -;; Maybe it's time to start broadening my horizons?

2/7/2010 #25

Can someone please reveiw my story 'cherry blossom adventure' its really important.

5/16/2010 #26
xoxo hachiko

Ahhh I love Dengeki Daisy! These are a few of the shoujos I'm currently addicted to:

Yumemiru Taiyou

Sukitte Ii Na Yo

Kimi Ni Todoke

Stardust Wink

Shinobi Life

Hadashi De Bara Wo Fume

I doubt many of you have heard of these - I get Betsuma comic from Japan, a girls Shoujo comic, and I always bring it to work with me and read in my downtime hahaha

7/15/2010 #27

i actually do know some of these :D! Kimi Ni Todoke and Hadashi De Bara Wo Fume are my faves (...i have to wait for scans on onemanga/mangafox though T.T ). i've been wanting to read Shinobi Life for a while now, but i'm always so busy...

7/24/2010 #28
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