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yes, the bored place where you can put together all the random words you want. a pretty good place to veg out if you have writer's block...i guess. tacos wear bunny slippers when riding penguins (that came out of nowhere) anyways, join the bubblegum popping fun at your own risk
5/16/2007 . Edited 5/16/2007 #1
Eun Ai Hoshi
The outer skin of an orange is there to protect the inner sweetness of the fruit. lol just had to say that ^_^ random isnt it?
5/17/2007 #2
ooh, ooh, i know! i did this fun activity in my english class last year where you write a story and each person needs to incorporate the "special word" in what they write. it ended up pretty crazy! nice poetic randomness, Dylislily!
5/17/2007 #3
hmm...i want to use the word "stentorian" (yes, i just flipped to a random page in my thesaurus), but i can't think of anything right now...
5/17/2007 #4
Eun Ai Hoshi
lol, interesting word I want chicken and rice. = T hungry.
5/18/2007 #5
Eun Ai Hoshi
A nights sleep is like a nutritional food one needs to digest to live a smiling day. -sigh- i couldnt sleep a wink last night...=/
5/19/2007 #6
je pense... darkness is only a prelude to the light. yep, i want to play kingdom hearts, and i saw Spiderman 3 last night.
5/19/2007 #7
the sweet simplicity of the roses outside my window bring a single tear to my eyes... wah, i want to plant some flowers. but not just roses. i need to run to a gardening store - quick!
6/4/2007 #8
Twilight Hoshiko-chan
...what is there to say when all words are empty? what noise will echo without a sound? and the most important question...if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, do the other trees laugh at it? asked me to post something so i did, ma belle soeur...hehehe
6/8/2007 #9
eh, you make it sound like i threatened you...oh well, merci beaucoup, Hoshiko!
6/8/2007 #10
this topic looks lonely...and i think i actually look like i could be named "Misty"... hmm. it makes me think.
8/19/2007 #11
Twilight Hoshiko-chan
you're short enough!!! Hahahaha!!!
8/20/2007 #12
VERY nice, Hoshiko. i'm too kind to you.
8/20/2007 #13
there's a lizard beneath my computer keyboard... a dead lizard where the heck did it come from?! w**...
8/22/2007 #14
wow - that is the funniest one i have EVER heard. come to think of it, i rarely think about lizards... wah ha, tomorrow the great Misty will make 2 triangles, 3 boxes, a swirly wave thing, and a football - all while playing memorized music on 6 hours of sleep!
8/23/2007 #15
it actually isn't random, coz it's true... there was a dead lizard below my keyboard and i have no idea how long it has been there - poor thing!
8/25/2007 #16
Eun Ai Hoshi
Im writing an one-shot at the moment. It's deep into the night. Sleep is nowhere near coming into my system. I had a nice nap during the day which is now causing me nightmares while I am awake. -__- It's also very hot in here. My sister has taken the fan to put right in her face as she sleeps oh so soundlessly. -sigh- and Im probably blabbering too much, but thought I would stop by and have a look at this forum that I have not attended to for a very long time. Dylisly is filled with feelings of excitement as she writes this one-shot but also turmoiled with the feeling of despair as she can not sleep. Summing up, I'm feeling annoyed.
8/31/2007 #17
Eun Ai Hoshi
*Points above* Jee, I talk so much. A random word popping inside of my head is: "Cats"-- one of our cats still hasn't come home since last night. My sister and I just finished rebuilding their house again and I'm slightly worried about the one that still has not appeared. He's the youngest from the pair.
12/18/2007 #18
cats!!! i luv my kitty - she almost acts like a dog. she waits until i get home from school curled up on my bed, and follows me around the house before i go to bed. ahh, kawaii! lesson: ski socks + tennis shoes does not equal warm toes (my toes are frozen from watching a hockey game too close to the ice)
12/18/2007 #19
Ten ways to spoil dinner

people don't know if the know what they know because what we know isn't what we think. Why. I don't know it's just random

6/8/2008 #20

i like pie. 3

1/8/2009 #21
Stalker of Stories

In the land of eccentric pies go flying purple through the dirt like a simile.

And it's technically grammatically correct. Muahahaha.

6/30/2009 #22
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