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This is a forum for finding stories. Seriously. I read a story, then I forget where and who and gah! So, help me to find these stories. Pwease n.n
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Terri Day

I read this story about a year ago about this girl who is on the run from her past life and ends up Miami or some place (details are fuzzy). Anyhow, her room mate gets her a job at this club that she works and she had to serve this mob boss and she mouthed off to him & ended up getting fired the same night (which was her first night I believe). She then goes to visit the mob boss's house to get him to get her job back & he offers her a job as his date to different events. From there they ended up together for years but he refused to marry her because he thought people would try to kill her because of him & in that time he got back at everybody who ever did anything wrong to her, including her ex room mate who had stolen some money from her then packed up & left. Anyway I think some big war broke out & he had to send her away (they were trying to get pregnant at the time) and she found out she was pregnant while she was away & they ended up having a kid that she told everything about his/her father until he showed up one day after they went to the market. He then made sure they had super security on his house back home before he brought them home.

It was a while back & I totally forgot to favorite this story & I've been searching for it for a while & can't find it... HELP!!!

11/16/2011 #1

Did you ever find it? Because I remember this too! Now I'm looking for it and it's driving me crazy.

4/21/2012 #2
Terri Day

No, I still haven't... And I still search every now and then.

4/22/2012 #3
Jennie Lyne Hiott

I'm writing a mob story called Hearts and Lies. I don't think its the one your looking for since I just published it a few days ago, but you might like it. :)

7/9/2012 #4
Terri Day

Cool, I'll check it out. =)

7/9/2012 #5
Terri Day

Still looking for this story... By now I've figured it been removed, but does anyone know where I might find it.

7/16/2013 #6
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