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This is a forum for finding stories. Seriously. I read a story, then I forget where and who and gah! So, help me to find these stories. Pwease n.n
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Simple Wish

I read this story once and i loved it and now after so long i can not remember the title for the life of me, it started off with this guy spotting this girl across the street and come into the cafe or restaurant or bar where they are and blah blah blah any ways its a few years later and his best friend is dating the girl now but the girl finds him cheating on her and she runs off to his best friend (the guy who first spotted her) who owns a book store and his apartment is above the book store and he is a painter. The guy offers her a place to say because she lived with the guy who cheated on her and the bookstore guy and her end up together.

i remember one scene where they are at a party together and she tell bookstore guy she loves him while they sit under a pool table and she says something along the lines of "i love you...but don't worry I don't expect you to say it back" and then something else about how this guy is like why be in a relationship if you want to cheat, but he gets really drunk one night and wakes up n*** (or partly n***) in some girls apartment and he goes home and brakes it off with the girl who he first spotted and then a few months (or years can't remember) he finds out he just passed out in that girls apartment and his friend had slept with the girl and he had never cheated on the other girl. He then spots the girl in a record shop a and ends up at her door and then i think there is something about a note....

Ok that's all i got please help! I'm desperate!

6/15/2012 #1

Hey I'm pretty sure I found it, well at least think i do, this has the same starting plot but i can't remember the rest.Let me know if it is! :)

Better Than Burroughs by Stillill


6/20/2012 #2
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