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Scottish Princess

((okay so I figured this would be the best way to get everyone's attention on this forum...))

Late one night, the King of Elarope, recently having locked his former Queen away (for having had several affairs with palace officials), decided to send out his soldiers to bring any eligible young woman to him for him to choose a new, more loyal Queen. The soldiers were also ordered to bring in any young man deemed fit enough to be a soldier or servant within the palace. So the Royal Edict went out and the soldiers set out to follow it....

*epic dramatic music*

((so basically that's what's happening, but no one knows about it until it actually starts happening. all of my characters that I'm still using(so not the Krisanti house) are going to be affected by this and it's up to all you other authors if you want your characters to be affected or not, too. you could just have your characters completely ignore it if you wanted. I just came up with this for a plot twist. :P ))

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