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Ok this is just a quick question as I'm thinking of changing the description thing of this forum to something a little less cheesy but I'm not sure what it should be. Any help?

Oh yeah and use this forum to ask for help or if you get bored of being in character or whatever.

Edit by Scottish Princess: This is for your out of character chatting. You can basically talk about whatever you want inasmuch as it's done politely and without purposeful aggravating in mind. Oh and try to keep political/racial/religious arguments to yourselves or elsewhere. In other words not here.

Thank you.

9/2/2007 . Edited by Scottish Princess, 9/15/2008 #1
So, like a discussion forum?
9/2/2007 #2
Luicia and the voices
Yay! I've been meaning to ask you this since... well, this morning, LOL. Are you okay with my character kind of... what would you call it...? Taking a liking to your character a bit more than he should? LOL, sorry. :P Want me to stop?
9/2/2007 #3
Lol! Kael is SO funny. I just love Henas' reaction to him. I can't wait to see how this all develops! About the summary- I like it but I'm a little wierd. Um... if you sort of describe the types of characters in here and the world a little more, maybe that would help. I don't know- just suggesting!
9/2/2007 #4
Maybe something that those cliche-booers ain't gonna have a fit about. "LYK OMZAWD!! WIZRRRRDDDSS!! CLICHE!!" *rolls eyes* Even though I don't think that the word wizard was in the description... Maybe tell them what you do here? I don't know... :P
9/3/2007 #5
Nah I don't mind about the whole Kael thing, it is kind of funny and expected as Henas is the only other werewolf around. Also I guess I'll just make the description a little more... descriptive. Oh well, I'll try!
9/3/2007 #6
Hey, are we alowed to swear if we bleep it out? :P
9/4/2007 #7
I don't really mind... I guess it depends what other people think. What's the worst that could happen?
9/4/2007 #8
*looks back at how people on runescape used to go through hours and hours of experimenting just to see how they could get past the bleeps and create new ways to swear* I have a faint idea...
9/4/2007 #9
*ponders* Do you think that there should be another city or something in this thing? because I look at things like the Fantasy RPG forum and they have all these different cities, lol.
9/5/2007 #10
Another city- That'd be cool- as long as there weren't five hundred 'other' cities- that'd get confusing! It would help add background to stories, though. it'd give characters a place to have come from every now and again!
9/5/2007 #11
GreyStar Dreams
I second that! Here, here! Agreed! Yar! Wonder where Aphrodite Ivory's been, lol.
9/5/2007 #12
Hmmm... conversing with the kitchen gremlins, plotting new ways to take over the world, taking kids to school- who knows! Lol.
9/5/2007 #13
GreyStar Dreams
I'll vote on conversing with the kitchen gremlings about ways to take over the world by somehow triggering off a doomsday device by taking the kids to school... it all makes sense now...
9/5/2007 #14
Aha! I knew it would! Hey... does that mean you're as insane as me? Cuz I'd take insane people over normal people any day! ;)
9/5/2007 #15
GreyStar Dreams
Probably more insane than i'd hope, lol.
9/5/2007 #16
Yeeeewwww! Vote one for insanity. Lol.
9/5/2007 #17
lalalalalalala. What to talk about.... lalalalalalala.
9/5/2007 #18
Um... oh! new charactedrs you'd like to see? hows about that?
9/5/2007 #19
SOunds good.
9/5/2007 #20
Hmm... how about... a teenage kid with no control over their... weather manipulation abilities- they HAVE to have purple hair- Yay for purple hair! lol.
9/5/2007 #21
Luicia and the voices
lol, PURPLE HAIR! Awsome How about... an young woman that turns into a man by day? *Thinks back on certain anime*
9/6/2007 #22
Yes, it's true I have been talking to kitchen gremlins about setting off doomsday devices by taking kids to school. Actually what's happened is that I've gone back to boarding school and I don't have internet connection on my laptop yet so haven't really been able to catch up on the action yet. I will try to weave my way into the story again eventually. As to the whole other cities thing, other people could create forums like this or I could just create more I guess and then post the links here or whatever. it ould be so cool! So yeah don't expect too much from me right now but eventually yes!
9/9/2007 #23
9/10/2007 #24
Boo! Lol.
9/10/2007 #25
*screams and throws self into crate*
9/10/2007 #26
*falls off chair in laughter* Very randomly.
9/10/2007 #27
G'night- I shall fall asleep nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Lol. Bye... for NOW Mwahahahahaha!
9/10/2007 #28
9/10/2007 #29
Andrew Keith
Now Blade and Lorne are in bed, albeit not the usual AMerican terminology as sleeping together =P.
9/13/2007 #30
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