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Danielle Thamasa
What?!? Don't say stuff like that!
1/14/2008 #241
Scottish Princess
oh, okay. How've you been? You doing alright?
1/14/2008 #242
Scottish Princess
wait......Andrew.....I hope you're not at all serious....seriously...I'm worried about you....alot
1/14/2008 #243
Andrew Keith
I'm fine.

I've actually been wanting the separation for a while, but was unsure on how to do it and such, and didn't want to break her heart.

So I tried confronting her on some problems I've had, and not be insulting like she would.

She got mad. Ended the relationship. I shrugged.

1/14/2008 #244
Scottish Princess
I'm sorry, really, I know what that's like. But other than that, you're okay, right? I want honesty. oh and check your IM.
1/14/2008 #245
Danielle Thamasa
I'm sorry Andrew. Ending any relationship sucks.
1/14/2008 #246
Andrew Keith
Yeah, it does.

And I've lost my password for my YIM.

1/14/2008 #247
Danielle Thamasa
So...other than that, how's life? Has volleyball started yet?
1/14/2008 #248
Scottish Princess
oh, well, try and recover it somehow. I had to do that a while back...not sure how I did it though. anyways, I have to go for dinner now. be back later.
1/14/2008 #249
Andrew Keith
Bah! I don't want her anymore.

Volleyball hasn't started, and soccer has yet to end. Game tomorrow on my birthday, then another on Thursday, then another on Friday. Then a district game (we're 3rd in the district) next Wednesday.

1/14/2008 #250
Danielle Thamasa
Well, good luck, and Happy Birthday. How old are you going to be?
1/14/2008 #251
Andrew Keith
1/14/2008 #252
Danielle Thamasa
Oh...wow...I feel old!!!!!!!!!

Poo...oh, if you have time and you feel like it...warehouse and Tempire's, please.

1/14/2008 #253
Andrew Keith
I know, I have like 20 other places to update.

Not now, I think I'm feeling sick from practice. We had to spin a lot.

1/14/2008 #254
Danielle Thamasa
Well, spinning sounds...fun. It seems that the Citadel died when you disappeared. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and cozy? We all just can't keep going without you.
1/14/2008 #255
Scottish Princess
Dani, Andrew, I'm not going to be posting again for a long time. Not sure how long. My parents are really EXTREMELY pissed off about what I've been writing as far as romantic scenes go and they're not going to let me get back on until they see fit. They're both staunch Christians and expect me to do whatever they want all the time and expect me to act a certain way all the time and they get ticked off when I don't.....anyway....I'm sorry but it'll be a while, a LONG while before I get back on. They might make me stop altogether, I don't know yet.

Dani if you could tell Lee and Rogue that I'm not going to be on, I'd appreciate it alot. I guess I'll see y'all sometime....hopefully. Bye.


1/14/2008 #256
1/14/2008 #257
Danielle Thamasa
Yeah that's what I thought.
1/14/2008 #258
Danielle Thamasa
Hello? I feel abandoned.
1/14/2008 #259
Scottish Princess
okay, I'm back. I have to tell all of y'all straight out: I'm not going to be getting into any details of any romantic scenes anymore. Yes my characters will still be kissing and the like but anything further than that will be a fade out for me. I'm sorry if any of you don't agree with that or have any problems, but that's the way it's going to be from now on.

Oh and I apologise for saying what I did about my parents. I was just really emotionally distraught and angry last night and I should have attacked them like that.

*BIG sigh* anyway. I'm back. =]


1/15/2008 #260
S'okay. Glad you're back.
1/15/2008 #261
Scottish Princess
*weak smile* thanks
1/15/2008 #262
Danielle Thamasa
Glad to hear it Scotty...and I totally support your new romance/fade out guidelines. I'd rather have you here under 'G' rules than have PG-13 and not have you.
1/15/2008 #263
Scottish Princess
*hugs Dani* thanks, I really needed to hear that right now. =]
1/15/2008 #264
What? No hug for me? *pouts*
1/15/2008 #265
Danielle Thamasa
*Big hugs*

It's only the truth, my dear.

1/15/2008 #266
Scottish Princess
*hugs Dani AND Echo* Thanks you two. Really!
1/15/2008 #267
Danielle Thamasa
Love ya Scotty!
1/15/2008 #268
We were desolate without you!!!!! *huggles* My Scottie now. Ain't never lettin' go.
1/15/2008 #269
Scottish Princess
Thanks you two! Now let me go post before I have to go to bed. Echo, do I need to post in the Krisanti House? or are we waiting for Andrew, or what?
1/15/2008 #270
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