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Luicia and the voices
Kael was about to say something but upon seeing Lorne, clamped his mouth shut and huddled farther into the hole.
9/4/2007 #31
Blade spins and glares at whoever brought the light, frightening the werewolf into silence- Lorne. Rolling her eyes at him, she turns back to kael, attempting, once again to coax him back out of the hole.
9/4/2007 #32
((LOL, Kael sounds like a mouse... or a dog-Wait, puppy... :P))

Reko turned around and resisted the urge to strike Lorne square in the face, "Get back!" he hissed, "I would be scared of you too, if you were the one who slit my throat!"

9/4/2007 #33
"Hush, Reko." Blade ordered quietly, not taking her eyes off Kael, "C'mon, Kael. Trust me. Me at least. Please. Lorne won't hurt you, will you Lorne?" she asked, glancing up at him hopefully.
9/4/2007 #34
[Hehe! Puppy-yay! So cutely.]
9/4/2007 #35
[I'm out- Goodnight all from Down South! :p Good luck!]
9/4/2007 #36
Andrew Keith
Looking at Blade, showing a reassuring grin. "Do not fret, I am not here for further harm." Lorne replies, with obvious shock to seeing Kael there, alive.
9/4/2007 #37
Andrew Keith
((Bleh, couldnt add in this bit before I had to go, cause of class changes.))

Looking at the frightened boy, and going through everything that happened today, a sudden shudder coarses through Lorne's spine, freezing him. His eyes are popped wide open, and when the shudder passes, his body goes limp. He lands on his knees and regains himself, but his mind is still focused on that moment he shoved the dagger through the boy's throat. After that, every man, every sentient being he has killed, the vision of their last moments flash through him, piercing him like his own blades did to them. He screams in agony, hands gripping his face as he writhers around, still on his knees. After a few seconds, the outbreak dying down, Lorne lies there, on his knees but his face forward and on the ground, with his hands holding it, as he sobs mournfully and shamefully.

The Royal Guard had turned him into an emotionless killer. He still has some of his emotional heart, such as he showed for Raelee in calming her and such, but not much else. He would kill without second thought. Now, he said to himself, that will change. He will fight for the Just, and only kill if he has too, for survival.

9/4/2007 #38
((Holy crap, I almost cried...))

Reko paled and rushed to Lorne's side, shaking him, "Lorne, Lorne!? Are you okay-Lorne!" shaking him wasn't helping. Grasping his shoulders, Reko slapped him across the face, "Lorne, what's wrong!?"

9/4/2007 #39
Andrew Keith
Looking up at Reko with blury, tear-soaked eyes, Lorne looks at the man with a pitiful, torn face. "What have I become?" He mutters to the man, before going silent, staring up at the heavens with an expression of "Why?" on his face.
9/4/2007 #40
A shudder rippled through his spine and he bit his lip. What kind of a question was that? Only knowing Lorne for a few days, Reko just couldn't understand. Wasn't he always like this? Slowly tilting his head to the side, Reko asked, "What do you mean, Lorne?"
9/4/2007 #41
Luicia and the voices
Kael quietky got up from his space on the floor and hobbled over to the edge of the hole, peering at Lorne from a distance.
9/4/2007 #42
Andrew Keith
Still shivering. "I-I've become a monster." Lorne replies, studdering, and he continues, still studdering, "I have been killing men and beings alike, without second thoughts." Releasing another wail, he pauses then continues on again. "I have been trained to become a heartless monster. Just now, I saw the faces of the last moments of every person, every thing I have slain. Seeing Kael there... Triggered it all..." Lorne ends, releasing a resigned m*** before collapsing onto the ground in a heap of despair and anguish.

((He's basically out-cold now, like emotional/mental breakdown. He'll get up though if someone tries, like sleeping.))

9/4/2007 #43
Smiling weakly, Reko said, "Well, he's back now, isn't he?"he coughed nervously into his hands, "Think, this is like you... on your first step to redemption...right?" Reko never was any good at cheering people up.
9/4/2007 #44
Luicia and the voices
Kael jumped from the hole and threw a punch at Lorne's head, "Just because you're now feeling remorse, doesn't mean he'll forgive you!" he snapped.
9/4/2007 #45
Andrew Keith
((Meany. Lol.))

Waking up slowly from the hit, Lorne rubs his head and looks up to see Kael. Feeling even more sorrow and lost, Lorne gets up, sways abit before turning around, stumbling away in the opposite direction. He trips and stumbles on himself a few times.

((He's nearing the exit of the graveyard, but Im not having leave yet, for drama and your characters' reactions.))

9/4/2007 #46
Watching Lorne stumble away, Blade glares at Kael,

"Can't you see he's sorry for what he did, Kael?" she asked quietly, silently questioning her own killer instincts, "yes, to kill you was wrong, but to threaten us to the extent that he believed you was just as bad. And to hit him while he is in such a state is beyond my own comprehension. You can see he's not right, Kael. *Clearly* you can see it and yet you still intend to punish him." she shook her head in disapointment at the young werewolf, "What if Henas were to blame you for ruining his life because you bit him- for attacking you at every given chance? I know it's not the same but... put it into context. Don't kick him while he's down, Kael. It's not right."

9/4/2007 #47
Luicia and the voices

Glaring, Kael seethed, "It doesn't matter anymore, though! He has gotten Spyre angry and now you all are going to *die*. Nothing I can do could possibly stop him!! Kick him while he's down? Hell, I'll even kick him while he's dead!!"

9/5/2007 #48
Reko ran for Lorne and held him back with one arm and with his injured one gestured for Kael to hush. "Lorne, stay here and if you move, I shall strap you to my back." he said firmly, then to Kael, "And you; what we need to worry about now is Henas getting back to his parents, safe and sound, as soon as possible. Isn't that why we got the cure?" He looked at Blade and gave her a pleading look.
9/5/2007 #49
Andrew Keith
"Lorne, stay here and if you move, I shall strap you to my back."

"Let me go to my home." Lorne says, looking at the man, then adds, "Raelee is still there, and you know where it is." Lorne wiggles free of the arm and continues walking.

((Should I even post in the Streets, because he's just passing right through to the hideout, so all it would be is "Lorne walking through the throng to his hideout."))

9/5/2007 #50
Blade rolls her eyes at the men- who in all the world is Spyre? She wondered. Walking over to the princelling, she nocks him on the back of the head, rendering him unconcious.

"Lorne is right- we need to get back to Raelee then get the princelling here back to his palace. Right now, those are our top priorities- you two can duel it out at a later time." She turned to Kael, "Tell Sprye, whoever he is, that he's welcome to try whatever he likes on me as soon as we've gotten this all over with. I'll be waiting for him."

With that, she throws Henas' arm over her shoulder and begins dragging him out of the graveyard without waiting for the others.

[is anything important going to happen in the streets? If not I guess we should just go straight to Lorne's!]

9/5/2007 #51
((To Lorne's))

Reko nodded and ushered for Kael to follow them. Resting his hand on Lorne's shoulder, he shook him gently, "We have to get back to your hideout and think things over, alright? Come on."

9/5/2007 #52
Derilict, the road polished its way southward, and around the bed of dried leaves and a mossy, elegant grave of an angel, moved a rustle behind a tree.

None saw him slip behind the nearest grave, a shadown underneath the tomb. The only movement he made was that of his mouth, which slightly split to a smile.

"Over our heads are we?"

The voice was loud, but it was everywhere around the graveyard.

(hello. thought id tag a bit. dont find me right away, that would spoil the fun! ;D)

3/19/2008 #53
Danielle Thamasa
((Have you put your character stats in the character background and abilities thread? I don't see you there. You need to do that before you start RPing.))
3/20/2008 #54
(kk, done! :D)
3/21/2008 #55
Danielle Thamasa
((Thank you. :) Now, how long do you want to go before someone finds him?))
3/21/2008 #56
Reine Ayten

{K, I'm here... whats about you?}

6/18/2008 #57
Scottish Princess

(yeh, sorry, watching the end of pirates 3))

Dax entered the graveyard and stopped only a few feet in. "You'll have to walk now," he told Reine quietly, suddenly rather somber as he lowered the boy to the ground.

The sun was sinking on the horizon, its last rays making the shadows from the gravestones all the more eerie.

6/18/2008 . Edited 6/18/2008 #58
Reine Ayten

{Isn't it kind of happy in a sad way?}

Reine cocked his head, and wandered over to a gravestone with a stone angel crouching on top. He looked around somberly, and saw the sunset. "It's beautiful," he whispered.

6/18/2008 #59
Scottish Princess

((To Dax yeah))

Dax managed a smile and nodded, "Yeah, but the sad thing is not many of the living get to see this. These people," he waved his hand at the gravestones, "They see it every day and they never get tired of it."

6/18/2008 #60
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