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Reine Ayten

{I was talking about the ending of pirates 3... but I see it that way too}

Reine looked over at Dax with a sad smile on his face. "Well, the living get all the good things, like being able to see the little miracles. Maybe it's time for the dead to have one too."

6/18/2008 #61
Scottish Princess

((oh, heh, sorry, yeah the end of pirates 3 is sad but cool! Did you see the ending scene after all the credits?))

"The dead have eternal peace," Dax told him quietly. He walked over to a recent enough mound of earth and knelt in front of it, placing his hand lightly on the dirt. After a moment, something akin to a sigh seemed to come from the small grave; the grave was only just large enough to have fit a child.

Dax looked over at Reine a single tear making a trail down his face from his good eye, "I come here whenever I can and just listen, helping to ease their pains when I can and in return... I get to see beautiful sunsets and other things that no one else would dare to dream of."

6/18/2008 #62
Reine Ayten

{I know, the one where Will comes back? I'm still confused... so if his love is there when he gets back, then does he have to be the new Davy Jones or what? Their kid was so cute, too!}

Reine walked over and hugged Dax. He murmured into Dax's shirt, "Shh, it's alright. Don't cry, it's ok." Then he looked up at his boyfriend, a small smile on his face. "I don't know... I can dream up a lot of things."

6/18/2008 #63
Scottish Princess

((yeah, I guess Will is the new Davy Jones..... and their kid is adorable!))

Dax wrapped his arms around Reine, smiling sadly. "I'm alright, Reine, I just get saddened whenever I have to put another one at ease." His smile turned happier at the look on the younger boy's face. "I'm sure you can." He turned his head, and pointed, "Look."

The sun was just sinking over the edge, the very last sliver of it all but gone.

6/18/2008 #64
Reine Ayten

{For the last time... he only LOOKS younger... grrrr... lols, its ok...I can imagine Ren walking in on these two...}

Reine turned his head so that his left ear was resting just below Dax's heart. When he saw the sunset, he smiled, and he could hear Dax's heart beating. He told Dax as such with a slight smile on his face.

6/18/2008 #65
Scottish Princess

(( SORRY!! I'll try to remember that..... and why would Ren walk in on anyone??))

The sun disappeared and Dax glanced down at Reine, smiling. "What did you think?"

((oh and Reine still hasn't asked about his eye....... I know I brought it up before, but, i dunno, I guess most other characters that have interacted with Dax have asked about him being blind in one eye within the first few posts. *shrugs* ))

6/18/2008 . Edited 6/18/2008 #66
Reine Ayten

{Iz ok... oh no... i iz talking in lolspeak... its on www.icanhascheezburger.com... I guess I don't know why, but it could happen... *shrugs* Reine doesn't ask anything without either permission or prompting... so... yeah...}

Reine smiled up at him. "It was beautiful, thank you," he told Dax.

6/18/2008 #67
Scottish Princess


"You're welcome," Dax whispered, leaning his head in to kiss him.

6/18/2008 #68
Reine Ayten

{little bit distracted... so... ok... I need to stop babbling sometimes....}

Reine tilted his head up at the last second so that he captured Dax's lips on his. Then he really noticed Dax's eye.

{I'm assuming that you mean that he went to kiss Reine on the top of the head}

6/18/2008 . Edited 6/18/2008 #69
Scottish Princess

((I meant lips, but I didn't specify, so it's all good.))

Dax smiled as his lips met Reine's and he held the other boy close as they continued to kiss, running one hand up and down Reine's back. Being more than slightly distracted, Dax wasn't really aware of anything else going on.

6/18/2008 . Edited 6/18/2008 #70
Reine Ayten

{Aww... their first looong kiss!!}

Reine wrapped his arms around Dax's waist, but pulled away slightly. "Should we really be doing this here?" he whispered quietly.

6/18/2008 #71
Scottish Princess


"Does it look like I care?" Dax asked just as quietly, smiling and resting his forehead against Reine's.

6/18/2008 #72
Reine Ayten

{Dax is bending down, right? To rest his head on Reine's, right?}

Reine smiled slightly, and began fiddling with the pocket of his duster. "It's cold, though," he whispered. "And I've heard it's no fun kissing in the cold."

6/18/2008 #73
Scottish Princess

((Actually, Dax was kneeling by the grave, so I assumed that Reine was kneeling next to him...))

Dax nodded. "Of course not," he stood and helped Reine to his feet, keeping hold of the other boy's hand. "You up for walking back?"

6/18/2008 #74
Reine Ayten

{Ok... I guess he was, so ok...}

Reine smiled back at him. "Yeah. All this sitting, and the piggyback ride, and the kneeling... My leg feels fine."

6/18/2008 #75
Scottish Princess

"You're sure?" Dax pressed. The last thing he wanted was for Reine to stress his leg out too much.

6/18/2008 #76
Reine Ayten

Reine's smile grew even larger. "I'm sure. Remember what I told you earlier? That if I fall, you get to catch me?"

6/18/2008 #77
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded. "Yeah, I remember." he started walking, expecting Reine to walk with him, "I'll definitely catch you, don't worry."

((back to Dax's place!))

6/18/2008 #78
Scottish Princess

((from Dax's place))

Dax stopped at the entrance to the graveyard and closed his eyes, listening to the wind and the voices that the wind carried to him.

7/3/2008 #79
Reine Ayten

Reine closed his eyes as well, the wind whipping his hair around.

7/3/2008 #80
Scottish Princess

Dax's eyes opened and he walked through the rows of tombstones as if on a set course. He stopped in front of a mound of fresh dirt and knelt, lightly resting his hand on the mound and whispering words under his breath.

7/3/2008 #81
Reine Ayten

Reine followed slowly, then stopped about five feet away, just watching.

7/3/2008 #82
Scottish Princess

Something akin to a sigh escaped from the grave and Dax stood, walking along until he came to another one and did much the same thing.

"What the hell are you doing?!" a harsh voice yelled at them.

7/3/2008 #83
Reine Ayten

Reine jumped, his eyes widening.

7/3/2008 #84
Scottish Princess

Dax finished with the grave he was at, then stood and turned around slowly, searching for the voice with his good eye.

A small figure came out from behind one of the bigger stones, brandishing a stick in its hand. "Get away from my sister!" a now distinctly feminine voice growled at them.

7/3/2008 #85
Reine Ayten

Reine walked over to stand by Dax, wary of the newcomer.

{Random person?}

7/3/2008 #86
Scottish Princess

((yeah a random person))

Dax took Reine's hand and looked at the girl. "I don't mean any disrespect, miss."

"Then what the hell are you doing around my sister's grave?" the girl demanded.

7/3/2008 #87
Reine Ayten


Reine stayed silent, not wanting to annoy this girl any more than she already was. He squeezed Dax's hand.

7/3/2008 #88
Scottish Princess

"I was merely putting her to rest," Dax explained quietly.

The girl stared at him. "You were what?"

"Putting her to rest," Dax repeated, "she's at peace now."

The girl blinked and almost dropped her stick in her surprise.

7/3/2008 #89
Reine Ayten

Reine looked down at his feet.

7/3/2008 #90
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