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The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor walked the streets of the town, ignoring the silent scorn of the townspeople.

9/4/2009 #61

Trace followed her.

I have to go soon

9/4/2009 #62
The Tear-Stained Queen

Aww. Shoot. Will you be back?

She heard one Troll-child whisper to his companion, "Look -- the Governor's Human-Thing. Isn't she ugly?"

9/4/2009 #63

yeah, sometime later today

Trace could hear their whispers and tossed down a small explossive before moving along.

9/4/2009 #64
The Tear-Stained Queen


Proudly, Nor continued through the streets of her town, never one to be intimidated by the simple cruelty of the peasant Trolls.

9/4/2009 #65

Trace jumped down from the roof tops and followed behind Nor a few paces back.

9/4/2009 #66
The Tear-Stained Queen

She did not notice and continued on, moving with each step towards the town's outskirts.

9/4/2009 #67

Trace whisteld for her attention before disappearing.

9/4/2009 #68
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor looked over shoulder, but did not see anyone. She shook it off.

9/4/2009 #69

He appeared right in front of her.

9/4/2009 #70
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor jumped back, crying out in surprise, "You!"

9/4/2009 #71

"Me!" he cackled.

9/4/2009 #72
The Tear-Stained Queen

Raising her voice, Nor poked an angry finger at Trace's chest. "You have been tormenting me! Why? What have I done to deserve such cruelty?"

9/4/2009 #73

"Because I am merely bored."

9/4/2009 #74
The Tear-Stained Queen

"Well, go find another to torment!" She exclaimed, poking him harder as her anger grew. "I receive enough undeserved scorn as it is!"

9/4/2009 #75

"I'm not scorning you,"

9/4/2009 #76
The Tear-Stained Queen

"You are harrassing me -- an innocent and defensless young woman. Have you no shame?"

9/4/2009 #77

"Apparently not, since you so fondly accused me of taking a gander at the likes of you at the lake."

9/4/2009 #78
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor ran a weary hand through her hair, a brilliant white-blonde in the sunlight. "Just leave me be, sorcerer."

9/4/2009 #79

"Don't you want to have a life of adventure?" Trace asked.


9/4/2009 #80
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor looked up slowly, meeting Trace's green-eyed gaze. "Do not toy with me. I am not a play-thing."


9/4/2009 #81

He merely held out his hand to her. "All you have to do is take my hand and I will take you away from this place."

9/5/2009 #82
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor looked uneasily at Trace's outstretched hand. "You only wish to make me look foolish. This is just another teasing of yours..."

9/5/2009 #83

He lowered his hand, "Fine, if you don't want to leave this boring life of yours behind, then it's your choice. But I will come back in a week and if you still have not changed your mind then I shall leave you forever."

9/5/2009 #84
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor could think of no reply, too absorbed in her own thoughts.

9/5/2009 #85

Trace took that opportunity to vanish in front of her.

9/5/2009 #86
The Tear-Stained Queen

Nor quickly looked around her and was relieved to see that no one stood watching.

9/5/2009 #87

A few troll children who had followed Nor threw small rocks at her, taunting her and calling her ugly.

9/5/2009 #88
The Tear-Stained Queen

She stood her ground, threatening to curse them with her human-magic before turning away.

9/5/2009 #89

They simply just laughed at her and ran away.

9/5/2009 #90
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