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Scottish Princess

The moderately large, old run down three story house on the poor side of town where Asher, Dobry and several of their friends have been squatting for a while. It's in relatively good shape and the guys are always doing some sort of work on it.

8/17/2009 #1
Scottish Princess

Asher led the group to the door and knocked three times. The door opened and an older looking man stood there, looking suspiciously at the group then smiling as he saw Asher. "They let ya out, boy?"

Asher shook his head. "No, we escaped and we've got injured."

"Then come in, come in!" The man opened the door wider and Asher stepped inside helping Dobry and the others who were literally nearly too tired to stand. The man stared a moment at Dax and Reine, then pointed to a door off to the right. "You can take the boy in there."

Dax nodded his thanks and carried Reine into the other room, sitting down on the bed that was there. "Reine, love," he spoke gently, carefully unclasping Reine's hands and making the other boy more comfortable. "You're safe now, tell me what hurts."

8/17/2009 #2
Reine Ayten

Reine looked up at Dax blearily out of one eye; the other was held shut by dried blood. "Everywhere..." he croaked, hissing in pain.

Alec watched from the doorway.

8/17/2009 #3
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded and pressed his lips to Reine's forehead, brushing the blond hair from the other boy's eyes. "You just lay still and I'll get something to clean this up, alright?"

Once everyone was inside the older man, Luther, closed the door and Asher explained the situation to him.

Kayde had stepped inside and stood, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, his breath coming in great gasps.

8/17/2009 #4
Reine Ayten

Reine nodded slightly, closing his eyes and passing out again.

Alec stepped up to Kayde. "Are you alright?" he asked quietly.

8/17/2009 #5
Scottish Princess

Dax frowned, stroking Reine's face lightly before getting up and going out in search of water and rags. He spotted Kayde and went up to him, waiting for his friend's answer... then he saw the dark spot on Kayde's side and cursed under his breath. "Kayde..."

Kayde opened his eyes and smiled apologetically at Dax then collapsed, but Dax caught him and Asher helped to carry him to a chair. "Damn the luck..." Dax muttered. He looked at Asher. "I need to get some water and rags to clean up Reine... can you take care of Kayde?"

Asher nodded. "Of course."

8/17/2009 #6
Reine Ayten

Alec followed Asher to the chair. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

8/17/2009 #7
Scottish Princess

Asher looked up at Alec, nodding. "There's a pump out back and several clean buckets. I have a feeling we'll be needing lots of clean water." he pulled aside Kayde's tunic and grimaced as he saw a deep, long gash in his side. "S***..." he cursed under his breath, looking at Kayde's face but the man was out.

Dax had already gone out and gotten himself a bucket of water and was coming back in when Luther met him with some clean rags. "Tell me what ya need, boy and I'll help where I can." Luther told him.

Dax smiled. "Thanks." The two of them went into the room where Reine was and Dax began the slow, careful process of cleaning off the dried blood from Reine's wounds.

8/17/2009 #8
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, going out back and bringing back two buckets of clean water. "Anything else?"

Reine woke with a start, staring up at Luther with a mixture of fear and confusion.

8/17/2009 . Edited 8/17/2009 #9
Scottish Princess

Asher had gotten himself some rags while Alec had gotten the water and he looked up at Alec. "I guess just hold him if he wakes up, while I try to clean the wound.

Luther left the rags next to Dax and took a few steps back. "I don't want to scare the lad. If you want me to leave you be, I will."

Dax looked from Reine to Luther and back again. "Reine... love, he's here to help."

8/17/2009 #10
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded again.

Reine relaxed, but still watched Luther with an almost distrustful expression on his face.

8/17/2009 #11
Scottish Princess

Asher gently cleaned Kayde's wound as best he could, biting his lip in consternation as he did so. He hated wounds and hurt people... but he knew that he had to help as much as he could. He took a few clean rags and tied them around Kayde's waist on the wound to help stop the blood flow. "I guess we'll just have to wait until it stops bleeding." he commented quietly, rinsing his hands in the bucket.

Luther smiled slightly and touched Dax's shoulder lightly. "I'll be outside if you need me."

Dax nodded. "Thanks." Once Luther was gone, Dax looked at Reine, wiping the last bit of dried blood from his face. "Are you feeling any better?"

((I'm off to bed now. night!))

8/17/2009 #12
Reine Ayten


Reine barely shook his head. "It still hurts..." he said, before coughing painfully.

Alec touched Asher's shoulder. "He'll be alright."

8/17/2009 #13
Reine Ayten

{Morning! I have a doctor's appointment this morning, so I don't know when I'm getting back, but I'll be on sometime today.}

8/18/2009 #14
Reine Ayten

{And I'm back!}

Reine struggled to support himself on his elbows, frowned. "Where's... Avery?" he got out between coughs. "Is he safe?"

8/18/2009 . Edited 8/18/2009 #15
Scottish Princess

Dax kissed Reine's forehead again. "Avery's safe with Naomi, you need to lay still. I'll make you some good tea, love," he whispered, "you just hold on." He didn't want Reine to know how scared he was and all the things going through his head of what could happen... no, he was going to help Reine get back to feeling 100 percent better. Dax stood up and left the room, intent on making some sort of calming, healing drink for Reine.

Asher started slightly at the touch from Alec but managed a slight smile. "I hope so."

8/18/2009 . Edited 8/18/2009 #16
Reine Ayten

Reine nodded, falling back on the bed, taking deep breaths to stop the painful coughing.

Alec smiled back. "I know he will, thanks to you."

8/18/2009 #17
Scottish Princess

Dax started some water boiling over the fire in the kitchen of the house and began mixing up various dried herbs he found hanging around the kitchen.

"You know what you're doing," Luther stated from the door, watching Dax.

Dax hardly glanced at him, just nodding. "Sadly enough I've had to do this often."


Asher looked down, scratching at the back of his neck. "Th-Thanks." he muttered.

8/18/2009 #18
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, glancing at Kayde. "It's no problem."

8/18/2009 #19
Scottish Princess

Asher bit his lip. "D-Do you think we should s-sew up the wound?" He was nervous just thinking about it.


Luther stepped up to Dax and put a hand on his shoulder. "Go be with the lad. I'll take care of this."

Dax stopped and looked at Luther. "I appreciate it, but I have to do something or I start going mad."

Luther smiled. "I understand that. Dobry can show you where we keep the medical supplies so you can tend to your boy."

"Thank you," Dax told him, leaving the older man to make the drink for Reine and following Dobry to get the supplies.

8/18/2009 #20
Reine Ayten

Alec shook his head. "Not yet. We need to let the blood flow stop, and see if the wound closes on its own. If it doesn't, then yes, we will."

Reine had pushed himself into a sitting position, leaning heavily on the headboard. He was panting, but at least the coughing had stopped, and he wasn't feeling dizzy.

8/18/2009 #21
Reine Ayten


8/18/2009 #22
Scottish Princess

((yeah sorry.... easily distracted here. :P ))

Asher nodded and didn't say anything, instead he just glancd at Alec. "I'll be out back." he said quietly and went over to the back door, stepping outside and sitting down in the shade of a large tree.


Dax came back into Reine's room, carrying a small bag of medical tools and such. He sat next to Reine on the bed and pulled away the other boy's shirt so he could see the wound on his side. He grimaced when he saw it and looked at Reine. "What did they do to you?" he whispered, his voice breaking slightly. He hated himself for not having been there to protect Reine.

8/18/2009 #23
Reine Ayten

{It's alright.}

Alec watched Asher go, then just sat next to Kayde, wondering how Reine was doing.


"I don't know," he got out. Reine grasped Dax's hand and kissed it lightly. "It's not your fault..."

8/18/2009 #24
Scottish Princess

After a few minutes Kayde's eyes fluttered open and he frowned, looking at the bandage on his side. He looked at Alec with a questioning gaze.


Dax sighed. "I know, but I still feel as though it somehow is." He leaned in and pressed his lips to Reine's. "I love you so much, Reine."

8/18/2009 #25
Reine Ayten

"You collapsed in the hallway and started bleeding," Alec told him. "Feeling alright?"

Reine rested his forehead against Dax's, searching the other boy's eyes with his own. "Love you too." He turned his head away and started coughing again.

8/18/2009 #26
Scottish Princess

Kayde shrugged, then winced and gently poked the wound on his side, frowning and starting to pull off the bandages.


Dax lightly kissed Reine's cheek. "I'm going to have to sew up this wound, love." he commented gently.

((wait... wouldn't Reine be able to heal since he's part vampire? or would the silver have ruined that?))

8/18/2009 #27
Reine Ayten

Alec grabbed Kayde's hand, shaking his head. "Don't do that," he warned.

Reine bit his lip and nodded. "I'll try to stay still," he commented.

{Since Reine's only part vampire, he doesn't heal that fast. And the silver did ruin his talent of faster-than-normal healing, so he's just going to heal at a normal pace.}

8/18/2009 #28
Scottish Princess

Kayde glared at Alec and pulled his hand out of the other man's grasp, continuing to pull the bandages off. He dropped the bandages on the ground and grinned when he saw only a small scar on his side with no sign of how deep the cut had been.


Luther came in then with a cup of the brew that Dax had started and handed it over to Dax before stepping back out of the room. Dax held the cup to Reine. "Drink this first."

((yeah, that's what I was wondering.))

((and I'm off to the library... I'll be back in... I'd guess close to an hour and a half.))

8/18/2009 . Edited 8/18/2009 #29
Reine Ayten


Alec gasped when he saw the scar.

Reine nodded and drank the brew, handing the cup back to Dax when he was done.

8/18/2009 #30
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