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Scottish Princess

Asher blinked. "W-What do you mean? I hardly know him."

8/22/2009 #151
Reine Ayten

"What was he like when you met him?" Alec was staring at the counter in front of him, fidgeting with his jacket hem.

8/22/2009 #152
Scottish Princess

Asher shrugged, putting the clean dishes on a towel on the counter. "He was really upset about not knowing where Dax was and then those crazy b*** came for him and took him off..." he bit his lip and looked at Alec. "I don't know what else to say about him, really."

8/22/2009 #153
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded. "Sounds like him."

8/22/2009 #154
Scottish Princess

Asher finished with the dishes and dried his hands off, turning to look at Alec. "Y-You didn't tell h-him, did you?"

8/22/2009 #155
Reine Ayten

Alec shook his head. "I didn't think it would be the right time.... what with those b*** pretending to be his 'siblings'."

8/22/2009 #156
Scottish Princess

Asher nodded. "Understood."

Luther walked into the kitchen. "Have you figured out where you're going to stay, boy?" he asked Alec.

((I'm off to bed now. don't expect any/many posts tomorrow))

8/22/2009 #157
Reine Ayten

{Alright. G'night.}

Alec nodded, smiling at Luther. "Yes, thank you."

8/22/2009 #158
Scottish Princess

Luther nodded. "You won't like the third floor after a bit, son."

8/23/2009 #159
Reine Ayten

Alec grinned. "So I've heard."

8/23/2009 #160
Scottish Princess

Luther poured himself a cup of tea and winked at Alec. "Welcome aboard, son. I'll be in my room if you need me." He walked off into his room, closing the door.

Asher smiled at Alec. "You want help picking a room and cleaning it up?"

8/23/2009 #161
Reine Ayten

Alec shook his head. "I'll get it." He sighed, stretching.

8/23/2009 #162
Scottish Princess

Asher nodded. "Alright, I'll be outside." he headed for the back door and out into their little private garden.

8/23/2009 #163
Reine Ayten

Alec made his way upstairs, looking through most of the rooms.

8/23/2009 #164
Scottish Princess

Asher fell asleep in a shady spot in the garden.

8/23/2009 #165
Reine Ayten

Alec found a room on the third floor, and after cleaning it out, he fell asleep on the bed.

8/23/2009 #166
Scottish Princess

A bit later....

Joel came banging into the house downstairs, a giggling girl on each arm. He went straight upstairs and burst halfway into Alec's new room before realising that someone was there. "Oh... ssorry," he slurred, obviously more than a bit intoxicated. He stumbled out of Alec's room and went across the hall to his own, letting the door slam shut.... amidst other noises.

8/23/2009 #167
Reine Ayten

Alec woke up when Joel walked into his room, sighing as he heard the noises across the hall.

8/23/2009 #168
Scottish Princess

Downstairs, Luther was still in his room, he'd gotten used to Joel's comings and goings by now...

Asher was still sleeping outside.

8/23/2009 #169
Reine Ayten

Alec lay down again, this time holding his pillow over his head.

8/23/2009 #170
Scottish Princess

The noises only got louder and the walls of the third floor shook every now and again.

8/23/2009 . Edited 8/23/2009 #171
Reine Ayten

Alec got up, leaving his room and going downstairs. He went into the garden, sitting down next to Asher.

8/23/2009 #172
Scottish Princess

Asher was still calmly sleeping in the shade a light breeze tossing his hair slightly.

8/23/2009 #173
Reine Ayten

Alec smiled slightly at the sight, then blushed and looked away.

8/23/2009 #174
Scottish Princess

A few minutes later Asher stirred and slowly opened his eyes, yawning and stretching. He smiled at Alec. "Hey, Joel get too loud for you?"

8/23/2009 #175
Reine Ayten

Alec smiled nervously. "Yeah, just a bit."

8/23/2009 #176
Scottish Princess

Asher sat up, yawning again and rubbing sleep from his eyes. "You'll get used to it like the rest of us." he smiled slightly as a little butterfly flew near his face. He always loved the outdoors.

8/23/2009 #177
Reine Ayten

Alec shrugged, smiling as well.

8/23/2009 #178
Scottish Princess

"S-So what are you going to do for the rest of the afternoon?" Asher asked.

8/23/2009 #179
Reine Ayten

Alec glanced up at the leaves of the tree. "Probably just sit out here."

8/23/2009 #180
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