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Scottish Princess

Asher nodded. "It's nice out here." he tilted his head to the side slightly and got to his feet, going over to a small flowering bush. He gently pushed some branches aside, grinning when he saw a little bird's nest nestled near the center of the bush. He looked over at Alec and motioned him over.

8/24/2009 #181
Reine Ayten

Alec followed Asher, smiling when he saw the nest.

8/24/2009 #182
Scottish Princess

"I can't wait to see the babies hatch." Asher whispered, smiling at Alec. "They come here every year."

8/24/2009 #183
Reine Ayten

Alec grinned at Asher. "Me neither."

8/24/2009 #184
Scottish Princess

"Hey, boys." Luther stepped out into the backyard. "Have you checked the plants yet today, Ash?"

Asher shook his head, slightly guiltily. "I-I was about to."

Luther smiled and nodded. "Okay, I just wanted some fresh stuff for dinner."

Asher nodded and Luther went back inside. "Y-You want to help me?" Asher asked Alec.

8/25/2009 #185
Reine Ayten

Alec shrugged, smiling. "Why not?"

8/25/2009 #186
Scottish Princess

Asher smiled and picked up a nearby basket, heading over to where the vegetables were in the small garden. "Anything that looks ripe can be picked." he told Alec.

8/29/2009 #187
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, following Asher to the vegetables. "Alright..."

8/29/2009 #188
Scottish Princess

Asher knelt next to the small carrot patch and started picking, glancing at Alec. "You ever picked vegetables before?"

8/30/2009 #189
Reine Ayten

Alec shook his head, blushing. "No... we always had someone to do it for us."

8/30/2009 #190
Scottish Princess

Asher stared, obviously surprised at what Alec said. "Oh, well, um.... h-here, I'll show you the carrots." he moved over a little, being careful not to disturb any other plants. "When they look like this one, see with all the green and part of the orange poking out," he brushed away some of the loose dirt, showing Alec what he meant. "Then you can pull it out."

9/1/2009 #191
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, glancing at Asher.

9/1/2009 #192
Scottish Princess

Asher moved over to where other vegetables were and glanced back at Alec. "I-If you need any help, j-just ask."

9/2/2009 #193
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded again, grinning at Asher. "Alright."

9/2/2009 #194
Scottish Princess

Asher fell silent, lost in his thoughts, as he methodically picked the vegetables.

9/2/2009 #195
Reine Ayten

Alec searched through the carrots, occasionally finding ones ripe for picking, but kept glancing over at Asher secretively.

9/2/2009 #196
Scottish Princess

Asher looked at Alec. "H-How are the carrots coming?" he asked, moving on to another vegetable, they were almost done picking the ripe ones. Only tomatoes were left.

9/2/2009 #197
Reine Ayten

Alec stood up, brushing his knees off. "I think I got them all."

9/2/2009 #198
Scottish Princess

Asher nodded. "Okay. There's only tomatoes left. Those are easy." He stood as well, stretching. "If they're red, they're ripe."

"I want some green ones, too, Ash!" Luther called from the open back door.

Asher just waved in Luther's direction. "I'll get the green ones, you cna pick the red ones."

9/2/2009 #199
Reine Ayten

Alec grinned, nodding. "Alright." He went over to the tomatoes, and started looking for red ones.

9/2/2009 #200
Scottish Princess

Asher picked a handful of green tomatoes and them popped a red one into his mouth, grinning as he ate it. "Mmmmmm!"

9/2/2009 #201
Reine Ayten

Alec laughed, glancing over at Asher. "Was it good?" he asked.

9/2/2009 #202
Scottish Princess

Asher grinned. "No, it was horrible! The most disgusting thing ever!" he laughed. "Here, try one." he held out a small tomato to Alec.

9/2/2009 #203
Reine Ayten

Alec glanced at the tomato, then Asher, and back to the tomato. "Okay..." he said, grinning as well. He popped it into his mouth and ate it, still grinning at Asher.

9/2/2009 #204
Scottish Princess

Asher watched Alec's expression closely. "Well... D-Do you like it?" he asked. Asher hoped Alec would, since he himself loved tomatoes, he wanted to share with everyone.

9/2/2009 #205
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, still grinning. "I loved it!"

9/2/2009 #206
Scottish Princess

Asher just smiled. "Good." he glanced around the garden. "I think we're done."

"C'mon, Ash!" Luther's voice called. "It can't take you boys that long."

Asher bit his lip and looked at Alec. "Come on." he started for the kitchen, taking the heavily laden vegetable basket with him.

9/2/2009 #207
Reine Ayten

Alec followed Asher, reaching out for the basket. "I can take that if it's too much trouble for you."

9/2/2009 #208
Scottish Princess

Asher just shook his head wordlessly and carried the basket into the kitchen, carefully putting the more fragile vegetables on the countertop before dumping the others into the sink. "J-Just help me clean them."

"Thanks, boys," Luther smiled at them, picking up the green tomatoes. "Dinner should be ready shortly."

9/2/2009 #209
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, slipping off his gloves and leaving them beside the vegetables on the countertop and going over to the sink.

9/2/2009 #210
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