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Scottish Princess

As Luther sliced and added the green tomatoes and various other random veggies into his mixture on a frying pan, Asher turned on the faucet and grabbed a mostly clean rag, wiping any and all dirt off the veggies he grabbed from the basket.

"Y-You can dry them." he told Alec, glancing at him.

9/2/2009 #211
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded again, brushing the hair out of his eyes and grinning at Asher. He picked up another mostly clean rag, drying off the veggies once Asher was done with them.

9/2/2009 #212
Scottish Princess

The veggies were soon all cleaned and Asher pulled out a large bucket where others already were kept. He dumped the fresh veggies in with the others and put the pot back into the icebox ((or refrigerator, whichever, lol)). "There." he heaved a sigh and smiled at Alec. "Th-Thanks for your help."

((I'm off to bed now. night!))

9/2/2009 #213
Reine Ayten


Alec nodded, pulling on his gloves again. "My pleasure."

9/2/2009 #214
Scottish Princess

Asher looked at Alec's gloves for a moment then looked at his face. "W-Why do you wear th-those?" he stammered quietly.

Luther glanced at Alec, then at Asher. "Ash, why don't you go tell Dobry it's time for dinner."

Asher bit his lip and nodded, not waiting for Alec's answer, but instead doing as Luther instructed and heading for the stairs.

9/4/2009 #215
Reine Ayten

Alec glanced after Asher, blushing a little. I wear them because they are my weapons in a sense. I'll show you later, he thought at Asher.

9/4/2009 #216
Scottish Princess

Asher looked back at Alec and nodded slightly, heading up the stairs to get Dobry.

"What are you wanting, Alec?" Luther asked quietly, not in an angry tone but with obvious curiosity in his voice. It wasn't a simple question either, there were underlying meanings in his words.

9/5/2009 #217
Reine Ayten

Alec blinked, taken aback at the question. "What do you mean?" he asked, glancing over at Luther with wide eyes.

9/5/2009 #218
Scottish Princess

Luther smiled slightly, turning to place a bowl of steaming cooked potatoes on the table. "Here," he motioned to the house. "What are you wanting in this city? In my house?" he paused and added in a near whisper, staring at Alec intently. "With Asher?"

9/5/2009 #219
Reine Ayten

Alec shook his head shakily. "I don't want anything from Asher or you." He bit his lip. "I came here to find my brother."

9/5/2009 #220
Scottish Princess

Luther looked at Alec, a knowing smile crossing his face briefly, and he shook his head slightly. "I didn't mean to imply you wanted something from us, lad, I only meant to get you to question yourself." he turned back to the stove where other veggies were still frying. "You come here to find one thing and yet when you find it, you don't do anything about it. You still stay, not knowing what you really want, but knowing that there's something here for you all the same." he chuckled. "Why don't you stop and think for a while, then maybe you can find the answers for yourself." he paused and added as an afterthought, "You don't have to tell me anything."

Just then Asher came back down the stairs. "Dobry's not hungry." was all he said, his face darker than usual. "Neither am I." he turned and went back up the stairs to his room.

9/5/2009 #221
Reine Ayten

Alec looked down at his feet, sighing quietly. "It's just... Reine doesn't know me anymore. He knows me as someone from the palace who escaped with them, not his brother." He slid into a sitting position on the floor, leaning against the cabinets. "I've looked for him for so long, and I still feel like I haven't found him... that he's lost forever." He didn't acknowledge that Asher had come into the room, he just kept looking at his knees.

9/5/2009 #222
Scottish Princess

Luther frowned at seeing Asher then sighed and moved the pan of veggies to the table, turning off the stove. He walked over to where Alec was sitting on the floor and knelt next to him. "Alec, he's not lost until you think he is. I don't even know the half of what your past is, or hie either for that matter, but if you give up then he'll never be found because no one else is looking." he gently laid a hand on Alec's shoulder. "Don't let it get you down, son, give it time. Are you hungry?"

9/5/2009 #223
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, taking a shaky deep breath and standing up.

9/5/2009 #224
Scottish Princess

Luther smiled and went over to the table, serving up both of them some food and sitting down. "Well, enjoy."

Dobry stomped down the stairs and stormed out the door, slamming it behind him.

9/5/2009 . Edited 9/5/2009 #225
Reine Ayten

Alec sat down across from Luther, smiling slightly. "Thank you."

9/5/2009 #226
Scottish Princess

Luther just smiled and started eating. "Don't worry about it." he paused. "I'm sorry for all the mood changes around here. You'd think it was a bunch of girls instead of guys." he chuckled humorlessly.

9/5/2009 #227
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, starting to eat as well. "Can I ask you something?"

9/5/2009 #228
Scottish Princess

"Anything." Luther replied.

9/5/2009 #229
Reine Ayten

"What is it with Joel and bringing home every girl he sees?" Alec asked, a look of almost disgust on his face.

9/5/2009 #230
Scottish Princess

Luther sighed and slowly, almost methodically, chewed what was in his mouth before replying. "Well, Joel is a.... how should I put it... free spirit. Very free actually. He has no inhibitions whatsoever, didn't have any good example from any adult until only about four months ago when he moved here. He's used to it, he grew up thinking it was okay and normal." he shrugged one shoulder and took another bite. "We try to ignore him and actually he's been bringing them here less and less often lately." he chuckled darkly, shaking his head. "Instead he'll go other places with them."

9/5/2009 #231
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, taking another bite. "I think I'm going to change rooms."

9/5/2009 #232
Scottish Princess

Luther smirked. "Don't say I didn't warn you, lad. Are you wanting to move down here or just to the second floor?"

9/5/2009 #233
Reine Ayten

Alec shrugged. "I think the second floor."

9/5/2009 #234
Scottish Princess

Luther nodded. "I'm sure Asher would be happy to help you, if you need it." he commented, continuing to eat.

9/5/2009 #235
Reine Ayten

Alec smiled at Luther, getting up with his clean plate. "Where should I put this?"

9/5/2009 #236
Scottish Princess

"In the sink is fine," Luther told him, "I'll get to it later."

9/5/2009 #237
Reine Ayten

Alec nodded, putting the dish in the sink, and turning to leave. "Thanks for the food, it was really good," he called over his shoulder as he went upstairs to find another room.

9/5/2009 #238
Scottish Princess

"You're welcome." Luther replied, adding. "Tell Ash to come see me after he helps you move rooms."

9/5/2009 #239
Reine Ayten

{What about Reine and Dax?}

Alec nodded, going up the stairs. Once he got to the second floor, he glanced around and quietly called, "Asher?"

9/5/2009 #240
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