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Scottish Princess
((Only those in the Krisanti family and their special invited guests may enter the House))

A large, two story red brick house stood on a small hill about twenty miles outside the walls of the citadel. Roughly ten acres of grassland surrounded the house and several large oaks were dotted here and there. A lonely gravel road wound it's way up the slight incline and to the house. There was a small shed about ten feet away from the house and a medium-sized barn about fifty feet away from that.


The house itself was nothing too special too look at from the outside. The only important feature was two small metal doors leading down to a large basement.


There were two doors in and out of the house; one from the front and one from the kitchen.

On the first floor was the kitchen, dining room, parlor, family room, den/study, library, master bedroom, and guest bedroom, not to mention the large, ornate bathroom (with indoor plumbing).

Up the large staircase there were four bedrooms and another bathroom. Two of the bedrooms were vacant, the other two were Ren's and Amryo's.

A second staircase led up to a very large balcony on the roof.

((There, all done =P))

11/21/2007 #1
Andrew Keith
Itharr lead the group down the path toward the home. As he walked, he released Analia's hand and stretched out his arms. "Here we are, home sweet home!"
11/21/2007 #2
-Anything I should know about?- Arette asked Ren silently, taking in the surpisingly charming scene.
11/21/2007 #3
Scottish Princess
Analia smiled up at Itharr, "It looks good, considering all the renovations we've made to the place."

Ren gazed upon his home with a smile, a sudden feeling of belonging filling him. He glanced at Arette at hearing her question. -Nothing really, Father and I built it, with a little help from Mother, back when I was only about 30. And these two have been doing constant little changes to it for the past ten years now, or so.-

"What do you think?" He asked her out loud.

11/21/2007 #4
Andrew Keith
"Surprisingly, yes. I keep thinking about what we should do for the next child's room." Itharr commented back to Analia, continuing to look around the house as they neared the door. He opened and held it for everyone to pass by.
11/21/2007 #5
"It looks nice," she said truthfully, although she really had nothing to compare it to, never really having been around anything "homey."
11/21/2007 #6
Scottish Princess
Analia was the first one inside, she looked around the place, still smiling and then started down the hallway and into the kitchen, calling back as she went. "I'll have some dinner ready in a few minutes. Ren, why don't you show your little lady friend around?"

Ren just smiled, shaking his head at his mother, and led Arette inside. "You want a tour of the place?"

11/21/2007 #7
She grinned, "It would help if I didn't get lost," she said.
11/21/2007 #8
Andrew Keith
Itharr kissed Analia's cheek before she went off. He closed the door behind him as he followed Ren and Arette inside.

-I suppose she'll be staying with you in your room?- Itharr sent to Ren as he took off his cloak and hung it on the racks near the door, then went to the family room, relaxing on a couch.

11/21/2007 #9
Scottish Princess
She grinned, "It would help if I didn't get lost," she said.

"Well, I'll show you around then." He started leading her down the hallway, pointing out the different rooms to her as they went.

-I suppose she'll be staying with you in your room?-

Ren flushed slightly, trying to hide it from Arette, -Yes, most likely.-

11/21/2007 #10
Arette noticed, assumed one of his parents had just asked him something, and pecked him on the cheek, grinning.
11/21/2007 #11
Andrew Keith
-Just making sure. The other rooms have been in some renovations, and arn't quite ready to be occupied.- Itharr sent back to his son, smiling as he watched them walk off.
11/21/2007 #12
Scottish Princess
Ren continued down the hallway until he reached the stairs, turning to Arette he asked, "You want to see the upstairs?"

-Oh, alright.- He sent back to his father, mentally rolling his eyes, -Nice to know-

11/21/2007 #13
Arette did roll her eyes, teasingly, "Is the tour complete without going upstairs?"
11/21/2007 #14
Andrew Keith
-Sorry.- Was all Itharr sent back, then looked to the hallway. He quickly stood up from the couch and walked down the hallway and to the kitchen, taking a quick step in and leaned against one of the counters. "So, what you cooking love?" He asked to her, looking her with a smile.
11/21/2007 #15
Scottish Princess
Arette did roll her eyes, teasingly, "Is the tour complete without going upstairs?"

Ren shrugged, his eyes twinkling, "It depends on whether or not you want to see something special."


"So, what you cooking love?" He asked to her, looking her with a smile.

Analia smiled back at him as she stirred a pot on the stove, "Your favourite. Could you hand me the oregano and basil from that cabinet, please?"

11/21/2007 #16
"May-be..." she said.
11/21/2007 #17
Andrew Keith
Itharr merely grinned at her and nodded, bringing her the ingredients. "Anything else?" He asked, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her, kissing her cheek.
11/21/2007 #18
Scottish Princess
Ren swiftly picked up Arette, giving her no time to protest and ran up the stairs with her. "You'll like it, I promise."


"Mmmmmm." Analia leaned back against him, absently stirring the stew, "Maybe a couple dozen kisses?"

11/21/2007 #19
Andrew Keith
"Just a couple dozen?" Itharr asked, teasingly and continuing to kiss her cheek.
11/21/2007 #20
Arette giggled quietly.
11/21/2007 #21
Scottish Princess
Analia laughed, "Well, I *was* going to ask for a couple dozen days of pure sex, but if we started now then the stew would burn and probably catch the house on fire." She turned her face and captured his mouth with hers, kissing him deeply for a moment, before breaking away, her eyes bright. "And I meant *real* kisses."


Ren reached the top of the flight of steps and set Arette on her feet, giving her a quick kiss and then leading her towards one of the bedrooms. "Come on."

11/21/2007 . Edited 11/21/2007 #22
Andrew Keith
"I know, but we were in a conversation at the time." Itharr said as he held her tight and returned her kisses.
11/21/2007 #23
Scottish Princess
Analia turned in Itharr's arms, dropping the ladle into the pot, kissing him back passionately. She stopped suddenly after a moment and put a hand on her belly, looking up at Itharr's face with a smile. "Did you feel her?"
11/21/2007 #24
Andrew Keith
"Aye." Itharr replied with a smile.
11/21/2007 #25
Scottish Princess
"She's been moving alot lately." Analia turned back to her cooking, still smiling and absently rubbing her stomach. "It's been so long since I've had a girl, I wonder what this one's going to be like."
11/21/2007 #26
"Where, exactly, are we going?" she inquired, although she could guess.
11/21/2007 #27
Scottish Princess
Ren smiled, "I need to put some things away in my room first, then I want to show you something."
11/21/2007 . Edited 11/21/2007 #28
11/21/2007 #29
Scottish Princess
He led her to his room, opening the door and looking around inside. Nothing had changed since the last time he had been here. There was his bed on the left wall, a small desk with a chair and a lamp, a wardrobe and a stand next to it. On the wall was a wooden rack for hanging things on.

He looked back at Arette, with a slightly embarrassed smile, "Nothing much to look at, but it's mine."

11/21/2007 #30
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