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Scottish Princess
((I really like Darrien, too! =D So how about we stick with that for him and then we can do whatever you want(Serenity sounds fine) for the girl))
1/3/2008 #1,771
((Sounds good. Hey, Serenity even has Ren in it!And Darrien has Arr in it.))

Arette looked up at him and grinned. "I'll name her, you name him?"

1/3/2008 #1,772
Scottish Princess
((lols, that's funny. This is my last post for another 2.5-3 hrs or so.))

Ren smiled back, "Sounds great!" He stroked his son's face lovingly, and then looked back up at Arette, "Did you notice how much he looks like me?"

1/3/2008 #1,773
She smiled. "It had not escaped my attention."
1/3/2008 #1,774
Scottish Princess
He smiled down at his son and gently tickled the babe, eyes shining. "I wonder how we came to have a boy." He mused, and then looked up at Arette, "That's never happened before, has it?"
1/3/2008 #1,775
"Nope. You're special!" Carmein cried before Arette could even open her mouth.

Arette came out from the screen with a dark brown skirt and soft tan fold-over top under a forest green leather cambric tunic that laced up both sides under the arms, easy to unlace in case one of the babes got hungry. "No queen has ever had a male before. That's why there has never been a king in charge of our government."

Mei looked up, puzzled. "We have a gonvernment?"

1/3/2008 #1,776
Danielle Thamasa
Joss just watched the scene in front of her, not willing to leave. Besides the robe was long and covered everything important.
1/3/2008 #1,777
Scottish Princess
Ren looked from Arette to Mei and back again, raising an eyebrow, "So you're the queen....which makes me the....what's this about a government?"
1/3/2008 #1,778
Arette shook her head at her sister, then noticed Joss still there. "Would you like to borrow some of my clothes?"

"It makes you Consort," Mei said, looking at the little girl.

1/3/2008 . Edited 1/3/2008 #1,779
Andrew Keith
"I'll go see." Itharr said as he sat up and stretched and looked to the crib.

"Not again." He muttered, quickly getting out and putting a pair of pants.

-Makena!- Itharr sent to his daughter, nearly panicking.


Roloj growled and tried to writhe out of Makena's grasp.

"They don't like you." Vireo stated.


Merrick ripped the popover and held out pieces of it for Aria to take as he continued eating form his own.

"Why wouldn't I?" Amryo asked with a smile.

1/3/2008 #1,780
Scottish Princess
Ren only smiled and shook his head, turning his attention back to his son.


Makena let go of Roloj and crossed her arms over her chest, pouting. "Why not?" She heard her father's thought and replied, -I is upstairs, daddy, on da roof, but da dragon no likey me.-


Analia nodded and then started slightly, "What? Where's Makena?"


"Well, I just never know how my cooking is going to turn out." Kali replied.

1/3/2008 #1,781
Andrew Keith
"Well it's good." Merrick stated with a smile.

Amryo smiled at his son and then to Kali, still smiling.


"Because he's young and little, and you're different." Vireo answered as Roloj retreated back a few steps.


"Upstairs with a dragon, I suppose Amryo's." Itharr replied to Analia.

-Can you please come down then? You nearly scared your mother and I to death.- Itharr sent back, calming down, to Makena.

1/3/2008 #1,782
Aria took an experimental bite and dropped it immediately. -Burnt tongue-


Arette walked over to Ren and looked down at their son, then over at their daughter. "I like Serenity for her; what do you think?"

1/3/2008 #1,783
Danielle Thamasa
"Your choice, Arette. Would you have anything that would fit me?"


Ayden shimmered in with Tom and Alagan just outside Arette's room.

1/3/2008 #1,784
Andrew Keith
Merrick smiled sympathetically at Aria and drew a bowl on the table, summoning water into it and placing it by the unicorn. -Drink.- He sent to the filly.
1/3/2008 #1,785
Alagan looked in the open door, "No need," he said, tossing Joss a bundle of clothing.

"Hi," Arette said, grinnning. "I was wondering when you two would show up."

Mei looked up happily. "Ayden, look! I can hold a baby!"


Aria stuck her tongue into the water and sighed, looking rediculous but not knowing it.

1/3/2008 . Edited 1/3/2008 #1,786
Scottish Princess
Kali smiled and continued eating.


-I coming.- Makena stuck her bottom lip out and levitated down to the second floor, stopping in the doorway, eyes wide.

Ren smiled at Arette, "I was thinking Darrien for him."


Analia breathed a sigh of relief and then started to get dressed.

1/3/2008 #1,787
Danielle Thamasa
Joss grinned. "You think of everything, don't you?" she asked as she caught the bundle of clothing.

Ayden walked over to Mei and knelt down in front of her, kissing her on the forehead as he did so. "I'm proud of you."

1/3/2008 #1,788
Andrew Keith
Merrick smiled and continued eating as he watched Aria.


Itharr smiled wildly and swiftly picked-up Makena in his arms, holding her tightly and lovingly. "Stop running off, will ya?" Itharr said with a light chuckle as he walked back to Analia, placing the babe on the bed.

"I'm going to check upstairs." He said. "Need anything?"


Vireo and the baby dragons stayed on the top floor, discussing their own matters.

1/3/2008 #1,789
"I think Darrien is a perfect name," she said, leaning over carefully and kissing him.

-Great. More PDA.- Tom thought sourly.


Aria tried to take another bite of popover and ended up sticking her tongue back in the water.

1/3/2008 #1,790
Andrew Keith
"Here." Merrick said, ripping more of the popover and blowing on the bits for a bit before holding his hand out to Aria once more.

"Try now." He stated.

"That one likes you. Was scared of us." Amryo commented as he watched his son.

1/3/2008 #1,791
Aria took a carefully bite, and was finally able to eat.
1/3/2008 #1,792
Scottish Princess
((Andrew, Makena was on the second floor, just outside Arette and Ren's room....sorry if I didn't make that clear.))

Ren smiled and then looked up at the new arrivals. "Hi guys." He walked over to them, holding little Darrien. "You want to see Darrien?"


Analia followed Itharr up the stairs.


and Kali continued eating.....

((can we just ignore those in teh kitchen for a while??))

1/3/2008 #1,793
Andrew Keith
((Oh, ooops.

And sure.))

Itharr lead Analia upstairs and saw Makena sitting there. He rushed to her and picked her up. "Stop running off from us, lease." He asked to her, turning back to Analia as he held his daughter. He didn't even notice the goings-on in Ren and Arette's room.

1/3/2008 #1,794
-So many children- Tom said, rolling his eyes and hopping down. He padded out into the hall and stopped at seeing Itharr, Analia, and Makena. -Great. ANOTHER one,- he complained, heading downstairs.


Alagan looked over the boy with a smile on his face. "You people are going to have to add onto the house if you keep this up."

1/3/2008 #1,795
Andrew Keith
"What the-?" Itharr began but stopped as he looked into Ren's room and saw the twins. He just stared wide-eyed, but with a smile, at his son and grandson.
1/3/2008 #1,796
Scottish Princess
Ren smiled broadly at hearing his father and looked over, not really hearing anyone else's comments. "Look Darrien, it's your grandfather."

Analia took Makena from Itharr, holding her to her and smiled at seeing her grandchildren.

Makena squirmed in her mother's grasp and stared wide-eyed at her nephew.

1/3/2008 #1,797
Andrew Keith
Itharr just smiled and blinked back his own tears of joy as he stepped forward, his arms out to take the baby. "May I?" He asked.
1/3/2008 #1,798
Scottish Princess
"Of course." Ren smiled, handing his son to Itharr.

Analia stepped closer to Itharr and looked at Darrien with a smile, "He looks alot like you, Ren. But he has some of his mother in him, too."

Makena strained her neck to look at the babe.

1/3/2008 #1,799
Andrew Keith
"But remarkably like you when you were this young." Itharr said to Ren and then turned to Analia, noticing Makena. He smiled and lowered himself for Makena to look at Darrien.
1/3/2008 #1,800
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