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Danielle Thamasa

Spacious mansion with high windows, ornate design on the outer design, and still mostly furnished. It was abandoned several months before by its previous owners.

10/28/2009 #1
Danielle Thamasa

((From Streets))

Ailis made her way to the mansion Dean had mentioned and stopped when she stood in front of it. Sure it looked like it could be a safe location to hide but it also had a gothic air to it, as if something had happened to previous inhabitants. Letting out a deep breath, Ailis looked around and then headed inside. She set her things down just inside the door and made her way to one of the innermost rooms of the building before sitting down on the floor, in a corner, and pulled her legs up into her chest.

10/28/2009 #2
Danielle Thamasa

The time passed but Ailis didn't move from her spot. She was planning on staying there until she needed to eat, needed to relieve herself, or until Dean showed up.

10/28/2009 #3
Danielle Thamasa

Unfortunately, Ailis hadn't thought that she would feel so exhausted after the events of the past couple days and it wasn't long before she fell asleep, sitting up in a corner of one of the innermost rooms.

10/29/2009 #4

Hallowed gust of wind blows of the abandoned house as it was quiet as the ghostly night. Walking from the crooked road, a man came out all bloodied from his entire body.

It was Dean

Covered in wounded scars, his spear chipped and his arms burnt from the energy rounds that the Troopers inflicted. Exhausted in battle he has gather what's left of his strength as he heads for the mansion.

10/29/2009 #5
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis was sleeping, thankful for the actual rest she was receiving for once.

10/29/2009 #6

Almost reaching to the abandoned mansion he sat down to regain his energy. Breathing tirelessly he heals his arms. Glowing weakly his energy is he tries to use what he has left as he is almost near to the mansion

10/30/2009 #7
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis smiled slightly while she slept.

10/30/2009 #8

Dean finally reach the abandon mansion and barely too as he can no longer continue. He then sat down at the front entrance as he takes a long rested nap.

10/30/2009 #9
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis jolted awake a few hours later and her eyes darted around the room. It was eerily quite in the mansion. She was aware that a lot of time had passed and yet Dean still wasn't there. She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself. What if he was hurt? What if he was dead? What if they had taken him in and were going to torture him? Ailis buried her face in her hands, worried and wishing that she knew exactly where Dean was.

10/30/2009 #10

Dean's restless body, tired and heavily wounded, laying down at the wooden support, sleeping quietly at the front entrance Dean didn't shout or reply or making a sound as he is helpless to react to her.

10/30/2009 #11
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis closed her eyes. If ever there was a time for a vision, it was now. She tried to clear her mind, to center her energies into summoning a vision but nothing seemed to work. 'He was willing to give his life for me,' she thought. 'The least I can do is get a vision to see if he's all right.'

Still nothing happened.

10/30/2009 #12

In his sleep Dean starting have dreams. A dream of which he did not like. A worn torn world where he is born, en-massing an army to seek, to liberate, to change. We were standing out of known what it is right and our purpose. But now, it changes.

10/30/2009 #13
Danielle Thamasa

'Please, just one glimpse. That's all I want. I just want to know if he's okay. Please.'

A solitary tear ran down her cheek.

10/30/2009 #14

Dean's dream started to fade away as he hears a voice from afar. He couldn't tell who this voice as he walks toward to the voice.

10/30/2009 #15
Danielle Thamasa

Why couldn't she get a vision? It wasn't like it was for her own personal gain or anything. She was concerned about Dean. He had stayed behind to keep her safe and now...what if he was laying in the streets dying? Shouldn't someone be there with him?

10/30/2009 #16

Continuing to follow the voice he stumbled of a person. A little girl kneeling down to her knees weeping with sorrow. He then approach to her cautiously. "What wrong little girl." He ask. "Why are you crying?"

((Note: That girl is Ailis. Hoping you don't mind I tweek some a bit))

10/30/2009 #17
Danielle Thamasa

((Hey, it's Dean's dream. He's free to dream whatever he wants))

Ailis didn't stop the tears as they began to build up and then finally began to fall freely. This was why she tried to keep a distance from people. Having visions about them was bad enough but forming a slight attachment and then not being able to get a vision was even worse.

10/30/2009 #18

As I ask the little girl she was still crying. "*sob* I am lost, could you help me find the way home." She gently asking a favor.

Dean answer was right-away. He would never say no to a little girl as such of those that are needed. In an instant the place around started to change forming of a forest. Dean was puzzled as he still sees the little girl holding his hands. Dean hasn't got a where to start looking but in any case he should escort her to safety.

10/30/2009 #19
Danielle Thamasa

((well, he's certainly having one strange dream))

Ailis continued to cry, feeling rather useless as she couldn't even get one little glimpse of a vision to let her know if Dean was all right.

10/30/2009 #20

Walking through miles of the forest they see no one in sight or any roads to lead out of here. Dean is bushed of walking. The little on the other hand was still holding Dean's hand forcing to continue his trail. In a struggle he sees the exit. The trail lead right directly to a castle. In front of the castle Dean spotted two people standing. The girl reacted from seeing them as they run towards at them. Dean then realizes something. That girl...she's oddly familiar.

10/30/2009 #21
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis was unsure of what to do now. Dean had said that this was a safe place but it was obvious that no one had been there in a long time. There was no way that she would be able to survive on her own if she stayed here. "Dean, please be all right," she said softly.

10/30/2009 #22

"Dean, please be all right"

"Huh? Who said that." Dean hears the voice again. He looks back to the reunited family all happy. As they entered back to the castle the girl faces at Dean waving her hands. "Bye bye mister thank you for the help" She said, smiling. When Dean look at her face he then got a feeling...



10/30/2009 #23
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis looked up suddenly, thinking she had heard someone say her name. Could it be... "Dean?" she asked a little louder, standing up but not moving from the corner of the room she was in.

10/30/2009 #24

Awakened from slumber Dean was not tired anymore. Though still sore he has enough strength to knock the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

10/30/2009 #25
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis slowly moved towards the door though she did not open it. "Who is it?"

10/30/2009 #26

"Who do you think?" Dean said, hoarsely his voice.

10/30/2009 #27
Danielle Thamasa

She pulled the door open and gasped. "Dean!"

10/30/2009 #28

Dean smiled. "Hey, how are you doing?" He said.

10/30/2009 #29
Danielle Thamasa

"To be honest, I've been better," she answered. "What is going on, Dean?"

10/31/2009 #30
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