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He took notice of the beast losing grip as a blinding shot blasted Keith to the chest.

2/8/2010 #271

Alex looks around startled 'where did that come from?' he thought

2/8/2010 #272

Keith falls down to the ground, laying motionless and without movement

2/8/2010 #273

Alex lets go of the man, startled, he shifts in his favorite form, a white wolf.

2/8/2010 #274

"Y-you cheated." Keith stutters as blood is coming out from his mouth.

2/8/2010 #275

"I did no such thing, look at my person, do you see anything theat could have firedthat shot?"

2/8/2010 #276

Keith didn't hear the last part and fell asleep.

2/8/2010 #277

Alex goes against his better judgement and grabs Keith by the arms and starts to drag him away 'Neya, where are you when i need you? why did you have to go die on me' he thought 'Dead, who said anything anything about me being dead?' he heard a familiar voice ring in his mind 'what happened to you?' he aksed. "almost got blasted before i could turn into vermin" she spoke in his ear causing him to jump

2/8/2010 #278

Jeral carrying the gypsy girl has arrived to the portal zone where Grif and the rest are still fighting off Dean.

"Where is Kieth?" Grif said. "Is he suppose to be with you."

Jeral nodded. "Yes sir, Keith is holding off someone in the room." Grif is compelled on what's going on over there but he doesn't have enough time as Dean is getting closer. "Enough of this, get the remaining Troopers and be ready to teleport out of here.

2/8/2010 #279
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis squirmed against the man carrying her. She did not want to go wherever they were taking her. The Leader followed them, his steps silent, his presence completely unknown. If Ailis did not step up and use the power he knew she held, he would have to use every bit of his power to keep them from taking her.

2/8/2010 #280

((Hey Daniell where have you been))

Dean spotted Ailis from the cover, seeing one of the Trooper carrying her. "Ailis!" He shouted. With the last portion of strength he leaps out from the open and fires from his rifle


Meanwhile outside of the mansion Thomas is still fighting the Psionic girl, Mag, with his blade and pistol in his hand.

2/8/2010 #281
Danielle Thamasa

((I didn't really see anything for me to respond to so I waited until you guys finally got to something I could say something about.))

Ailis looked up and saw him. "Dean!" she cried.


Mag smirked and vanished, her entire body shifting to another plane so that she could move behind the soldiers without them knowing it. Then she reappeared again.

2/8/2010 #282

Grif hears the crying shout from behind as he turns to fire his laspistol. A powerful shot comes out from his laspistol, directly aiming. Dean rolls away to dodge the hit and counterattacks with his Carbine Rifle. Grif agonizes in pain from his left hand, holding the laspistol. Compressing to his wound, two Troopers step in front to give Grif some cover.

Grif sliding to the cover along with Jeral the two Troopers are still blasting the menace as Dean follows to cover.

"Sir Grif are you alright." Jeral asked. Grif rudely grab his collar. He stare with an angry with mix agonizing expression. "Prepare-the-portal." That is all he spoke as Jeral nodded. The gypsy girl is now carried by another Trooper and Jeral press on the coordinates. The portal zone started lighting brightly, forming into oval shape with strange energy.


Thomas paused when the psychic girl completely vanish. Looking the side from point-of-view, Thomas suspect that she must have teleported. Calming down and straightening his back, he gestures the two veteran Trooper without turning as they slightly nod. The two Troopers slowly move in sync and swings their arms from behind, accurately hitting the psionic girl.

2/8/2010 #283
Danielle Thamasa

((ColdCedric, you can't say that your characters hit my characters. You can say they aim hits at her but it is my decision if she gets hit and how much damage she receives based on the characters stats and the circumstances.))

Their arms went right through her.

Mag's voice came from several feet away. "Just how stupid do you think I am?"

2/9/2010 #284

((Oops, sorry about that, I didn't meant that to happen))

"None. You are very intellectual being and I admit that you could prove to be a fine leader." Thomas said, bowing lightly, admitting to her abilities. "Goodbye..." Thomas and the Two Veteran Troopers rushes back to the mansion.

2/9/2010 #285
Danielle Thamasa

Mag smirked. "Sort of an anti-climatic end to this fight." She shrugged and headed to regroup with the others back in the mansion.

2/9/2010 #286

Jeral finish with the last coordination and head back to the room to see if Keith is alright. Rushing to his feet, he spotted Keith sitting in the wall laying motionless. Getting closer to him, Jeral feels something not right. Looking from all side and the back, Jeral raises his Carbine Rifle only to hear a fainting sound close to him.


The fight with Dean is pointless, unable to fight a former Patriot Grif orders everyone to evacuate. Given the signal from the Commanding Officer the Two Troopers throw smoke grenades at the menacing Dean as a distraction they have time for their escape.

Thomas and the Two Veteran Troopers see the smoke covering the entire room as they have begin the evacuation.

2/9/2010 #287

"Dean!" Neya yelled as she saw him roll for cover. "is Ailis alright?"

2/9/2010 #288

"She's taking her away. Stop them and do whatever means necessary to stop that portal." Dean shouted back

2/9/2010 #289

Neya heeds his words and runs towards the glowing portal towards Grif

2/9/2010 #290

The smoke covered all over the room as one by one the Troopers enter the portal. Grif still injured to his left hand hurries off to the portal. The Trooper carrying the gypsy girl almost enters to the portal

2/9/2010 #291

'S***' Neya lunges at Ailis, just barley managing to shift into a small animal and latching on to the gypsy girl "Alex, can you hold the telepathy of long distances?' she thought to him. 'Yes, and if not we have Keith here to tell us where yall are going I love you.' he thought as he bound Keith up 'you too. darling i am going to have to rest now, i will contact you as soon as possible' she told him as their link disconnected

2/9/2010 #292

Jeral kneeling in front of Keith, he notice that his back has been badly burned. Trying to check if he is alright, he carry the wounded Trooper to the portal zone.

The Trooper frantically became shock when a small animal appeared out of nowhere. Cannot break the mission the Trooper tries to grab the animal with his right hand.

2/9/2010 #293

Neya grazes the mans hand as she slips through the portal

((sorry about the language...and my comp. has a malware virus so i am getting that fixed and it may be a few days, sorry))

2/10/2010 #294
Danielle Thamasa

Ailis struggled against the soldier holding onto her as they neared the portal. Though she had seen a lot of this in her vision, she still did not want to be taken away. As it neared the time where they would succeed, she felt even more strongly about trying to fight back, but she had no weapons to use against them and even if she did, she wouldn't be able to use them. "No!" she cried. "Let me go! Help!"


The Leader stood only a couple feet away and watching Ailis struggle with no success was getting to him more and more each moment. He could feel the anger building in him and that kind of rage could not be held back. In fact, it usually took him over and made each move wildly unpredictable. They would not be allowed to take Ailis away. As the rage reached a peak it began to overflow and explode out of him, rocketing towards the soldiers. While it drained out of him, the Leader knew that the damage would be great. When that amount of energy was released there was practically no way to avoid death or serious injury.

((Understandably this won't kill anyone but considering the nature of his abilities--which were stated several posts ago as blowing up peoples' brains and suffocating them with a thought--most of the soldiers should be injured if not killed. A few of the strongest ones may be able to walk away with only a little damage.))

2/10/2010 #295

((Then it is agreed))

The Trooper gridded the smallish animal as it slips through the portal. A moment for the Trooper's turn to enter, he feels a strange urge in his head, frantically in major pain. He drops the gypsy girl down to the ground as he kneels down with one knee.


Grif gazes at the Trooper sudden action as he too felt a strengthening force and it is just not him but the rest of the Troopers reaching for their heads to ease the pain. Resisting the grueling torment in his brain, he gazes someone through the thick smoke. It couldn't believe his eyes that it is only one man that's been doing to the surviving group. The raging burn swell increasingly in his head as blood comes out from his mouth and nose. Grif cannot bare any much longer, pulling out another laspistol from his right hand, he fires a amount of energy at the attacker.


Thomas and the Two Veteran Trooper who are in a safe distance from the attackers psionic abilities, gazes at the scene. Thomas tightens his grip of his sword and tries closing the attacker from behind. However as Thomas ready to attack a blinding flash of light appeared from the left sided view. He manage to dodge. Thomas pedaled-back in close call of the energy flashing through as he see, out in the smoke a battered and wounded stranger, aiming directly at Thomas. It's Dean.

2/10/2010 #296
Danielle Thamasa

The Leader, spent from the massive amount of power he had just released, could not avoid the shot fired at him. He only barely managed to hold against the blast to keep it from hitting him at full power. Nevertheless he did stumble backwards.


Ailis hit the ground and tried to roll away from the soldiers.

2/11/2010 #297

Grif eyes widened into surprise of the Psionic warrior blocking the energy blast. With his hand bearing his head strongly of the pain, he tries again for another blast.


Thomas meets face to face at the exiled Trooper, Dean. He compels in bit of laughter as he snaps his finger from behind. The Two Veteran Troopers step into the front, sheathing their energy sword at him. "Though I wish for a sparring duel with you, I cannot and I shall wait till the time is right, but for now" Thomas then slowly takes backward step before he turned and dashes out.

Dean remained in silence of the coward Trooper hightails out of here. Aiming his Carbine rifle cautiously at the two, one of the Veteran Trooper charges headlong to him while the other one followed. The Veteran Trooper raises his energy blade and delivers a straight cleave. Reacting in the attack, Dean leaps back before the blade smites on the wooden floor, making a tiny hole around it. Though strong and skillful the Veteran Troopers are, Dean has the advantage. Backing away from the sudden cleave a great deal of pain surges around his leg.

A weakening state from the ambush the distraction has cause him very dear when a Veteran Trooper slither behind his comrade as he gets ready for a cleaving blow. With no options of dodging Dean raised his crackled arms to brace for impact.

((Can someone please save Dean))

2/11/2010 #298

Alex sees dean in trouble and shifts into his favorite animal, a large wolf, and lunges at the Veteran Trooper and bites down on the Troopers wrist.

2/11/2010 #299

((thank you))

Dean watches a large wolf gnawing the Veteran Troopers wrist. Given the chance of his distraction, Dean aims at point blank range and fires. The Veteran Trooper got shot by the bolting energy, forcing to lay down on the ground.

2/11/2010 #300
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