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Reine Ayten

Arty paused, before replying, "Madison."

1/22/2009 #451
Danielle Thamasa

"Do...do you really have to go?" she asked softly.

1/22/2009 #452
Reine Ayten

Arty shrugged sadly. "I don't know."

1/22/2009 #453
Danielle Thamasa

"I hope you'll forgive me for speaking like this but I would like it if you would stay."

1/22/2009 #454
Reine Ayten

A smile broke out onto his face. "So would I."

1/22/2009 #455
Danielle Thamasa

She gave a small smile. "So you'll stay?"

1/22/2009 #456
Reine Ayten

Arty nodded, putting the bag down. "Yes. I'll stay."

1/22/2009 #457
Danielle Thamasa

Madison smiled. "Then perhaps you can help me find a place to stay...and maybe you could stay there as well...I mean, unless you find somewhere else to stay."

1/22/2009 #458
Reine Ayten

Arty smiled back. "I'll stay, help you... everything."

1/22/2009 #459
Danielle Thamasa

"That sounds lovely." She walked all the way over to him, closing the few feet gap between them.

1/22/2009 #460
Reine Ayten

"It does." Arty smiled softly at her.

1/22/2009 #461
Danielle Thamasa

She let out a deep breath, feeling a little happier. "So, should we go look for a place to stay?"

1/22/2009 #462
Reine Ayten

"Probably." Arty picked his bag up again, leading her to the stairs.

1/22/2009 #463
Danielle Thamasa

She smiled. "Okay, then let's go find a house."

1/22/2009 #464
Reine Ayten

He smiled back, holding his other hand out to her. "Let's."

1/22/2009 #465
Danielle Thamasa

She looked down to make sure her gloves were on properly and then took his hand. Together they headed out of the inn.

((To the Streets))

1/22/2009 #466
Reine Ayten

He went with her.


1/22/2009 #467
Irish toaster

When morning broke Richard made his way downstairs,clearly tired from his travels.He ordered a drink of water before sitting down at a table.He wanted to sort through his bounty offers and possible missions which were given to him by various noblemen.Shuffling through the folder of paper documents he sighed.

It seems like I'm a mercenary with all these private missions for profit he mused.

1/23/2009 #468

"My, my, you keep yourself quite busy, don't you?" Livia mused, looking over Richard's shoulder.

1/23/2009 #469
Irish toaster

Richard jumped to his feet.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?"he said quickly gathering his papers.

1/23/2009 #470

Livia stood in a short silk dress, her armor and weapons in the room she was using and her long dark hair hanging down her back. "Your brother is quite persistant, it makes it rather hard to sleep."

1/23/2009 #471
Irish toaster

Richard could not help admire her beauty but quickly shook out of it.

"You shouldn't spy on me you know"

1/23/2009 #472

"I wasn't spying, just merely looking." Livia said, taking a seat beside him and crossed her legs at the knees, causing the skirt of her dress to ride up her thighs.

1/23/2009 #473
Irish toaster

Richard glanced then quickly looked away reddened. "Thats what a spy would say"

He smiled. "How did you sleep?"

1/23/2009 #474

"Not much at all, your brother is a real lech. It was difficult to sleep with him in the next room." Livia said with a tired yawn.

1/23/2009 #475
Irish toaster

"Was he making alot of noise?"asked Richard pouring them both a cup of herbal tea.

1/23/2009 #476

"Yes, and it sounded strangely like he was carving through the wall."

1/23/2009 #477
Irish toaster

Richard looked puzzeled. "But why would he..."

Then it hit him.He hoped he was wrong but it seemed clear. "Oh...I see..."

Richard was suddenly embarresed for his brother. "I'm sorry about him"he said sincerly.

1/23/2009 #478

"Hmm, it's fine, nothing happened, to say the least. Well, almost nothing." Livia said.

1/23/2009 #479
Irish toaster

Richard frowned "Almost nothing?"

1/23/2009 #480
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