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"Hmm," Livia hummed, walking over to him in careful steps. Her bare feet lightly padding across the wooden floor as she came to a halt in front of Lucius, a hand on the hilt of her sword as she looked down at him. "I don't see why you had to go through all this trouble and humilation when the lock on my door is broken."

1/24/2009 #511
Irish toaster

Lucius cursed. "So you were expecting me?" he said hopefully

1/24/2009 #512

"More or less, I was anticipating you to do something lecherous and I was not wrong to think so since you're in this position." she said, taking her sword and releasing Lucius as she turned to her bed where her belongings laid.

1/24/2009 #513
Irish toaster

"Nice bed."he commented. "Seems comfy"

((Sorry for delay.I was in hospital :P))

1/27/2009 . Edited 1/27/2009 #514

"I wouldn't know, I didn't have much of an opportunity to find out thanks to you." Livia said, pulling off the straps of her dress over her shoulders, letting it slip down her body to pool around her ankles, revealing her athletic and nude body. Modesty as a woman wasn't her priority at all.

(sorry to hear that, hope you're feeling better.)

1/27/2009 . Edited 1/27/2009 #515
Irish toaster

((Yeah its all good :) ))

Lucius' mouth dropped. "Marry me."he blurted out.

1/27/2009 #516

"Why should I? I hardly know you." Livia said, walking over to the wash basin. She didn't see a reason as to why women should be so modest about their n*** bodies, or at least, that's how she was raised to think by her mother.

1/27/2009 #517
Irish toaster

He regained his composure.

"Because I'm a great catch."he said simply. "I think you are almost as pretty as I,so we would make a fabulous pair.Think how our children would look!"

1/27/2009 #518

"I'd rather not," Livia said, looking at herself in the small oval mirror on the wall. "How much longer do you intend to stay in the hole, gawking at me like a fool?"

1/27/2009 #519
Irish toaster

"Aren't you a little tempted? Come on it will be fun.Besides its a way I can get back at my brother for being so high and mighty"

1/27/2009 #520

Livia sighed, turning around to face Lucius still in the wall, showing him her entire front with no shame. And on top of that, she placed her hands on her hips. "Couldn't you just find some woman off the streets instead and leave me out of your little revenge?"

1/27/2009 #521
Irish toaster

Lucius stared blankly for a moment before shaking to his senses.

"Fine.If you need me.I'll be in my room."

1/27/2009 #522

"Right, I'll keep that in mind." Livia said with disinterest as she walked back to her bed and began to dress in her usual attire, taking her time.

1/27/2009 #523
Irish toaster

"Oh and the doors unlocked"he said before returning to his bed.Placing his hands behind his head he smiled.

"She is so in to me"

1/27/2009 #524

Livia didn't reply, strapping on her b*** plate before exiting the room to return downstairs, breezing by Lucius' door.

1/27/2009 #525
Irish toaster

Richard acknowledged Livia with a nod. "How is my brother?"

1/27/2009 #526

"He proposed to me while I was getting dressed." Livia said, "And then suggested for me to go to his room to get back at you."

1/27/2009 #527
Irish toaster

Richard frowned."I see.I will have to arrest him then.Not for the first time either"

1/27/2009 #528

"Why? He did nothing wrong, it's not like he entered my room and forced himself on me." Livia said, muffling a yawn behind her hand.

1/27/2009 #529
Irish toaster

"It dosn't matter.He's a peeping tom.That can't go unpunished."

1/27/2009 #530

"Well, don't let me stop you, then, go on and arrest your brother and I'll just order something to eat." Livia said, non-chalantly as she sat up straight to pull her hair up into a high ponytail and tied it with a leather thong. The soft curve of her b*** coming up from the movemonet of her arms. "Anyways, I should probably be heading out after this. Wouldn't want to attrack too much attention to myself here."

(I'm making her to be such a tease :)

1/27/2009 . Edited 1/27/2009 #531
Irish toaster

((haha.Dangerous woman))

Richard couldn't help but wonder did this woman want someone to fall for her as Lucius did.He found her subtle flirting techniques amuzing.If she was indeed flirting.

"Very well.Where will you go?"

1/27/2009 #532

"I'm not sure...what's south from here?" Livia asked, finished with her hair and bringing her arms down to rest on the table.

1/27/2009 #533
Irish toaster

Richard thought for a moment.

"Hm well I know Elarope prison is nearby to the south.Beyond that...I'm not too sure.Tales of monsters and witches that are clearly exaggerated"

1/27/2009 #534

"Sounds fun," Livia sighed, too sleep deprived to be wary of possible danger. "And possibly on my journey I might fight a cyclopes and free an enslaved village."

1/27/2009 #535
Irish toaster

"Perhaps.Or just end up on a journey that takes you in circles,meet more than a dozen bandits demanding money,get attacked by wild animals,and finally end back where you started while your feet feel like lead."

He smiled ruefully.I've taken that story from my own expierence.

1/27/2009 #536

Livia snorted, "I'm sure I'll be able to take care of myself."

1/27/2009 #537
Irish toaster

"I'm sure you will be able to.Unlike me.I could defeatthe bandits and animals but my boots were coarse as heck! My advice is,get comfortable shoes." he laughed.

1/27/2009 #538

"I'm already way ahead of you on that." Livia smiled, "It'd be more convenient to ride on horseback."

1/27/2009 #539
Irish toaster

"Oh I have one now thankfully"he chuckled.

"Back then I had no money though.So I fought on foot.I'm brooke again now though"he laughed.

1/27/2009 #540
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