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Irish toaster

Lucius decided to go in search of the hooded thing he had been talking to

1/2/2009 #211
Reine Ayten

Arty slept on.

1/2/2009 #212
Irish toaster

((Right I don't think the dudes comming back xD))

Lucius walked outside for a breath of fresh air,admiring the cool night air.Taking out a rolled leaf he lit the tobacco and smoked it.He let out a gush of air and sighed.

My brother must be no more than one days ride now.Curse him.Why must he come here of all places.He should know we hate eachother

He shook his head.No point worrying now

After a minute or so he walked back inside.

1/13/2009 #213
Reine Ayten

Arty had woken up, but couldn't get out of bed. So he sat there, looking at the moon through the window.

1/13/2009 #214
Irish toaster

Lucius welcomed the messenger who his brother had sent and gestured for him to sit with him.However he politely declined."I have further bussiness to attend to sir"

Lucius nodded"What news of my brother?Can he not make it?"

The messenger winced."He can sir it's just... he said he will be late.He will arrive by dawn.He gives his regards and apologies."

Lucius felt a twinge of hope.He said farewell to the messenger.His brother might not arrive at all,perhaps he will cancel.Regardless,Lucius had polished his boots,donned fresh attire and made sure he appeared a wealthy gentleman.After all,that is what his brother believed him to be.

1/16/2009 #215
Reine Ayten

Arty sighed, then slowly got up, leaning heavily on his staff, and made his unsteady way downstairs. "Lucius?" he asked quietly.

1/16/2009 #216
Irish toaster

Luicus glanced up at him and smiled"Finally up I see.How are you Arty?"

1/16/2009 #217
Reine Ayten

Arty smiled back. "Shaky." He glanced out the window. "What time is it?"

1/16/2009 #218
Irish toaster

Lucius rubbed his eyes and yawned."Late.My brother will be arriving but will not be arriving for a few more hours,perhaps later tommorow."

1/16/2009 #219
Reine Ayten

Arty nodded, slipping into the seat across from Lucius. "What's he like?"

1/16/2009 #220
Danielle Thamasa

((From the Streets))

Madison walked in, feeling as if she were almost at the brink of exhaustion. But however tired she felt, she was still completely aware of how many people were there. Slowly she walked over to the bar area. "Can I get a room for the night?" she asked.

The man behind the bar, Tom, nodded and told her how much it would cost.

She reached into her money purse and pulled out the correct amount and set it down on the bar. He picked it up and then held a key out to her. For a moment Madison just looked at it. Then she reached out and took it with one of her gloved hands. "Thank you," she said softly before turning and looking around the downstairs tavern area of the inn. It really was a nice place.

1/17/2009 #221
Irish toaster

Lucius rolled his eyes. "He thinks he is mr.nice guy.Helping everyone,trying to get everyone to love him.I see past his good ways,he is as greedy as me deep down."

Then Lucius spotted Madison.She had coin,he noted.

"Lady!"he called to her."Might you join us for some company?"

1/17/2009 #222
Reine Ayten

Arty nodded thoughtfully, then looked up at Madison.

1/17/2009 #223
Danielle Thamasa

She looked over at the man who had called out to her. Perhaps she could spare a little time before going up to her room. As she walked over towards them she moved her money purse inside her clothing, making it harder to get to; she had always been told that she had to be careful, especially around strangers. "And just what kind of company could you hope to have from someone you do not know?"

1/17/2009 #224
Irish toaster

Lucius shrugged "I am a friendly man.I speak to everyone.Especially to lovely women with a sense of class such as yourself."

His lips curled into a smile "Some wine?"

1/17/2009 #225
Danielle Thamasa

"And do you always speak in such a flattering manner?"

She gave a small smile. "Perhaps a small glass."

1/17/2009 #226
Reine Ayten

Arty nodded slightly when the woman arrived at their table.

1/17/2009 #227
Irish toaster

Lucius ordered them both a glass of wine."Arty will you see if my wallet is upstairs?"he gave him the keys to his room."Go fetch them will you"

He them regarded the woman."I speak that way to ladies of class and beauty.You,have both madame.Tell me,what are you doing here?"

1/17/2009 #228
Reine Ayten

Arty bit back a sigh and nodded, taking the keys and getting up painfully. He made his way to the stairs slowly, wincing occasionally as his wound twinged.

1/17/2009 #229
Danielle Thamasa

"I am no lady of class, not any longer. As to what I am doing here, I am merely traveling, taking in the sights while I can."

1/17/2009 #230
Irish toaster

Lucius nodded."I have just been strolling around too.My wealthy friends and I just walk about helping the needy and feeding the poor."He yawned."It's the least I can do really"

1/17/2009 #231
Reine Ayten

Arty reappeared, holding out Lucius' wallet and key to his room. "Here you go," he said quietly.

1/17/2009 #232
Danielle Thamasa

"Well that is a very commendable task. I am sure there are many that are grateful for the kindness you show them."

1/17/2009 #233
Irish toaster

"Back so soon Arty? Oh well,thank you." He turned to Madison."Yes they say I'm a saint but of coarse I am not.I only do what I can.I'm just sad I can't help all the filthy beggers of the world.Sure I am well deserved of my reputation but I would like to help more people."He nodded."I helped Arty here get well from injuries too.I'm just that kind of guy"

1/18/2009 #234
Danielle Thamasa

She looked at him. "But I'm also certain that one of such generosity who claims to be such a good man also wouldn't brag about all he has done."

1/18/2009 #235
Reine Ayten

"You're welcome." Arty decided to sit at another table, so the others could be alone.

1/18/2009 #236
Irish toaster

Lucius laughed "I do good deeds isn't that enough?Surely a little bragging is deserved."

1/18/2009 #237
Danielle Thamasa

"Bragging makes a man seem like he is trying to show just how worthy he is of something or someone. Instead of letting your words dictate your worthiness you should just allow people to see your actions for those have more value in how a person sees you."

1/18/2009 #238
Reine Ayten

Arty smiled, listening to the conversation.

1/18/2009 #239
Irish toaster

Lucius waved a hand "You sound just like my brother."

He turned to Arty."Hey Arty I'm a good guy right?I deserve some more fame to go with it"

1/18/2009 #240
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