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Neya and her companion, now a wolf again, walked along the streets of the city, the crowds and the noise hurt her sensitive cat ears, the smell over whelming, but truth b e told she enjoyed it. Her tail flicked with appreciation when a young boy about the age of six pulled his mother to see her.

"Mother, mother, look she has ears and a tail and her eye is awesome" the kid all but yelled, jumping and pointing the way little kids do.

"Yes dear, i see that, now you know that it is rude to pont at people, so please quit. If you had something to say to the young woman then say it quickly, we have things to do at home." the woman looked at Neya with an appology written in her eyes.

"No need to say sorry Ma'am, it's ok" Neya got eye level with the kid who became suddenly shy, "now what did you want to see little one, did you want to feel my ears?"

the little boy nodded and Neya tilted her head foward so the little one could pet them,her tail swished with enjoyment and she purred as he rubbed them. when the boy was done she looked at the mother, and thanked her for letting the little boy get close to her "you know that we shifters are not thought of very well" she told her, the woman replied "well he would whine and complain for a weeks on end if i had not. have a good day, young miss" Neya just nodded and walked towards the shops and vendor stands around the city.

1/20/2010 #1

Dean has been brutally wounded to all sides. Its armor were scarred with blaster marks and cuts. Beating a swelling numbers of his enemy, he gradually walks crookedly into some avenue as he became lost in the midnight alleyway.

Dragging his spear from his left arm he accidentally trip and fell face first to the ground. Unable to get up, Dean need to head back to abandon mansion and rescue Ailis from them but with no strength left to spare and deeply injure he has no way to move.

1/21/2010 #2

Alexander stopped formoment and sniffed, he smelled blood, it was fresh. with a howl he ran off in the direction of the smell. "Alexander, whats wrong? Alex,... Alex, ansewr me!" Neya used her mind link with Alexander "fresh blood" was his only reply, she ran after him, shifting into a hawk so to fly, circling above she found him over a body cacked with blood, some fresh. "Alexander, back a-" "no i will not i-" he howled in pain as she landed and dug herd talons into his back.

Neya shifted back into her human shape, kneeling over the mangled body. her hands glowed fusha as healing majyk flowed through her system, the gashes on his body closing up and the internal bleeding stoped. the man had several broken broken bones that had to be set and healed, that would take time. She and Alexander cleaned the blood off and took him to a nearby motel

1/28/2010 #3

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Dean couldn't move an inch. Not enough strength to open his eyes, he fears the worst that this might be the end for him and that he couldn't protect Ailis. He must not, will not allow to end like this. Experiencing the things that he hasn't felt before and cherishing he must persevere.

Strive to at least standing up on his feet, he quickly hears a sound coming to this direction. to response he plays dead for awhile. Covertly slanting his head upward to have a look, Dean spotted a canine beast. Staying still without a movement he suspects that the dog came here for some nice fresh meal. Though he doesn't have enough strength to move, he grips his spear tightly, thinking he might have a chance to impale the beast. As the beast is in near of range he stopped in the instant as the beast was clawed down by a hawk. Figuring if he was lucky or that the hawk came for the meal his eyes widened of the hawk transforming into human shape. Gulping down his throat the female human-hawk stepped down her knees to the beaten body as she raised her hand above. Unknown to her doing, Dean sees a glowing light from his view and starting to feel better. This might be his chance to get up easily though his bones still aches, he does not have anymore time left. However, Dean is getting sleepy due to her magic as he fell into unconsciousness.

5 minutes into hibernation, Dean gradually open his eyes to see himself moving. Placed and dragged by a wooden board, he wonders where is he at? Still in the bricked streets, he rolled away from the board, touching the floor from his damage armor.

1/29/2010 #6

Neya hears the clatter of his armor hitting the ground, she watches as he etries to get up." you need to stay lying down for a little while so your body can rest, you dont have any energy to move yet."

1/29/2010 #7

"No, it's okay." He said, telling her not to worry. "This is only a flesh wound."

1/29/2010 #8

"Then let me and Alexander come with you, with the wounds you had, i'm guessing that there are alot of people wanting you dead. Alex and i can atleast try to help"

1/29/2010 #9

"If you want to help me, I would be obliged... tell you what, go to the abandon mansion as fast as you can."

1/29/2010 #10

We will, Sir." Neya and alexander shifted into hawks and flew off for the abandoned mansion.

1/29/2010 #11
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