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Just looks like an old manor house, inside and out. Outside it is a beautifully made grey stone building partially covered with moss, ivy, and roses. Inside it is richly furnished with Turkish-style rugs and ornate oak furniture, guilded with priceless works of art and beautifuly embroidered tapestries.
12/22/2007 . Edited 12/22/2007 #1
Monique strolled through the door, ignoring the servant that opened the door. "Here," she said, carelessly tossing Tempire a simple silver collar with spells of conceilment on it similar to the ones on the jar. "Put this on the welp when you let her out," she said, walking off.

Tempire caught it and wordlessly carried both it and the jar to another sitting room. He opened the jar and imediately slipped the collar over her head before very gently lifting her out.

12/22/2007 #2
Scottish Princess
((Hey, you can't just say that he put the collar on her. She would have reacted and bit him or something))
12/22/2007 #3
((He's a very fast chimopteran, remember? She can bite him but he still was able to open the jar and slip the thing on her before a non-chimoptera could react))
12/22/2007 #4
Scottish Princess
((oh, darn. Poor Makena....))

Makena looked up at Tempire and smiled, giggling slightly and hoping that he wouldn't notice how scared she was.

((Will she be at all able to send thoughts through to her family?))

12/22/2007 #5
((Maybe a little))

Other than the slight softening of his eyes, Tempire's expression did not change. "Poor kitten," he said, holding her in his arm, against his chest. She was only about the size of his hand. One massive finger lightly clucked her under the chin before Tempire carried her from the room.

12/22/2007 #6
Scottish Princess
-BWUDDER!- Makena sent to Ren, -Evil Lady!-

She clung to Tempire and sniffed, her breath catching as she tried to keep from crying.

12/22/2007 #7
Monique grimised as Tempire carried Makena into the room. "What Senaly sees in those things I'll never know. I suppose you're wondering what use I have for her?"

Tempire remained silent and unmoving, save for subtly bouncing the infant in his arm.

Turning from him, Monique leaned against the windowframe, gazing out over the city. "My sister knows where Arette is, I'm certain of it. We can use that...infant, to convince her to tell us where that is."

12/22/2007 #8
Scottish Princess
"Meanie!" Makena shrieked at Monique her eyes blazing dark sapphire.
12/22/2007 #9
Monique looked at her in surprise for a second. "It talks!" she scowled. "Take it away from me," she ordered, waving her hand in cross between a dismissal and a shoo.

Tempire nodded and wordlessly turned away, shifting Makena slightly so anything more she might have to say was muffled against his chest.

12/22/2007 #10
Scottish Princess
Makena started crying, griping Tempire's shirt in her tiny hands. -I hates evil lady!- She thought, not really paying attention to the fact that Tempire could hear her.
12/22/2007 #11
Lifting her slightly so she was cuddled in both hands, Tempire carried her to his study, setting her lightly on the carpeted floor. Several large dogs came over to sniff her, tails wagging, but desisted with a quiet word from thier master. An older female dog came over and lay next to the girl, heaving a great sigh.
12/22/2007 #12
Scottish Princess
Makena continued crying and snuggled against the old dog, sobbing into her fur.
12/22/2007 #13
Whining, the old canine turned her head, licking the tears from Makena's face. -Is alright. Is alright.-
12/22/2007 #14
Scottish Princess
Makena stopped crying and tried to take a deep breath, only succeeding in starting a string of hiccups. She hugged the dog and continued hiccuping.
12/22/2007 #15
-Is alright is alright Big one take care - the old dog insisted.

Tempire turned from his papers and lifted Makena from the floor and to his shoulder, lightly tapping her back and murmering in another language as he sat in a giant velvet chair next to a fire that burned cheerfully.

12/22/2007 #16
Scottish Princess
Makena stopped hiccuping after a bit and then levitated down to Tempire's lap, looking up at him pitifully and sucking her thumb.
12/22/2007 #17
((I'll let short levatations pass))

He looked down at her, whatever expression he might have had lost in the flickering firelight. Supporting her back, he lightly bounced his leg up and down, bouncing her as well.

12/22/2007 #18
Scottish Princess
((Oh, that's right, I keep forgetting about her little collar thing...))

Makena giggled a little and then tugged at her collar, whimpering.

12/22/2007 #19
Gently uncurling her fingers from the collar, Tempire let her keep hold of his fingers as he continued to bounce her up and down.

"Well, doesn't this make a sweet sight?" Monique commented drolly from the doorway. Tempire stopped bouncing and looked over at her solomnly, face expressionless.

12/22/2007 #20
Scottish Princess
Makena squeaked and clambered up onto Tempire's shoulder, hissing at Monique.
12/22/2007 #21
"Agile little monkey isn't she?" Monique sneered, leaning in slightly to get a better look but still keeping out of the infant's reach. Tempire didn't move, but the dogs quietly huddled at the other end of the room.
12/22/2007 #22
Scottish Princess
((Would she be able to move things at Monique with her mind?))

Makena glared at Monique and snapped at her with her little jaw, clinging to Tempire's shoulder.

12/22/2007 #23
((Sorry, too much magic.))

Monique smirked. "I think she doesn't like me," she said, amused.

12/22/2007 #24
Scottish Princess

Makena sat up straight on Tempire's shoulder, arms crossed over her chest, glaring at Monique. -B***!-

((teehee, I LOVE playing Makena!))

12/22/2007 #25
Without so much as a twitch to betray her, Monique slapped the infant, knocking her off Tempire's shoulder into his lap. He made a soft sound of protest, gently pulling the infant to him to prevent Monique from causing further harm.

The woman glared at both of them. "Children shouldn't say such things," she said, then turned on her heal and headed for the door. She stopped, not turning. "Contact my sister, tell her to come," she said, then walked out the door.

12/22/2007 #26
Scottish Princess
Makena whimpered and held a hand to her face, sending a final thought to Monique as the woman left. -Daddy, bwuddors and the girls will kill you!-
12/22/2007 #27
Tempire patted her back soothingly. "Kay!" he called. THe old dog came to him, wagging her tail. "Evitros Senaly. Melti cana anvilornar."

The dog barked and vanished.

12/22/2007 #28
Scottish Princess
Makena stared at where the dog had just stood and then looked up at Tempire, her eyes wide, "Where?"
12/22/2007 #29
"Away. To Senaly," he replied, then held out a thick wrist before her. "You must eat to heal."
12/22/2007 #30
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