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((This Post is for people who would like to see some action, less talking and similar whatnot.))

Xin moved slowly through the back alley with his dagger drawn, his smile unbelievably wide and evil. "Damn, I can't find anyone," he sighed as he turned a corner.

3/17/2010 #1
Danielle Thamasa

((From the streets))

She moved from one alley to the next, choosing them based on how dark they seemed. Typically the only people who crawled through the back alleys were thieves, murderers, or beggars too weak to move out to the more crowded streets. If she actually allowed herself to think about it she would realize just how wrong it was that she felt more secure back here than she did out in the main market areas and bustling streets. In the back alleys things were a lot simpler. You were either strong or weak, and that could be determined at any point and time if someone thought you looked like an easy target.

Her steps seemed hesitant to most who observed her but if one actually paid attention they could see that the hesitation seemed almost strategic. It was also apparent that she moved with an almost cat-like grace. There was something in the way she carried herself; she was not weak prey. She knew how to take care of herself.

3/25/2010 #2

Xin was yawning from boredom when he found girl moving with cat-like grace. Her looks, her age, and how she carried herself told Xin that this girl knew how to take care of herself. Killing her would be a waste of potential, so he decided to stalk her.

He turned himself invisible and waited for the girl to pass him. When she did, he followed after her and smiled. He was going to enjoy following her around and reading her sad past memories.

3/28/2010 #3
Danielle Thamasa

After walking the back alleys for several minutes, Shalimar found a section that seemed worse than all the others, so bad that no one else was there. It was almost pitch black and the buildings along both sides seemed to be falling apart. She made her way onto one of the rubble heaps and sat down. This would be a good place to rest, for a little while.

3/28/2010 #4

Xin walked up a vertical wall and tossed down a pebble at her feet and the pebble landed -unfortunately he has bad aiming- on her shoulder.

3/29/2010 #5
Danielle Thamasa

After the pebble hit her shoulder Shalimar looked up, her eyes narrowing as she searched for where it had come from. She could feel the pull of molecular energy so she knew someone was there but she couldn't see them.

3/29/2010 #6

'Oh, she can "feel" me, eh?' Xin thought. He stood on the other side of the alley looking at her as she looked up. He silently-too silent to hear- drew forth his dagger and threw it. The dagger became visible as soon as it lost contact with Xin and flew across the narrow alley. It struck the wall right next to her head. 'Good, I don't want her dead.'

3/30/2010 #7
Danielle Thamasa

'This place isn't safe,' Shalimar thought as a dagger hit the wall only a few inches from her head. She got up and moved away from where she had been resting and headed down the alley, trying to search for a safer place to rest. As she moved through the alley she couldn't help but wonder who was watching her. The dagger was enough to make her worry; no one should even know that she was there. It should have been a safe haven for at least a few days time. Of course, it could be just some average street thug but somehow she doubted that.

3/30/2010 #8

'Average street thug?' Xin thought, hurt by what he read from Shalimar's mind. Then he shrugged as he tripped her and pinned her down-in his invisible form. He then activated blood armor, making his skin nearly impanetrable. Then he backed away.

'Damn, it's getting harder to control personality change,' he thought as the "good" personality tried to force himself to the surface. But the darkness was the "bad" personality's domain-and being in a dark alley where there was few lights- and it crushed the good guy.

3/30/2010 . Edited 3/30/2010 #9
Danielle Thamasa

((Just to point out, don't say anything that controls my character. You can say that you try to trip and pin down my character but you can't say that you actually do it. This time though, I'll go with it.))

At the instant that she felt someone pin her down, Shalimar also felt her ability kick into motion. She gasped as her molecules became less dense, allowing her to phase out to where she could move through buildings, or any other object in her way. Pulling herself away from whatever had happened, she took off down the alley at a run, feeling her molecules return to normal once she was several yards away. It never did any good to stay that way for long periods of time because then she sometimes thought she would almost float away. Perhaps the darkest alley wasn't the greatest idea. Shalimar turned and headed down an alley with a little more light. This city was certainly stranger than any other place she had been before. There were so many odd people and creatures, and a great number of them had unique skills. It was so different from her home, where it was almost considered to be an honor to have a gift, unless that "gift" happened to be what they considered to be alchemy. And somehow, they thought her molecular control was a form of alchemy. She slowed her pace and stopped in the middle of an alley, standing under a beam of light. Now she just needed to figure out what was going on and if whoever pinned her down had followed her after she ran away.

3/30/2010 #10


I lost her, Xin thought as he walked through the alleys. 'Let's do it the "easy" way.'

"Vacuum Eruptor," Xin whispered as he pointed at a building and soon a small miniture blackhole-about 3 meters in diameter appeared that began to eat away the building. For thirteen slow seconds, the building began to slowly crumble away. It soon collapsed and Xin whispered, "Off." And then he saw her, standing in middle of the alley.

'What to do...' he thought. 'Kill? No; good me will kill me. R***? No; good me will make sure I die. Torture? No, good me will torture me. Follow? Only choice,' he thought and sighed. 'I can't get a single thing done because of him!'

Then a ray of light hit him. "S***," he whispered as his personality changed. He let out a ugly and unearthly scream as the consciousness battled itself. All the abilities he used on himself -like blood armor and invisiblity- disengaged, making him somewhat vulnerable. And eventually the good personality took over.

3/31/2010 #11
Danielle Thamasa

The only thought that seemed to be running through Shalimar's mind was, "What the hell is going on around here?" She had never seen anything like a building crumble away into nothingness, not even leaving much evidence to suggest that there had been a building there in the first place. The Citadel of Elarope was definitely a strange place, and dangerous as well. However, it also meant that if she could keep herself somewhat lost in the crowds, this could be a place she could stay for longer than anywhere else. Here she might be able to last a month or two instead of just a couple of weeks.

Though that was all going through her mind, she didn't move from where she stood in the circle of light. Her instincts told her that she was safest in the light.

3/31/2010 #12

"Yup, that's better. He's better off sealed inside my head," the good Xin said as his personality change came to an end and the good Xin emerged to surface.

'I'll get you!' he heard the evil Xin shout inside him.

"Blah, blah, blah, do shut up!" good Xin shouted...at himself. "When you were in the dark, I kept quite so why don't you keep quite when I'm in the light?" The other Xin grumbled.

Xin looked around and found Shalimar standing in middle of the alley. "You were trying to get her?

'Yeah, any objection?'

"No, but I ain't continuing."

3/31/2010 #13
Danielle Thamasa

Shalimar looked around the alley. She really needed to find a safe place to hole up for a while. Unlike 'normal' travelers, she couldn't go to an inn; it was too risky as someone could possibly recognize her from reward posters in other towns. She had been traveling for so long that she barely remembered what it was like to sleep in a bed anyway. As she looked around the alley she spotted an alcove; it let in a little more light than she generally liked but at least it seemed to be out of the way of everything else. Then she looked around once more to see if there was anyone else nearby. Her gift told her that there was someone but they didn't seem to be moving anywhere...perhaps someone else living in the filth of the back alleys. She would try and ignore them as best as she could.

Climbing up into the alcove, Shalimar tried to make herself comfortable. Perhaps now she could get a little rest.

4/1/2010 #14

Xin rose up and paced. He didn't know where he was -he can't access the "bad" Xin's memory- and he was surrounded by shadow. If he left that small beam of light, the other Xin would make a comeback at him. "What should I do?" he asked himself outloud.

High above his head, a brick tilted off it place and fell. After three seconds, it hit Xin's head, causing him to become dizzy, wobble, and leave the ray of light. The other Xin made a comback and surpressed the "Good" Xin.

Xin shook his head and then stared at the brick. "Thanks," he said sinisterly. "Now where is that girl?" He looked around. He shrugged and pointed his left hand towards the sun and his right towards the ground. "Vacuum Eruptor."

Immediately large portion of the alley network became dark as the blackhole Xin created absorbed a load of light from the sun, blocking the light from shining down and giving Xin a very large territory to roam in. Then another blackhole opened up... beneath the surface of the Earth. It only lasted for four seconds but it caused enough damage to sink the alley... and sink it did.

4/1/2010 #15

Il Hanos took a step into the alley....and fell into a large crater with buildings toppling over each other. Even as he fell, the crater sank deeper and deeper.

"What the hell!" he shouted. He landed on a building roof, head first. He groaned, sat up, and looked around. He spotted then spotted a man.

4/1/2010 #16

With the sunlight out of the way, the alley was now his domain. He let out an unearthly laugh and stopped when he sighted a man looking at him. "Huh?" he grunted. "Someone else is here!" he shouted happily. "Howl!" he said and a blade appeared in his hand. He aimed and threw it.

4/2/2010 #17
Danielle Thamasa

Shalimar jumped up and looked around as the sun's light seemed to disappear. What was going on in this place? This was not at all normal. There was a powerful being around just playing around with everything as if they were nothing but toys and it wasn't right. She shook her head. No, this was what got her into the whole mess she was in in the first place. What she needed to do now was to get out of these back alleys. Shalimar moved out of the alcove and started scrambling through the rubble.

4/5/2010 #18

Il Hanos saw the sword flying towards him with tremendous speed and deadly strength. He jumped sideways and the sword missed him...just by 0.5 inch.

"Holy Trombones and a pogo stick!" He shouted. "What the hell was that? Anger!" A black shortsword appeared in his hand and he used his tgar to teleport himself instantly next to Xin and slung his sword, aiming for the neck.

4/5/2010 #19

Xin grinned, turned and blocked the incoming sword with his bare hand. Then he pointed at Il Hanos's leg. "Howl," he whispered and the long slick saber appeared in his hand.

4/5/2010 #20
Danielle Thamasa

Shalimar paused as she saw two beings fighting. She did not know if she could actually call them human because the way they moved seemed too different for that. After a few moments she turned away. This was good, because if either one of them was the one following her then they were certainly distracted now. Shalimar started to climb over a pile of rubble. On the other side she could see undisturbed paths leading to bustling streets.

4/6/2010 #21

As the slick saber appeared in Xin's hand, Il Hanos managed to dodge... but he couldn't fly and he fell to the earth below.

With a loud thud, Il Hanos landed on a roof-or what's left of it- with his sword. His head was bleeding and he broke his left forearm. "Man, that's one hell of a fall."

4/6/2010 #22

"Oh, he survived? A hundred meter fall?" Xin mused himself. "Not human, but not a immortal," he said to himself as he observed the wounds Il Hanos received and they were not healing fast as his wounds did.

((I got the info about wound healing in character intro))

He swifted the Howl to his right hand and sped across the space between him and Il Hanos, leaving a sonic boom behind him. 'BOOST!' he thought. He felt his arms becoming stronger and his reactions becoming faster. 8 seconds left. 'Blood Armor!' he thought and his skin became black, pitch black.

4/6/2010 #23
Yuki Kuran

Alice heard a loud noise to her right, so she followed that path. 'A little action, maybe a fight or two! This ought to be interesting,' she thought as she drew closer to the battle.

'What the-' She stopped short and dodged behind an old shack. 'This looks like more than I want to be part of!' She didn't want to be involved in such a fierce fight, and yet she couldn't help but stay and watch the powerful abilities and movements of the creatures in front of her.

4/7/2010 #24

Il Hanos gapped as Xin abruptly changed into a pitch black figure with a deadly blade in his hand coming right at him. He tossed his body sideways and attempted to block him with his good right arm and his sword, Anger.

4/7/2010 #25

Xin hit the Anger on purpose and began to read Il Hanos's memory. '...' He didn't say anything for a while as his juggernaut like power beared upon his sword. 4 seconds.

"YOU'RE AN IMMORTAL LIKE ME!" he shouted happily and sadistically at Il Hanos. 2 seconds. He allowed the lack armor and the boost to disengage earlier and showed his face to Il Hanos. "And you are a pitiful excuse for one."

4/7/2010 #26

Il Hanos grinned as the power forced his body to back down. "Well, at least I don't go killing other people using this immortality as a tool," he replied wryly. He slung his Anger at Xin and it hit him on the left rib.

4/7/2010 #27
Yuki Kuran

'Immortal,' Alice thought. 'Where am I?' She looked up and saw that despite the dropped guard and smile from the first one, the second was still fighting. "Aww crap!" She accidentally said the last words aloud.

4/7/2010 #28
Danielle Thamasa

Shalimar finally pulled herself over the last bit of building rubble in the way. It was only a short run out to the streets. This place was definitely a little too unsavory for her.

4/7/2010 #29

"Oh there goes that girl again," Xin sighed and pointed at the exit of the alley. "Vacuum Eruptor," he sighed and a small blackhole appeared-a very small blackhole, size of a adult women's hand- in middle of the street leading to the exit. The building around it began to crumble and they soon disassembled and were on verge of being sucked in. Then just before a brick touched its center, it exploded, creating a crater with almost vertical walls that was 15 meters wide in radius alone. And buildings began to fall in, making dangerous spikes and unstable ground; it was a death trap.

Then he turned to whoever said crap and spotted a girl-or woman, he couldn't tell from the distance. "Come here girl," he said and allowed his telekinetic field to grab her, however, he was still inexperienced with the ability and had a bit o' trouble .

((Is the last action allowed? Just asking to make sure.))

4/7/2010 . Edited 4/7/2010 #30
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