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Yuki Kuran

"I'm not sure, but you just said something about killing your son." Alice stood and walked over to the edge. There was a dumpster, so she could jump down without harming herself. "And that you're letting me off the hook because of it. I'll give you details in the morning, right now I think it would be best to go in case you other half changes his mind." She waited for his response before jumping. She didn't know how he would take the fact that he just killed his son and didn't even know it.

4/20/2010 #31

"..." he didn't respond at first. Instead he just walked up to her and teleported both of them back to the tavern, in the room where Alice was given. Trisha was still sleeping peacefully.

"I did? Well then just forget about it," he said. "Well-" he began but he just fainted and collapsed on the floor.

4/20/2010 #32
Yuki Kuran

"Xin?" Alice was by his side in a second. "He doesn't die, remember?" she said to herself. She tried to pick him up, but he was too heavy, so she got a pillow of the bed and placed it under his head. "Rest well friend." She got into the bed but did not sleep. She sat up watching Xin and Trisha, but after a while sleep came to her eyes as well.

4/21/2010 #33


Xin yawned and woke up. He realized that there was a pillow under his head. 'I don't remember falling asleep on a bare floor,' he thought curiously. Then he saw other Xin's memory of getting speared by Jealousy. "Oh," he whispered. He stood up and looked around and found Trisha crying and Alice fast asleep, unaffected by the cry. He shrugged and walked over to them. He first went to Trisha and fed her with his life force again.

When he was done, he looked at his crippled and moistureless left arm. Then he looked at Alice, sleeping without a sheet. He sighed and got the sheet that was tossed aside and put it over her.

4/21/2010 #34
Yuki Kuran

It was well into midday when Alice woke from a very heavy sleep. It took her brain a while to kick in, but once it did her mind was flooded with the memories of last night. She sat up and looked at the floor, Xin wasn't there. She noticed Trisha still sleeping, and figured he had taken care of her. She climbed out of bed and walked down stairs. "Boys, are you down here?"

4/21/2010 #35

"..." Xin didn't make the slightest noise as Alice went down stairs. He was laying on the ceiling and looked at Trisha. There was slight joy in him watching her sleeping peacefully. He closed his eyes and began to continue the talk with Jealousy.

'Let me out!' Xin flinched as Jealousy's voice rung in his ear. "What makes you think I will let go of you?" he asked outloud, but his voice was barely above audible.

'Shouting is better than doing nothing inside your vast empty mind,' he replied in a ugly voice.

"Doing so will only bring your death closer to you, Jealousy. There are others like you that I have 'killed,'" Xin said. "Why don't you meet you search for your fiance and see what I have done with her?"

4/21/2010 #36
Yuki Kuran

Alice came back upstairs. Il Hanos still appeared to be out cold. She sighed and looked out the window. "Maybe he's hopping rooftops again," she thought out loud. She plopped back onto the bed with her eyes closed and layed there for a few moments. When she opened her eyes she was so surprised she barley caught her scream. "What are you doing up there?" She asked with surprise, and a bit of scolding, in her voice.

4/21/2010 #37

"Having fun watching you scream like a little girl and enjoying making Jealousy happy," Xin smiled. He jumped down to the bed, landing right next to her but he landed so softly, there was not a single vibration. "I'll be back," Xin said as he scooped up Trisha from the cradle. "And don't be surprised when we do," he made a cold grin and disappeared with Trisha.

4/21/2010 #38
Yuki Kuran

"What? Wait!" Alice called, but they were gone. She threw her hands up and collapsed onto the bed again. "I guess I'll just have to live with this. He is immortal." She sighed and prepared herself for their return. She wouldn't scream this time.

4/21/2010 #39

It was only a minute after they vanished that they returned. Only difference was that in place of Trisha, there was a young girl who was riding on Xin's back. She had a long ponytail tied with a red bow and a white scarf that stood out the most. "Where are we dad?" she asked.

4/21/2010 #40
Yuki Kuran

Alice stared in wonder. "Trisha?" She asked. "Xin, where did you go and what did you do there?"

4/21/2010 #41

"Well, you see, I took her to my Haven, where I gather abandoned and orphaned beings and raise them there. I raised Trisha in there for I think 15 years now. Time flys faster in there, really faster," he attempted to explain. He dropped Trisha. "I've already told her about what happened here."

"Hey dad, who's that?" Trisha asked, her white eyes gleaming with curiosity.

4/22/2010 #42
Yuki Kuran

"Did you even tell her who I am?" Alice was a bit hurt. She had never thought of settling down and raising kids, but while she had Trisha, she really enjoyed it and was looking forward to helping raise her.

4/22/2010 #43

"Of course I know who YOU are, mom. I was talking about the guy we met in dad's place before we came here," Trisha said.

Xin shrugged. "I told her everything including the fact that we weren't married. But she just decided to call you mom anyway," he said. "And I've also 'twicked' her gene a bit," he added quickly.

Trisha glared at Xin who did not meet her eyes. "He made me immortal. Same kind as Jealousy's," she said in a low growl.

4/22/2010 #44
Yuki Kuran

"Wait a minute. You made her immortal?" Alice's voice rose a bit. "It would seem she didn't agree with that. Is that the same reason Jealousy attacked you?" Alice gave Xin the "scolding mother" look for a minute, then she saw Trisha. "You're so beautiful. You have to tell me every thing that has happened. 15 are you? I'm sorry I wasn't there for most of your bringing up." She walked over to Trisha and hugged her as she said this.

4/22/2010 #45

"It's alright," Trisha smiled. "Oh, I wanted to meet you so much mom!"

"She's the one who agreed to my proposal and Jealousy was mad at me because I killed his fiance and 95% of his race that I created," he smiled wryly.

4/22/2010 #46
Yuki Kuran

"Well why did you kill the others?" Alice did not look happy. "And why did you even create this race if you were just going to kill them in the end?" She put her hand on her hip and slightly tilted her head to the side.

4/22/2010 #47

"I'll just assume that you'll keep the secret to yourself.

"I killed them because of two reasons. First, they had begun to attack and enslave the humans, the undeads, and other races and their territory. Second...that action gave me a reason to test their strength and kill them," Xin said sinisterly as a thin long smile stretched across his face. Then a hand slapped him.

"Stop being a weirdo dad!" Trisha scolded angrily. "Especially in front of mom!"

"She asked!" Xin protested, almost whining.

4/22/2010 #48
Yuki Kuran

Alice looked at Trisha. "I thought he was only dark like that when there was no light around," she said, half joking. She assumed that each side could access the other. "Just out of curiosity, since you're obviously not going to tell me why you created this race, what's the back story on your two personalities?" She didn't really expect him to answer that question either.

4/22/2010 #49

"That? I was born like this-" he began but Trisha slapped him again. "Fine," he groaned.

"The other evil me is actually my consciousness and unconsciousness merged and sepearated based on the alignments. I am the good me, and the other is the bad me. Simple, isn't it? How did the conscious ness merge with the nconsciousness, don't ask me because that part I really don't know," he said, eyeing Trisha for any incoming slaps. But there was none.

4/22/2010 #50
Yuki Kuran

Alice smiled at Trisha. "You're more like his mom than his daughter." She laughed and looked at Xin. "So that's why you don't sleep. Your conscious mind is at rest, in a way, while your unconscious mind has the chance to roam, but they switch sides, rather than your unconscious mind remaining in your head, like dreams, it becomes the forward part of your brain. Did I get that right at all?"

4/23/2010 #51

"I guess you got the grasp of understanding my consciousness," Xin said with a smile. Then frowned. "Well, do you guys want to go somewhere? Like the market square, outside the city, on a quest, and somethings like that?"

Trisha seemed to ponder for a while. "I wanna go to see De Dragon!" she said excitedly.

Xin's face turned pale. "That is a absolutely out of the question!" he almost barked and Trisha twitched when he did. "Last time you visited them, you almost died-" Xin began and stopped.

4/23/2010 #52
Yuki Kuran

"What's De Dragon?" Alice had quite a bit of concern in her voice.

4/23/2010 #53

"De Dragon is-!" Trisha began happily when Xin went behind her and covered her mouth with his hands.

"It's nothing. Just a big old dungeon," he said with a bit of sarcastism in his voice.

4/23/2010 #54
Yuki Kuran

"Well now you've really got me curious. You know, she is my daughter too in a way, if she wants to tell me, I have a right to know. After all, I did tell her to tell me about everything that has happened these past fifteen years." Alice smiled, thinking she might have won.

4/23/2010 #55

"Fine," Xin said as he released Trisha.

"God, your hand smells!" Trisha complained.

"I've been working with the fir dragons before we came here," Xin protested.

"That explains it. Anyway, the De Dragon is actually a dungeon made for demon dragons-dragons who were bred between a demon and a dragon. Dad made the dungeon s that the dragons won't go berserk like they usually do and destroy half of this universe. But most of them are wise, intelligent, and fun to play with like any other dragon. But last time I visited there, I kind of ticked off a demon dragon and he went berserk. He almost killed me and dad had to restrain him," Trisha began happily but at the end of the sentence, she was sad.

"That's why you can't go there," Xin said with a firm voice. "Besides, if we go there, we won't be able to go to Jealousy and Faril's wedding in time," he added quickly.

4/23/2010 #56
Yuki Kuran

"Jealousy? I thought you killed him?" Alice was definitely not used to immortals. This was a big step up from a farm in the middle of no where.

4/23/2010 #57

"My vacuum eruptor is actually a gateway into my realm. Only immortals and god-class beings can go through it, however, no one is safe in it. So Jealousy didn't actually die but he was dropped on where my realm and his fiance was waiting," Xin explained. "You know what? You are the first person to be told of the vacuum's actual usage aside from the people trapped in my world." He smiled.

4/23/2010 #58
Yuki Kuran

"I'm honored, I think. So is this why Trisha had to become immortal? To enter your world?" Alice was a bit upset with that fact still, but Trisha didn't seem too bothered by it any more, so she was OK.

4/23/2010 #59

"There are two ways to get into my world: my vacuum or be teleported with me into it. Trisha was teleported in with me so there was no need to be immortal. I only made her immortal a year ago," Xin said.

"It was kind of funny how such power was given to me," Trisha giggled and then her face blushed as she stopped the giggling. She hated it when she giggled. It made her feel like a little girl age of 8. She hated it. Worse, it made her feel as if everyone around her feel the same way. She knew for a fact Xin didn't, he only considered it a bit cute but she didn't know about Alice's opinion.

4/23/2010 #60
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