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Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"Adventure, looking for an old friend, I sort of want to return something to him." Travis said, motioning towards the claymore on his back. "I'm sure it'd be more useful than the steel one he carries around. That, and where I'm from, it got way too boring." He laughed. "And how about you my dear? What brings you to this town?"

6/28/2010 #91

"I am a bard, so I travel from place to place, singing tales for the enjoyment of others for exchange of coins. I'll soon grow weary of it and return home."

6/29/2010 #92
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"A bard? Thats quite interesting, and where do you call home?"

6/30/2010 #93

"I am from Bothell, it is a simply farm town."

6/30/2010 #94
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"In all honesty, I've never heard of it." Travis said truthfully. "But I'm not all that well traveled about this area."

7/1/2010 #95
Yuki Kuran

"This seemed like the best place to go," Alice said as they entered the tavern. "Not too loud and good food. Xin took Trisha and me here just before we visited his world." She turned to her companions. "What would you like?"

7/2/2010 #96

"Xixil!" Trisha said joyfully.

7/2/2010 #97
Yuki Kuran

"I don't think they have that here, and I don't think you can transport us to Xin's world, can you?" Alice approached the counter and went ahead and ordered a standered ale.

7/3/2010 #98

"No..." Trisha said, her expression saddened.

"I don't want any of that!" Din shouted in the distance.

"Like I care! You're going to eat it, son!"

"I ain't your SON, YOU IDIOT!"

7/4/2010 #99
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"So much for it being quiet then." Eriq sighed audiably.

7/8/2010 #100
Yuki Kuran

Alice smacked her head with her palm. "How did I manage to come to the exact same place they were. Of all the places in all the universes they could have gone to, why here? Well, what do you want to do? Stick it out or head for the hills?" She looked at Eriq and Trisha.

7/9/2010 #101
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"Doesn't quite matter to me, I'll leave eventually, but for now I enjoy your company." Eriq said with a smile on his face.

7/12/2010 #102
Yuki Kuran

Alice smiled a genuine smile at Eriq before she rolled her eyes and became sarcastic. She wasn't fond of what Eriq was, but she couldn't help but enjoy it when someone was nice to her. "So Trisha, what do you want?" She asked, trying to change the subject.

7/13/2010 #103
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

The smile never left Eriq's face as he took a seat at a nearby table facing the door.

"Might aswell take the break when its offered, something tells me there aren't going to be many more during my stay" Eriq said to himself looking down at his hands.

7/13/2010 #104
Yuki Kuran

Alice walked over to the table too after leaving Trisha with a little money so she could buy what she wanted when she decided. "What's that supposed to mean?" She smiled as she sat down, a hint of sarcasm around her.

7/14/2010 #105
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq looked up and smiled at Alice. "Well, I was in the town for not even a day and got swept into a battle with immortals, I can't wait to see what the rest of this week has to offer." Laughing, he leaned back in the chair placing his hands behind his head.

"Hopefully this break will last though, I don't want to leave all too soon. Especially now that I have a few friends to share the stay with, if you'll allow me to stay with you, that is."

7/14/2010 #106
Yuki Kuran

"I'll let you stay with us as long as there is no funny busyness. I don't know what a week could have in store for me either. I've been her for two days I think and I have a daughter, I've witnessed several fights between immortals, and I've been to another dimension." Alice sighed and took a sip of her drink.

7/14/2010 #107
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"Define 'funny business' before I agree." Eriq said winking.

"And if thats what your two days have been like, I'm looking forward to my second."

7/15/2010 #108
Yuki Kuran

"Do I have to spell it out for you? You're an incubus, remember?" Alice's tone was light. She knew she wasn't in danger. Xin would fix this guy good if he tried anything. "Sounds like it'll be fun," she said in response to his second statement.

7/16/2010 #109
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"Come now, you're not quite my type, too delicate to stand up to an incubus' standards." He laughed, knowing that she felt safe because of the immortal. "However, seeing the regenerate powers of the immortal, well, I'd love to see how he'd fair." Eriq said looking off at nothing, then whispered to himself. "Could get interesting."

7/16/2010 #110
Yuki Kuran

"OK, gross!" Alice sat up in her chair to put her self at a slight distance from the man. "Little too much information there....Well, what do we do now?"

7/16/2010 #111
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

"Your call." Eriq said, laughing at her reaction.

7/17/2010 #112
Yuki Kuran

(when is Xin going to be back. I can't really abandon Trisha and he's the one that makes things interesting with his deadly personaities.)

7/19/2010 #113
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

(I don't know, but not a whole lot has happened in a while, so hopefully soon. Its fun to run from certain death after all. Haha.)

7/29/2010 #114
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Tara knocked on the front door of the inn, waiting for someone to come to it so that she could ask who the owner was and ask for work.

9/6/2010 #115
Yuki Kuran

Alice looked up and went over to the door. "Hello?"

9/6/2010 #116
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

Tara smiled. "Hello. I would like to speak to the owner of the inn, please."

9/6/2010 #117
Yuki Kuran

"Um, he's over there I think." Alice pointed towards the bar. "Trisha, stay here, Eriq watch her." Alice lead the woman over to the bar tender.

(since the mod hasn't been here in probably half a year, I'm going to say characters like the guards, bar tenders, inn owners, etc. are NPC and the mod can ban me when she gets back if she doesn't like it)

9/6/2010 #118
T-cat AKA TaraMafia

(I agree)

Tara nodded, following her over to the bar. Reaching it, she looked at him, hoping that her clothes were okay. A midnight blue tunic, with matching pants, black boots and a silver cloth belt. She looked at him and nodded her head.

"I would like to work here, if I may. I am a performer. I have my own instruments, and can sing." She said quietly.

(Could someone else be the innkeeper? Please?)

9/6/2010 #119
Yuki Kuran

(I think I'm the only other player here at the moment)

The inn keeper grunted and looked the girl up and down. "If they boo, you leave. I don't want you to scare away my customers. Any change they throw at ya, ya keep, but if you want wages from me, you gotta do more than sing."

9/6/2010 #120
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