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This world was created by Xin. It has normal trees, normal land, and water. The only difference is that the sun is purple and the sky is absolutely pure white. All kinds of creatures live here but most of the sentient population is centered near the portal in which Xin coems through and his vacuum eruptor makes a way for people to comes through.

The town that is centered around the portal is named Oyiam. It consists of four hundred houses-families- and there are 15 species in it. The house style are like that of renaissance buildings in Venice, Verona, and other Italy's cities, but the inhabitants wear modern clothes (jeans, suit, sweater, and etc.).

4/23/2010 . Edited 4/23/2010 #1

Xin, Alice, and Trisha all came out of teleportation and walked safely into the neatly stoned palaza.

"Home sweet home!" Trisha shouted excitedly. Then she turned Xin. "Dad, where's the wedding taking place again?"

"The wedding is suppose to take place on the other side of the town. Let's walk over there," Xin said.

4/23/2010 #2
Yuki Kuran

Alice was awestruck. "This place is amazing. How did you create all of it?" She looked at the sun. "Absolutely beautiful," she whispered to herself. She was silent for a few minutes more, then she came out of her daydream. "Oh, right! The wedding, how to we get there?" She turned to Xin and Trisha.

4/24/2010 #3

"The magician does not reveal his tricks," Xin smiled and walked ahead of them. Trisha sighed.

"We're gonna walk to the wedding. It's on the other side of this town," she said to Alice as she walked over to Xin.

4/24/2010 #4
Yuki Kuran

Alice shrugged. She didn't mind walking, it was a chance to see the beautiful scenery. She jogged up to Trish and Xin and kept pace with them. "So who's Jealousy's fiancé? And who exactly is Jealousy, I only met him when he was preoccupied with killing you. Will he still want to kill you?" Alice got a look of concern on her face.

4/24/2010 #5

"Well Jealousy wanted to kill me because he thought I killed his fiance and about 95% of his race. Yes I did kill 94% of his race but the rest of the 6% live here now," Xin said. "Jealousy is -well, there's no point hiding it- my flesh and blood clone without all my power and whatnot. His fiance is my flesh and blood daughter. "

"They've been together for like a century before they decided they were going to marry. Only after a year they decided that I killed their race and took some of them into here. My daughter, Shawla, really got mad at me and see somehow beat me up. Well Jealousy didn't know she was alive and began to hunt me down believeing that I killed my daughter. That idiot.

"Well he's fine now that he met her here. There was a scolding or two between them but it's fine now. Oh he still wants to kick m a** for a thing but it's fine now," Xin said and sighed. "I'm talking a lot lately."

4/24/2010 #6
Yuki Kuran

"I've been asking a lot. Well that's very interesting. Is that them now?" Alice thought she could see a group in the distance.

4/24/2010 #7

"Yeah it's them," Trisha said excitedly as she boosted and ran almost a quarter mile ahead of them in few seconds. There was a happy commotion in the crowd as Trisha came to them. Then all talking ceased for a moment and many of them came rushing at Xin.

"S***." Xin muttered quitely under his breath as the group swarmed him and Alice.

4/24/2010 #8
Yuki Kuran

"What's happening?" Alice called over the commotion. "Why are they all here like this? Isn't this Jealousy's wedding, why are they storming us?" Alice got a little closer to Xin. She only knew two of the race Xin created, Trish and Jealousy, and she wasn't sure what to expect.

4/24/2010 #9

"Where have you been?!" one of the crowders asked. It's been four hundred years since you left with Trisha!"

"Eh?" Xin made a surprised face.

"Dad, you forgot to use the time warp along with the teleport!" Trisha called out from quarter mile away.


4/24/2010 #10
Yuki Kuran

"Wow, I guess you missed the wedding then," Alice joked. She was starting to ketch on. "Did you bring all of these people here?" She figured he had, and that was probably why none of them were surprised at her being there.

4/24/2010 #11

"Yeah. They're probably assuming that I brought you here as well," Xin said as a woman came up to him shyly. She carried a baby in her arms. A man immediately followed behind her, he was Jealousy.

"D..dad,," the woman began. Xin looked at her and his brightened. The woman was a bit short compared to Xin but she was tall as Trisha. She had the same hair color as Xin and her face was beautiful.

"Shawla!" Xin shouted joyfully. Then he looked at the baby. "Congradulations!"

"This is Farlon, our youngest," she said happily. Then she turned to Alice. "Welcome to the White Skies," she greeted Alice warmly.

4/24/2010 #12
Yuki Kuran

"Thank you. I'm Alice, you must be Shawla. Who's this?" She motioned to the baby.

4/24/2010 #13

"This is my youngest daughter, Farlon," Shawla said happily. "She was born a year ago," she added.

"Wah, it's winter!" Trisha shouted unhappily into the sky.

"Oh yeah," Xin agreed. "I guess we won't be eating that for a while."

4/24/2010 #14
Yuki Kuran

"Eating what?" As much as Alice was getting, she still wasn't completely in the loop.

4/24/2010 #15

"Xixil fruit. It's a really good delicacy you find in my world in three of its four seasons, and as you can see from Trisha's disappointment, it's out of stock during winter," Xin said with a little sadness in his face. But the sadness was more of a disappointment. 'Well, I do really love the stuff. That's the reason I brought it from the A-0289 universe!' he thought to himself. He shrugged and opened his mouth to add something.

"Demon dragon!" someone yelled as a huge black dragon flew over their head. The crowd ahed and ohed as it flew away towards the mountains in the horizon.

"Dad, can I talk to it?" Trisha asked with a cute face. "Can I? Can I? Can I?" she repeated.

"...Fine," Xin gave in. "Just don't pluck its scales like last time." Within a second, Trisha disappeared.

4/24/2010 #16
Yuki Kuran

"Well, it seems the wedding was over about 400 years ago, and Trisha's already gone to the demon dragon. How about we go to De Dragon?" Alice smiled. She really did want to see the dragons. She had heard legends about dragons ever since she was little. None of her friends believed in them, but she hadn't given up hope, and now she knew they were real.

4/25/2010 #17

"Alright," Xin said but there was a uproar of disagreement from the crowd. He snapped his head and glared at them, and they shut themselves up.

"You sure you wanna go?" A tauren, a cow-headed humanoid with a lot of fur, asked quitely. "It's been noisy there lately." The tauren said as he petted his Jragon pet. The Jragons were a miniture dragon except they did not have wings and the max size they grew up to was up to a bear. The tauren himself was dressed in think and heavy looking blue chain mail. He had a crest of a 4 headed serpent on the chest of the mail.

"Why don't you come with us then, BlueHorns?" Xin asked as he grabbed the tauren-who was at least half a meter taller than him- and grabbed Alice on the waist. Then they disappeared along with the Jragon pet of BlueHorns.


The De Dragon Dungeon was a brightly lit and spacious underground chamber. It was like a sphere cut in half and shoved underground. There was no window, no bars, no enterence or exit, but there was almost thousands of huge black dragons big enough to easily eat a elephant in one gulp.

All of the dragons looked at the newcomers. "Hey guys!" Xin shouted happily, causing BlueHoof and his Jragon pet to flinch.

4/25/2010 #18
Yuki Kuran

Alice stared at the dragons. They were magnificent. Huge, scaled, and beautiful. "Wow," was all she could breath out. "How dangerous are they and what should I not do?" She didn't want to offend they dragons in any way, if they could almost kil an immortal, she had no idea what might happen to her.

4/26/2010 #19

Xin looked from dragons to dragons and pointed at their one horns on the dragons' forehead. "Unless the dragons allow you to touch their horn, DO NOT TOUCH their horns or You'll regret it," Xin warned her. "Aside from that the dragons don't mind anything. Some of them won't even bother to even take a glimpse of you."

4/26/2010 #20
Yuki Kuran

Alice swallowed hard and stepped into the dome like area. The dragons were huge. She walked up to a rather large black one and drank in its magnificence. When the light hit it just right, it seemed to shimmer blue. She wanted to ask so many things. Prove so many legends, learn what the truth really was, but she stood speechless.

4/26/2010 #21

The dragon looked at Alice and cocked its great big head. "What is it you want to ask, young and energetic human?" the dragon asked. "My name is Grwos, one of the leaders of the demon dragons and who are you missy?" he asked gently.

4/26/2010 #22
Yuki Kuran

Alice was caught dumb for a few more moments, it had actually spoke to her! "I-I'm Alice," she managed to stutter out. "I was wondering if you could simply tell me about your race." Her voice was very shy in front of the large creature. It could eat a whole house in one gulp. She felt very small, and rather afraid at what Xin had said about their tempers.

4/28/2010 #23

Dragon let out a growl that was like a laugh -if that is what it can be called. Xin scoffed.

"Every human that comes here often asks those questions. Hmm, let's see. Unlike the other dragons, like ice and fire dragons, we are actually descendents of humans that became dragons. Many of us had to interbreed because there are so few of us per universe until we came here. We gather and meet like the humans do, something we learned from other dragons," he said as he shook his great neck. Then he spoke something in another language and his body shrunk until it became a human dressed in black robe.

"We can change our forms," he said. He looked at her and smiled. He had silver hair and there were wrinkles. "We have only existed for about a universal length so we are not much of a great deal like the others."

4/28/2010 #24
Yuki Kuran

Alice's eyes widened. "That's amazing." She suddenly felt foolish for asking such a simple question and her blood began to rush to her cheeks. "Um, have you met Trisha? She told me she came here before." Alice realized after she spoke that that was probably not a smart thing to say since she had caused such an uproar before, but it was too late.

4/29/2010 #25

Grwos made a frown and a grin and at the same time. "That troublemaker?" he said. "She used to come here all the time! Even after Xin banned her from doing so since she got hurt," he grinned wider. "Personally I did my best to keep everyone calm but one dragon moving a herd of dragon is unheard of."


Din groaned as his mangled body began to fix itself. He knew Xin was in here.

"Hey Din, didn't Xin ban you from his world?" a centaur asked as he approached him cautiously.

"Oh, hello Vizayahs," Din greeted.


"Ugh, He's here again," Xin groaned.

"Yes, I smell him," Grwos agreed and let out a equally painful groan.

4/29/2010 . Edited 4/29/2010 #26
Yuki Kuran

Alice smiled. When he wasn't a huge dragon, Grwos was much easier to talk to. "Who is he?" She asked, referring to whatever they were talking about.

4/30/2010 #27

"He is Xin's-" Grwos began and then twitched as part of the dome cracked. "He's here!" he shouted abruptly as he changed back into his dragon form. Smoke and rubles dropped from the crack and then it collapsed. And then Din landed on the clear part of the dome with a body of a creature in his hand. He tossed the body at Xin who caught it.

A body of a centaur laid mangled and bloody in Xin's hands. "Vizayahs?" he whispered.

"Aye, it's me. Sorry boss. Couldn't stop him," the centaur said before his strength gave away and died.

"DDDDDDDDIIIIIIINNNNNNN!" Xin shouted as he pointed at him. "Heavenly Formation of the Star Colosseum Number 99!" he shouted abruptly. Soon walls decorated with pictures of every mystical creature erupted out of the ground and enclosed Din, Xin, Grwos, some other demon dragon and Alice.

"Xin if you use that-!" Grwos began. But then he was flung across the enclosed space by an unknown force.

"Xin's already given up!" Xin shouted as his voice changed into a unearthly voice; it was the evil Xin. "And don't you EVER advise me Grwos!" Xin shouted.


Grwos trembled as he attempted to stand up. Seeing that he failed, he changed his form back to the humanoid. "S***, he's out," he cursed. He, along with other demon dragons moved in position in front of Alice. "Hey Alice," Grwos said. "Don't look or you'll regret it," he said gently but with firm tone in his voice.


Xin let out a long low growl as his power ent out of control and the surrounding floor caved in a little under his feet. His red eyes slowly turned pitch white. "You shouldn't have come here," he said.

"Yeah, I guess. Didn't know you would've developed feelings for your little kids," Din said as he took a stance.

"Black Armor!" They both shouted.

Din had a black armor with a white sash and red robe but Xin had wave-like spikes coming out of his arms. They were small but they looked very lethal.

"Star Shield of the Heavenly Dukes," Xin said and Din was flung across the Colosseum. Din landed n the wall and stayed there as if there was a invisible giant hand pressing down on him. But the demon dragons were also hit by the same techinque. They formed a barrier in front of Alice as the technique roke their ribs and made them spit blood.

"Xin STOP before you kill your friend here!" Grwos shouted as he backed his people with a defensive spell but it broke before long and the steady continous tecnique bombarded the demon dragons protecting Alice.


Xin couldn't hear anything reasonable right now. Anger, hatred, and vengence built over a million years had just unleased itself and it wasn't going to stop until its prey had sumbited itself to it.

Din coughed up blood and looked at Xin. "What makes you think I came here with my old techniques?" he made a smirk.

"Bring it," Xin growled as he increased the pressure on the technique he was using it to kill Din and the demon dragons.

"Master of the Heavenly Myths!" Din shouted but nothing much happened. The Star Shield of the Heavely Duke seemed to have weaken a little but it soon strengthed again. "Wha-?" he looked confused and pale.

"Did you think I don't know that technique from the Gtansaw Books? Especially when I wrote those books?" Xin grinned and he teleported right above Din. The direction of the incoming pressure changed and it flung Din down to the ground below. The wall seemed to be unaffected by hte technique. But it had gave in when Din was flung like a bullet across the space.

The pressure on the demon dragons decreased, allowing them to breath a little.

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #28
Yuki Kuran

Alice took Grow's advice and ducked against the wall, but when she heard the commotion, she looked up out of instinct. She could see nothing of the battle, but what she did see broke her heart. The dragons had formed a barrier about her and had taken a large blow because of it. They were bloody and appeared to have strained breaths. She looked away and yearned for Xin's reason to come back to him. Who ever this Din was, she wanted him dead as fast as possible so the torment on these magnificent creatures would end.

4/30/2010 #29

"Grwos! The pressure's been lowered!" one of the dragons shouted as a dragon who had taken most of the pressure fell and died, having his lungs n** heart crushed to bits.

"Fly up guys!" Grwos said and he grabbed Alice and he teleported outside the Collusium. Rest of the dragons teleported out on their own but half of them died after teleporting outside.


Din growled as he unleashed his full power.


Grwos growled as section of the collusium broke apart and mangled pieces of Cin came through it. Xin came through but the pressure was not missing. "I had enough," Grwos heard Xin say as Xin picked Din up.

Grwos saw Xin's stance and understood what was going to happen. "Bad or good?" he whispered to himself.

4/30/2010 #30
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