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Yuki Kuran

Alice wasn't sure how Trisha had gotten the bricks, but she laughed herd at the direct hit. "Good job, but be careful of his counter attack," she warned, backing away a bit.

5/7/2010 #61

Xin looked and then just approached the two girls. "Damn it, why do I always get in trouble?" Xin groaned silently. He turned his head to Grwos and nodded and the dragons who were alive nodded back. He then grabbed Alice and Trisha by the neck and teleported back to the town.

Once having arrived at the town, Xin looked at Alice. "Do you want to look around more, or do you want to go home?" he asked gently.

5/8/2010 #62
Yuki Kuran

"I think I would like to look around. You have an entire world here, I'm in no hurry to leave." Alice was very excited to be part of this.

5/8/2010 #63

"Well then, choose a letter between A-Z. I must warn you, however, there are dangers that I have problems with," Xin said. "Well mabe Z will have something interesting than A but P is always good. D you've already been to and W is the wormhole, we're standing next to," he said as he gestured to the wormhole behind them.

Trisha groaned. "I wanna eat Xixil!" she groaned louder as she jumped up and down.

5/8/2010 #64
Yuki Kuran

"OK, let's try X, isn't that what Xixil starts with, right Trish? Let's go to X Xin."

5/8/2010 #65

Trisha hugged Alice.

"X? Okay, then. We're going to the Xahphilas Plains," Xin smiled. "It's where the taurens and the centaurs live. And right beneath them is the De Dugeon. Do not touch the flowers," Xin said without a cue as they were teleported to a green plain where the grass rose up to the knees.

There were a lot of animals there. There was elephants, zebras, giraffes, dragons, taurnes, centaurs, snakes, and dinosaurs. Al of them varying in variety of colors.

5/8/2010 #66
Yuki Kuran

Alice smiled brightly at the beauty. "Xin, Trisha. Do you want to race? And no power boosts or transportation or anything like that. Just old fashioned running."

5/9/2010 #67

"I'll pass," Xin said as a tauren and centaur approached him from their tribes. "I am the governor of this world. I need to fill out the paperwork :P"

"Okay!" Trisha said excitedly.

5/9/2010 #68
Yuki Kuran

"OK Xin, maybe next time. Alright Trish, first one to that big rock, I'd say it's about half a mile away. Ready? Set. Go!" Alice dashed away at full speed, she loved to run, especially in the open.

5/9/2010 #69

"Hey!" Trisha yelled as she rushed after her. She was pretty fast, even though she didn't use her superhuman abilities. She easily passed her mother and made it to the rock. But when she did reach the rock, she was huffing very loudly and sweat was dripping down her cheek. She sat down beside the rock.

'Damn this fragile body,' she thought.

5/10/2010 #70
Yuki Kuran

Alice arrived a few seconds later, panting and sweating as well. "Well...that was fun. When did you learn to run so fast?"

5/11/2010 #71

"I ran like hell training with dad out here," Trisha barely managed to answer. She fell on her side and gasped for air. "But...dad told me...my body was already ...weak..." she said.


Xin sneezed. "Huh?"

5/11/2010 #72
Yuki Kuran

"What? Weak? What do you mean weak? If you want to achieve something you can achieve it, it doesn't mater if your body is perfectly right for it. Trisha, you're only weak if you think you're weak."

5/11/2010 #73

"No...when I was crushed under the demon dragon...my body received permanent damage. Dad has a lot of them on his back...Since then, dad tried to heal them, but he couldn't...Now, I got this big scar across my chest that I'll have till I die!" Trisha managed to laugh. Thanks to instant regen, she was getting better. She jumped up to her feet.

"I still win," she said.

5/12/2010 #74
Yuki Kuran

"On one condition, you don't call yourself weak. People who talk bad about themselves are only doing it for pity, and I know that's not like you. You're right, you do win, so you can't be weak." Alice also laughed. "What else do you like to do here?"

5/12/2010 #75

"Nothing," Trisha smiled. "This world is a prison especially made for those like dad, his twin, and the species you see around here."

"They are all criminals with bounty over 500 million gold coin on their head," she said. "Well most of them are criminals. Few of them came here by accident. But most of them changed their ...mind once they Xin dealed with them, peacefully," she chuckled.

5/13/2010 #76
Yuki Kuran

Alice was slightly confused. "But it's so beautiful, how could you not like it here?" She glanced back up at the strange colored sky and then at the field around her. She could live here till the day she died.

5/13/2010 #77

"It's a prison, made to look like a free world," Trisha smiled. "Nobody likes to think that they are in a prison, especially me," she added quickly.

5/14/2010 #78
Yuki Kuran

"Why would you be in prison?" Alice was sitting in front of Trisha now, very interested.

5/15/2010 #79

"Well because this is my home. Isn't it obvious?" Trisha stuck her tongue out. "The animals here were added when some 'prisoners' complained for the lack of nature," she continued. "So Xin brought them first," she said as she gestured to a approaching raptors and the ferns. "I was not here or born when they were complaining but one of my friends here told me that when the raptors came, everyone shireked first and then played with them," she giggled.

5/15/2010 #80
Yuki Kuran

"So who are the prisoners? I understand that most of the creatures here are prisoners because they are trapped, but the raptors, for example, aren't here because they did anything wrong, so I guess I'm trying to ask who were the first ones? Why are they stuck here?"

5/15/2010 #81

"Only some of them are original prisoners. Most of them should've died by now, since Xin forgot to use the time warp with the teleport," she said.

5/15/2010 #82
Yuki Kuran

"Oh, so the place you were raised in wasn't as full as this place?"

5/15/2010 #83

"I was actually raised in some other part of this world. But I often visited the people here when I had the time. Did I tell you that this world is at least four times bigger than the world we originate from?" Trisha said.

5/15/2010 #84
Yuki Kuran

"No, you didn't," Alice said, surprised. "Is it round like earth? Or does it just stop? Since it was created by Xin it could probably go either way."

5/15/2010 #85

Trisha giggled. "That's the beauty of this world. Anything that you want it to happen-as long as it is not malinteneded- will happen. Let's say you want to walk on forever, you will BUT not in a circle like earth but like a plate. But if you want it to be a orb, it will be. I once wished that the world will be ahem... 'weird,' when I was a kid. I don't want to tyalk about it."

5/15/2010 #86
Yuki Kuran

"Well now I'm curios. Here's a hint about me. If you don't want to tell it, don't mention it." Alice laughed.

5/16/2010 #87

"I wanted the world to stop depending on the laws of physics," Trisha blushed. "Xin had to fix the problem personally."


Xin sobbed lightly as his subordinates buried him under piles of paperwork. "Where are you Trisha?! Daddy needs some help!" he shouted desperately but no sound got through the paperworks.

5/16/2010 #88
Yuki Kuran

"Speaking of Xin, what happened to him?" Alice looked around the field, trying to spot the immortal man.

5/16/2010 #89

"He's probably with the tauren or the centaur clan, filling out paperwork. They always love giving him that," Trisha smirked.

5/18/2010 #90
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