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Yuki Kuran

Talon pulled out a dagger and threw it at the things back, stunning it for a moment, but not killing it. That gave Amara enough time to find her spell book.

11/30/2010 #511
K.J DarKnight

Amara fumbled threw the pages till she found what she was looking for, not knowing it well enough she had to say it aloud "energi makt Eldin Jag uppmanar er, slukar energi och skicka tillbaka varifrån den kom!" she spoke an the ancient tong to bring out the magic. Purple glowing lines of energy formed a circle around the energy being. runes drew themselves beneath the energy man then a second later purple energy shot up around him consuming it and for a moment it looked as though Amara had won but then the energy turned blue and fell away and instead of destroying it Amara had made it bigger and stronger and it towered over her ready to strike back. Amara stared at the massive thing, wide eyed

12/2/2010 #512
Yuki Kuran

"Well s***," Talon mumbled, taking out his ax. "OK, I think it's time to go all out on this thing." He charged at its back and plunged his blade into its thigh, but it only swung around and knocked him into the far wall, tossing the ax after him before returning to Amara. "That pain's real," Talon grunted as the ax blade slid to his side. He tried to stand up but his legs were a bit stunned. He looked around for Albus, not sure it this thing was even supposed to be able to do this stuff and hoping he could at least get a reading off of his face.

12/7/2010 #513
K.J DarKnight

Amara stumbled back a couple of steps, looked scared of her accidental creation

Albus knew this was not supposed to happen and whatever Amara had done released the energy to have a will of it's own and disregard it's intent.

Albus had to act with Talon down and Amara to scared for the moment, he rushed forward and shoved Amara out of the way as it made a grab fro him

12/7/2010 #514
Yuki Kuran

Talon urged himself to stand till his head stopped spinning and grabbed his ax. He noted Albus and knew this wasn't good. He ran as best he could over to Albus and brought his ax down on the creature's arm.

12/8/2010 #515
K.J DarKnight

the the creatures energy pulsed right threw his axe and towards Talon

"Talon drop it!" Amara abruptly shouted

12/8/2010 #516
Yuki Kuran

Talon released the ax, but not before a small portion of the energy pulsed through him. He fell to the ground where he was, the energy surging through him at an alarming rate. He would live, as long as she creature didn't kill him while he was stunned and numb.

12/8/2010 #517
K.J DarKnight

Amara realized neither of them would be able to fight this thing, she flipped threw the book quickly and found a spell she hoped would help, she crouched and put a hand flat on the floor and chanted something, seconds later a dragon of white energy formed around her so she was inside of it

12/8/2010 #518
Yuki Kuran

Talon laid where he was, unable to move and completely numb. He saw a bright flash before him. 'Damn it,' he thought, 'either I'm missing all the action, or I just died.' Then the blue mass began to come into focus again. 'and I'm in Hell,' he added.

12/9/2010 #519
K.J DarKnight

The white dragon lunged forward and attacked the giant energy man while Amara watched. When she was sure the dragon was stable she turned and ran to Talon, still with a limp, she dropped beside him "'Talon are you ok?" she asked, obviously concerned

12/10/2010 #520
Yuki Kuran

"At least I'm not in hell," he said softly, a weak smile playing across his lips. "I can't feel my arms, but the rest of me is coming back."

12/10/2010 #521
K.J DarKnight

Amara bit her lip for a second "I'm so sorry, I knew this was a bad idea" she glanced over at the battle going on between the dragon and the blue figure.

Albus walked over to them

12/10/2010 #522
Yuki Kuran

"Don't feel bad sweet-heart," Talon said, slowly wriggling his fingers as the feeling came back into his arms. "I dragged you into this and I paid for it too. You had nothin' to do with it."

12/10/2010 #523
K.J DarKnight

"But I'm the one that messed up" Amara sighed

12/10/2010 #524
Yuki Kuran

"Damn it Amara, can't you let me take the blame," Talon smiled so he didn't frighten or upset her, he didn't intend for that to sound so harsh. He sat up, his arms were still tingling, but he could use them finally. "How long can that thing hold him?" He pointed to the dragon.

12/11/2010 #525
K.J DarKnight

Amara looked back at it "It should take care of it" she said though uncertainly

12/11/2010 #526
Yuki Kuran

"Don't worry Sugar-plum, I already told you this was my fault, you were trying to help." Talon stood and put an arm out to help her up.

(Just so you know, he doesn't mean sugar-plum as in what your grandmother may call you, he means it more like the fairy)

12/11/2010 #527
K.J DarKnight

(it's still cute ^.^)

Amara flushed a little pink but accepted the help

12/11/2010 #528
Yuki Kuran

Talon smiled at her reaction. He was definitely liking this place, and the longer he stayed here, the better he felt. It was a nice home with good people. "Those two are really hashing it out aren't they? I think they're shrinking."

12/11/2010 #529
K.J DarKnight

Amara nodded "that's the idea"

12/11/2010 #530
Yuki Kuran

"Well it's working then. I think I approached this the wrong way. It seems we should probably spend more time looking at that book." He pointed at her spell book with a smile.

12/12/2010 #531
K.J DarKnight

Amara looked at it "Heh, yeah might be a good idea"

12/12/2010 #532
Yuki Kuran

Talon paused for a minute, then smiled. "You know," he chuckled, "that thing ain't dead yet. And here we are, standing around talkin' like it's gone." He turned to the creature with a little laugh in spite of himself. How quickly fear could disappear when you were around friends.

(you've probably heard, but i'm leaving for vacation tomorrow. hopefully there will be internet access at the hotel, but even so, i'll be busy and don't know when i'll post. just leting you know I haven't deserted you. even thought i've probably been gone longer with no reason at all. :/ )

12/12/2010 #533
K.J DarKnight

(Yeah you did tell me. No worries, have fun!)

amara smirked and looked over "Yeah but it's pretty much taken care of I think"

12/12/2010 #534
Yuki Kuran

"Well, looks like you still won. What were the plans for the rest of the day?" He smiled at Amara and then looked to Albus.

12/12/2010 #535
K.J DarKnight

Amara shrugged "I don't have plans"

Albus smiled "How about something less stressful, I have a pool, we could go for a swim" he suggested

12/12/2010 #536
Yuki Kuran

"Uh," Talon looked a little nervous, then smiled, but it was a forced smile. "OK, I guess."

12/13/2010 #537
K.J DarKnight

"You don't like swimming?" Amara asked

12/13/2010 #538
Yuki Kuran

"No, that's not it. I just uh...I don't have anything to swim in." Talon shrugged his shoulders, his smile a combination of relief and false sadness. This was the first time he had ever appeared genuinely nervous.

12/15/2010 #539
K.J DarKnight

Albus smiled "I'm sure I could scrounge something up for you" he assured "Only if you want to of course" he added

Amara looked between them "Come on, it will be fun"

12/15/2010 #540
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