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This place is basically a small place in town, where it's quiet and peaceful. A few tree's here, a few there, and in the midst of it all there's a river with a large marble bridge over it. It's more like a small park if anything else, complete with benches and a little ways off a playground.

6/7/2010 #1

The boy came to a stop just before nearly running into a tree, "And here we are..." he said panting slightly and leaning forward onto the tree, "He turned back, you may now let go uhn." he said excitedly loosening his grip on the girl.

6/7/2010 #2

When Jedda dared to peek over the boy's shoulder again, she found they were in the middle of the cleanest park she'd ever seen. Was that a marble bridge? She felt her mouth pop open in surprise. Whoever owned this park had to be loaded.

"Oh!" Jedda released him and slid to the ground, bracing a hand on his shoulders. Her legs were a little shakey.

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #3

"You ok?" he asked her worriedly and looked her over, "Can I help?" he asked her and scratched the back of his head...with his hand...but all the same...similar to that of a dog.

6/7/2010 #4

Sucking in a breath, Jedda shook her head a moment and snatched her hand away, straightening.

"No, I just need a second to get used to standing still again." she chuckled weakly then sighed, glancing back the way they had come, "D'you think we're far enough away now?" she asked, scratching at her arm. She couldn't help but be distracted by the environment around her... it was all so pretty.

6/7/2010 #5

"No idea where we are." he said truthfully and leaned back onto the tree and slid to the floor. He yawned lazily as he scratched the back of his head again, underneath his hair he revealed a small furry bump but it was covered up again, "So what's ya name?"

6/7/2010 #6

Glancing around, Jedda decided it was safe enough- considering a confirmed nutter had carried her off- and she dropped onto the grass, crossing her legs beneath herself,

"I'm Jedda." she told him with a shrug. She didn't offer a hand to shake or anything else- habit from living a life on the street. "How come you can run so fast?"

6/7/2010 #7

"A Neko's a lot faster." he said honestly, "But I'm a kitsune that's why!" he said to her nodding and grinned, "And ok Jedda. The name's kit. By the way in case you cared." he said and laid onto the grass stretching lazily.

6/7/2010 #8

Jedda scratched her head and frowned,

"A what? And a... huh..." she shook her head, "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to you know... be rude." she shrugged again and huffed. She was no good with conversations. "Kit." she wiggled her nose, testing the name out on her tongue, "I've never known anyone named Kit before."

6/7/2010 #9

"My mom thought it'd be funny...You know Kitsune, Kit. Who says a fox doesn't enjoy a good joke here there? They grin for a reason." he said curling up slightly on the ground in a ball.

6/7/2010 #10

The corner of Jedda's mouth curled upwards and she shrugged,

"I guess... So, you're like... some sort of fox... thing?" she asked, watching him with her small frown returning. She was so confused.

6/7/2010 #11

"Yep." he said to her and looked around before sitting up straight, slowly uncurling from the top of his head came two, rather large, bushy fox ears and unraveling from around his waist, from under his shirt, was the matching tail, "A kitsune. A fox Demon in some parts. Or just a fox Hybrid on others. Doesn't really matter to me, cause I'm just me ya know?" he said to her and scratched his head again, "Cursed place. So dirty. Probably the first clean spot in this town."

6/7/2010 #12

Jedda blinked when his ears and tail unfurled... and blinked again... then grinned,

"Oh my god! You are so cool." she chuckled and reached out to touch his tail then snatched her hand back at his 'dirty' comment. Jedda was filthy and he probably wouldn't appreciate her petting him anyway.

6/7/2010 #13

He chuckled, "Meh...Not really." he said getting emberressed and then looked at her tilting his head to the side. He smiled and crawled towards her and slowly let his tail run across her cheek, "I don't mind people touching my tail, just don't pull k?" he said to her laying down, letting his tail flick back and forth.

6/7/2010 #14

"Kay." she couldn't help but grin when his tail ran across her face. It was so soft. She made sure to pet it carefully, running her fingers over it as he flicked it about, "So, other than run really fast, what else can you do?" she asked, curiosity aflame by this odd boy.

6/7/2010 #15

"I can do alot of tricks with my bag." he said taking a piece of cloth from his pocket and tieing it's corners and it around to the point it became a small hand bag, "And I can well...I have an ability I use for fighting but I'd rather not say if that's ok? And I can transform into my Demon Spirit form, the true form of most fox spirits and my actual Kitsune Form, which is more stronger then my humanish form, which I'm in now." he said and looked at her curiously...Sometimes his human identity and his fox identity would get confused. So, without the intention to, he was looking at her the same way a pet may look at a possible owner. he wagged his tail back and forth and laid down next to her, yawning, "Not much a Kitsune can do."

6/7/2010 #16

"See, I told you that you're cool. How can you say that isn't cool?" she teased, petting one of his big ears. It was soft like his tail. Jedda had always had a soft spot for animals and the boy was cute as a button. She had the sudden urge to ask if she could keep him but that would be rude... wouldn't it.

She didn't mind him not telling her about his battle powers- he was mind-boggling enough already. Still, she liked him.

6/7/2010 #17

If he had been a Neko he deffinetly would have purred but instead he looked at her and just grinned, again and again he would grin. "Guess I'm just used to it. I've been around a long time." he said and without really bother to ask he yawned and stretched before crawling over and nuzzling onto her lap and rested his head there. Though he was in human form, the way he moved was deffinetly similar to that of a fox.

6/7/2010 #18

If anyone else had practically crawled into her lap, Jedda would have given them a black eye but Kit was... well, he reminded her of an animal, a fox, of course but a pet rather than a wild one. She didn't delude herself into thinking he was tame, however, and was careful how she petted him. Animals and people, Jedda had learned, could turn on you in an instant.

"Really?" she asked, "You hardly look older than me." she told him, pursing her lips. He was cuddling up to her like a cat. Cute.

6/7/2010 #19

"Looks mean nothing. People aren't always as they seem either. A young babe can be centuries old with my people while an old geezer can be no older then five. It just depends who or what you were born to meh." he said to her not bothering to open an eye.

6/7/2010 #20

Chuckling, Jedda shrugged,

"I guess, though I dunno about that last one... I've heard people say the older you get, the more you revert but... to look five... I dunno." she admitted as she drew a line with her finger from the tip of one ear, over his forehead to touch his human nose. He was odd and old and part-animal but Jedda was finding she didn't mind so much. It was nice to talk to someone without wondering about scheming or exit routes...

Then again, he was a fox. Maybe he was lulling her into a sense of security so he could... eat her or something. She thought about it a moment then shrugged- oh well, at least she'd have enjoyed the last few moments of her life.

6/7/2010 #21

Din appeared next to Jedda and Kit with Trisha under his arm. She was struggling to struggle, a bit bloody, and Din was also bloody. "Eh? What's this? A fox?" he grinned.

6/8/2010 #22

He chuckled as he felt her thumb and then suddenly he stiffened and sniffed the air, he grolwed lightly in his throat and pulled her back as suddenly a human like creature teleported infront of them. He tilted his head to the side, "Now what on earth?" he said, one ear falling to the side and one staying up showing his confustion. His tail went back and forth, "May I help you?" he asked the man.

6/8/2010 #23

Jedda huffed, annoyed that she had been surprised yet again- it didn't happen often... but then again, people didn't just appear out of thin air usually either.

"You better not have brought that blood-sucker with you." she grumbled, pushing to her feet and glancing at Kit. Maybe he'd bite them for her. She smiled at the thought. "Is she gonna be okay?" she gestured to Trisha, biting her lip.

6/8/2010 #24
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

((From Streets))

Eriq reached the entrance of the river, still holding the girl over his shoulder.

"I suppose you want down now, eh?" He chuckled, folding his wings back against his back.

6/9/2010 #25

Xin appeared high above the ofrest and the river. "Gah, I can't see them!" Xin growled. Then he pointed at the ground below. "Vacuum!" he shouted as miniture blackholes-multiple- appeared.

Din gulped. "Anti-Demon Art #71: Shield of the Archangel Gabriel!" Din shouted as the magic formed a shield of light around him, Trisha, Kit and Jedda, just before a blackhole landed on top of it but failed to penetrate the shield.

6/9/2010 #26
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq sighed recognizing the voice. Then turned to the girl he had carried here.

"I thought you were going to pick somewhere safe to hide out, well, do we run, or do we stay?" He asked, raising one eyebrow.

6/9/2010 #27
Yuki Kuran

Alice had climbed off Eriq's back by now and rolled her eyes. "That was supposed to be a safe place, safe from Xin anyway, but we can't run yet. We have to find Trisha, she's the girl that was attacked by Xin and then taken away by Din." Alice walked ahead, looking for Trisha. She glanced in Xin's direction nd figured this was a bad idea, but she had to find Trisha so she shouted. "Trisha! Where are you?" She ducked behind a tree where Xin couldn't see her right after she yelled.

6/9/2010 #28
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq ducked behind a tree as she shouted.

"Why do you need to find this girl exactly? Is she that important that you put your neck in the guillotine?"

He sighed. "Can I atleast know your name, or what to call you by, darling?"

6/9/2010 #29

"MOM!" Trisha shouted from not so far away distance. Din let her go but she was still scared and remained behind him and the shield he casted.


Angered Xin elt out a roar. Din was interfereing with his fun and everyone was running away. Running away just makes things harder! "Heavenly Formation of the Star Colosseum Number 99!" he shouted as the entire river area was divided from the rest of the world by huge walls with ancient writings engraved on them when they all suddenly broke out of the ground.

"Nowhere to run now!" he shouted as he came down and drew out Howl and Death.

6/9/2010 #30
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