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"Just pulled the spear out of me or pull me out of the spear!" Trisha groaned as another spurt of blood stained Alice's shirt.

Xin turned to Kit. "Howl," he summoned a 6 foot long broadsword and threw it at him.

6/20/2010 #61

Jedda rolled her eyes at the know-it-all and poked out her tongue... then winced when the girl was pinned to the barrier- okay, so maybe antagonising him wasn't the smartest dea. And that was what he was doing to his daughter.

She squeaked as the crazy man pulled a sword out of nowhere and threw it. Her eyes went round and she gripped Kit's shoulder. He was fast, he could move, right? She yanked him to the side, hoping to roll them both out of the way- avoidance, it was the one thing she knew how to do well.

6/20/2010 #62

Kit looked up, his eyes flashing silver and he pulled onto Jedda as they rolled moving them faster and farther away. "They fired first. The drew blood first." he said softly as he clutched onto her. He stood up brushing himself off. He turned his back to Jedda, "Try to find a place to hide k? When this is over I'll see what I can do." he smiled at her and swished his tail.

He put his hands together and drew them apart slowly small balls of flame appearing for every inch he spread, a total of five, "Fox fire!" he said firing each small ball in succession at the creature that had attacked them.

6/20/2010 #63

Jedda thought her eyes might pop out her head. Find a place to hide? In a bubble in the middle of the park? She glanced around- thankfully they had encompased part of the tree they had been sitting under. One half looked ready to fall down but the other was still pristine.

She was tempted to go hide behind Kit's shoulder- she didn't know squat about anyone else here and he seemed to be the safest place to hide at present but she settly for the tree. Hurryng over, she pressed against the bark, biting her lip. The world had gone insane and she had stepped right blinly into it.

6/20/2010 #64

Xin merely ignored the fire as it hit him....but unfortunately, it did no damage. "Ah, ready to fight are ya?" he asked as he used telekinesis to pull the Howl back into his hand. And then threw it again.

"Stop Xin!" Din said as he used his telekinetic powers to stop the broadsword from striking Kit's head, only a feet or two away before it succeded.

"Shuddup," Xin said as he teleported to the back of Kit and made a steel sword out of thin air and slung it down on Kit's head.

6/20/2010 #65

"Break the Seal." he said in an echoing voice and the power released from his tiny, teenage body had been just enough to not only keep the blade from landing ontop of him, but also to push back his Attacker a few yards. With the energy still flowing freely, Kit's body slowly started to glow, the glowing light taking form into the shape of a large, four-tailed fox, and surrounding his body. Protecting him in a cacoon of pure energy as he transformed, keeping him safe from further harm. When the cacoon emerged a much different Kit had emerged.

This Kit's ears had grown larger, and were a deeper grey in color, and on his backside, no longer did one tail reside but four, swishing slightly and standing straight with eachstep he took. He had grown a good foot or two taller and his body was more toned with muscle. But that wasn't the scariest of the changes, it were his eyes. No longer were the eyes of a boy, they were the eyes a Creature. A creature centuries old, but not only that, hidden behind was the wisdom of the ancestors before him and their power followed. This was Kit's true Kitsune form, this form that proclaimed his race as gods amongst the earlier Japanese Dynasties.

"Please." he said, his voice was quiet and almost melodic, but it boomed with a slight authority, "Refrain from attacking me. I have a friend and she has no issue in this. If you wish to fight, do so when I'm alone. Not when I'm with a friend."

6/20/2010 #66

"Kit!" Jedda called out as the crazy man appeared behind him, a sword aimed for his head. Surely he could not dodge such a blow- even him.

"My God!" she breathed as Kit transformed and she pushed herself even closer to the tree. He had mentioned another side to himself but she hadn't thought he would actually physically change. She thought he might have had a split personalityor something wierd like that... not another form.

Watching him, though, she supposed he was not all that bad-she had seen uglier humans and nastier men. Kit just wanted to be left alone. Still, Jedda was fighting to keep herself on the ground rather than up the tree at all the craziness that was going on.

6/20/2010 #67

"Wonderful," Xin said as he looked at Kit. "Haven't seen your kind in centuries...well, last time I saw them, I was having feast with their bodies-God, they taste gross!- but you look tasty," Xin growled.

"Whoever, you are just keep defending and do not let him rip off your flesh! No matter what!" Din said as he drew out several hundred spears from thin air sent them flying to Xin, one by one.

Xin just laughed. He scratched his black armored skin and smiled. "A friend did you say," he said as he looked around. When he saw Jedda, his smile broadened. "Ah, a sweet tasty-looking lady," he said.

6/21/2010 #68

"Not to worry about that." he glared and threw a small blue flame at him, "Hey look over here you giant idiot of an Immortal!"

6/21/2010 #69

"Idiot? Hello, I'm talking to a FOX!" Xin smirked as he ATE the ball of flame and didn't effect him at all. "Ugh, that's really ugly weak thing you threw there," Xin gagged.

Din teleported behind Xin and struck Xin's neck.

The sword broke at contact with the black armor that acted like skin. "Ugh, did you actually try to kill me with a steel sword?" he said as he grabbed Din's wrist and snapped the entire arm's length off of him. Blood spurted everywhere and sprayed onto the grass and the trees.

"Thick, dark red sweet blood."

6/22/2010 #70
Yuki Kuran

It had taken Alice a while to get Trisha out of the spear and vis versa. When she was finally free, Alice noticed the blood on her shirt. She didn't really care, it wasn't the first time she had been covered in blood. She had completely forgotten about the world around her until she heard a strange, almost eerie voice. She turned and saw that the fox boy had become more of a fox demon. It took her back a bit, but not for long. She had seen plenty of weird things since she came to this city, this was just another thing to add to the list. She continued to watch as the fight continued. She was taken back again by Xin's vampire-like nature. She knew he was blood thirty, but not literally. She thought about scolding him, but wasn't sure if that would help or get her killed. She looked up at the moon, still three hours till morning. She sighed and looked back at Trisha, "I don't know what to do," she whispered, mostly to herself, but hoping for some sort of answer from anyone, or anything.

6/22/2010 #71

"Dad, WAKE THE F*** UP!" Trisha shouted, loud enough to make the birds in the distance and outside the colusium flutter away.

Xin froze for a second. "!"

Din took this as a chance. "Wrath of God!" He summoned the deadly blade that kill its wielder and sliced Xin from head to toe. "Attack!" he yelled to Kit and Trisha.

Trisha immeditely pulled the spear out of the barrier and thrusted it as hard as she can.

6/22/2010 . Edited 6/22/2010 #72
Yuki Kuran

Alice cupped her ears at Trisha'a shouting and then stood back when Din yelled attack. She had asked for help, and she got it. She stood as far from Xin and the others as she could, making sure she didn't get in the way. She moved around the wall of the bubble, heading to a tree that looked like she could stand by and be out of the way. As she approached the tree she noticed the girl who had walked up when they fell out of the sky. "Don't worry," she said, her voice gentle, "you'll get used to it."

6/23/2010 #73
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq smiled, the command may not have been meant for him, but he seized the opportunity for vengeance. Drawing the claymore from his back, he charged, swinging the claymore and aiming to take off the filthy immortals head.

"I always hated when I got brought into fights like this, now I dragged myself into one." He sighed, knowing that if he helped this other side that Alice seemed to think could protect them, he'd be able to move on peacefully.

6/23/2010 #74

Eriq DID managed to get Xin's neck but the pitch black skin Xin had worn didn't even get a scratch, but it did freeze him under the pressure of the hit for a second. The spear that Trisha threw did, however, manage to pierce Xin's heart and give him extraordinary pain. And then the Wrath of God struck him again, destroying the skin armor around his shoulder.

Din and Trisha backed away as Xin fell on his knees from the combo of attacks.



Then there was laughter from Xin. "Fools." He stood back up and pulled the spear out of him. "The greatest ecstasy comes from the greatest pain," he said as he threw the red spear at Eriq and made his own Wrath of God and struck Din, slicing him in half and distorting the spaces that once was the wounds.

6/23/2010 #75

Jedda glanced at the woman edging her way towards her and her tree then pulled a face,

"I don't think so. I'll never get used to this sort of thing." she admitted, careful to keep an eye on what was going on and who was winning- it never seemed to be them- and she shrugged a shoulder, "I don't think I'd want to either. This is... insanity!"

She winced at the way the crazy man kept hitting everyone. Wasn't the protectiv bubble supposed to be protecting them?!

6/24/2010 #76

Kit clicked his tounge in an annoyed noise but he just stayed where he was, the man hadn't attakced him so why should he attack. And no duh, they were supposed to be weak attack. What the Hell kind of dammage would be in a flame the size of not even his fist! He fired the attacks to throw off wariness, give a sense that he was weak or to even get a sense for his opponents power, as such he'd learned this figure was formidable, not so as a Seven-tailed fox on up, perhaps a six tailed could do the job, but without help he wasn't sure how he'd fair. He was bairly gonna get his fifth tail in...a decade? Or less...His years had been muffled up over time, every time he got a tail he knew another centuary had passed, but he lost tracked of just how much time he had left before his fifth tail would reveal itself. But now wasn't the time to be thinking of that, now was the time to watch and observe a fight.

6/24/2010 #77

"EEK!" Trisha shrieked as she ran to Din. "You okay?!"

"Obviously no!" Din said as he pulled his lower body closer and the wound healed. "Argh, the space distortion swtched by large intestine with the small intestine."

"Eeww," she replied in a lower voice.

Xin appeared beind them. "Yeah, I agree, that is pretty disgusting," he said casually as he drove the Wrath of God into Din from his back, into his spine and out of his chest.

Now Akallas was simply trying to escape the Estate, but somehow, he's abilities made him come into his FATHER's battleground. "Oh S***!" He said as he made two daggers in his hands.

If there was one thing about the Heavenly Colusiem, it was that no god-class abilities can be used in it; it meant he can't escape unless the spellcaster decided to let him go.

6/24/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #78
Yuki Kuran

Alice caught her breath when Din was cut in half, but she did not move. She knew that if she tried to help, she would only end up dead. When she saw that he was healing, she relaxed a bit, until another figure popped into the fight. "Who the-" She stopped her sentence before she brought negative attention to herself. She would let these guys fight this out for another two and a half hours and then they would talk.

(I guess I'm the time keeper now huh?)

6/25/2010 #79

((I guess XD ))

Akallas saw his dad and paled. "So not my day," he said as he threw a dagger.

Din was half dead from the destructive effects of the weapon. As soon as the blade left Din, he collapsed on Trisha's leg -thankfully she was there or his head would have been impaled by Xin. Xin turned to Akallas and smirked.

"Definitely, not my day!" Akallas said as he made the Shield of the Heavenly Duke around himself.

1 hour before sunrise...

6/25/2010 . Edited 6/26/2010 #80
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq had to admit that this immortal saw much of the world in the same way that he did, maybe he was on the wrong side of this conflict? Then the spear was flying at him.

"Sh--" and it hit him in the shoulder and dropping him to the ground, and then the blackness came, and he was unconscious.

6/26/2010 #81

"Hahahahahaha!" Xin shouted maniacally but ...happily. "You-" he froze. "NO NOT YET! NOT WHEN I HAVE SO MUCH TO -!" He screamed as he grabbed his hair and roared like an insane patient in a hospital. "NOOO!"

Akallas took this moment as a chance. "Light of the Angels!" he casted a ray of light on Xin. Xin convulsed for a while. His black armor fell apart like a piece of sculpture and Xin stood there looking at the sky.

"..." Trisha stared at her father.

"..." Akallas stared at his father.

"...Did I do something stupid again?" Xin asked as he disintergrated the collusieum around them and the barrier as well.

6/26/2010 #82
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq's eyes snapped open, but his body would not respond to his wishes, all but his eyes and mouth that was.

"Anyone want to explain what just happened? and possibly get me up, I can't seem to do it myself."

6/27/2010 #83

Din chuckled. "Why does it always take so long for god-class beings to always fix their glitches?" he chuckled loudly. "And why am I on your lap?" he asked as he disintergrated the shield.

Trisha blushed. "Be thankful dad didn't pierce you in the head because you were on my lap."

Akallas walked over to Eriq and sighed as he pulled the spear out of his shoulder. "Xin over there is our dad," he said. "And he is the idiot of the universe," he chuckled. "And we all chuckle after we stop him."

"Not a laughing matter for me!" Xin asked as he tried to fix himself, which included spinning his head 360 degrees.

6/27/2010 #84
Trentreus A. R. Aubride

Eriq breathed heavily, lifting himself into a sitting position. "And what are your names then?" He asked, looking at all his new 'friends'.

6/27/2010 #85

"Trisha," the teenager replied.

"Akallas the Immortal," Akallas said proudly.

"Din the Inverted," Din said.

"And I'm Xin, but I got thousands of other names..." Xin said with a frustrated narrow eye.

6/27/2010 #86

Jedda stared at them all- they were totally and certifiably insane. She shook her head at them and looked about for Kit. She would be really, truly happy if they could just get out of here, away fromt he crazy man and his nutty family. This was normal for them? Good God help them all.

She let out a puff of breath when everyone started introducing themselves nice and happily... as if the man standing amongst them had not just tried to murder them all. Yep, totally and unbelievably insane. The lot of them.

6/27/2010 #87

"And here I thought I was a freak of nature..." Kit said quietly and put a hand to his heart, where he gently put pressure, "Kai..." he said and resealed his energy, leaving the shorter, weaker, nimbler...but cuter, Kit behind. He got on all fours and shook his body, as a dog would after getting wet and bounded over to Jedda, "Hiya." he said to her smiling.

6/27/2010 #88

Jedda had to smile back when Kit bounded over then shook her head again, getsuring to the family,

"Can you believe them?!" she exclaimed. People called her strange for living as a street-urchin and for stealing and for... well, being happy with it!

6/27/2010 #89

"I've seen wierder..." he said to her truthfully, "But not much I must admit." he grinned at her, his tail swifting from side to side, "All I know is I'm glad you're safe!" he said, and much similar to a dog...as usual, He jumped up onto her giving her a friendly hug, nuzzling her, "Hehe. I don't like it when friends are hurt. Plus, my power had just awaken so I could only use weak fire magic for that short time period. Ah well! Another day another battle!" he said letting go of her and sniffing the air, "So where to now?"

6/27/2010 #90
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