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Scottish Princess

((The place where Dax lives. Here's a map: ))


Reine smiled, then turned over onto his side and immediately fell asleep.

Dax blew out the lantern and laid down on his blankets, falling into a light sleep soon enough.

6/14/2008 #1
Reine Ayten

{Fast forward? And can Reine help out there? BTW, I've added the guy that bit him.}

6/14/2008 #2
Reine Ayten

{I'm making dinner now, be back in half an hour.}

6/14/2008 #3
Scottish Princess

((ah kay. Sure Reine can help))


Dax was up at dawn, rummaging around for any scraps of leftover food he could find.

6/14/2008 . Edited 6/14/2008 #4
Reine Ayten

{Now i have to eat and head to a play. Be back soon, around 9:30- ish}

Reine stirred in his sleep. "Mm, anything to eat?"

{Is it ok for him to move around now?}

6/14/2008 #5
Scottish Princess

(yeah it should be fine for him, mostly, but Dax will get on him if he tries to do anything too crazy. I'll see you later))

Dax sighed and shook his head, closing up the cupboards. "Nope, we'll have to go work for our breakfast."

6/14/2008 #6
Reine Ayten

{I have to go in like two minutes, but crazy like what?}

6/14/2008 #7
Scottish Princess

((Like nothing too strenuous on his ribs or leg. If he tries to run around and lift heavy things, Dax is gonna get annoyed.))

6/14/2008 #8
Reine Ayten

{I'm back}

Reine sat up, and began stretching. "Work where?" he asked.

6/14/2008 #9
Reine Ayten

{Check out Reine's... i don't know what you'd call him... vampire. He's on the character forum, and pretty scary too.}

6/14/2008 #10
Scottish Princess

((yay! I'm gonna have to go soonish...))

"Wherever we can find some," Dax replied, "You feeling alright this morning?"

((I did already. He's alright as villains go))

6/14/2008 . Edited 6/14/2008 #11
Reine Ayten

{eh... I'm better at making up good guys. Be back late tomorrow?}

"I'm feeling ok, for someone who broke at least three ribs and has a puncture wound in his leg. I'm guessing it's alright to move around now?" Reine replied.

{When do you want him to come in? Because I really don't want to make it seem too soon...}

6/14/2008 #12
Scottish Princess

"Yeah, you should be fine, kid," Dax smiled warmly at him, "You're sure hardy enough." He opened the door, holding it open for Reine, "Let's go."

((yeah I should be back tomorrow, might go spend time with my bf though. Your baddy can come in after Dax and Reine have been working for a bit, that sound alright to you?))

6/14/2008 #13
Reine Ayten

{Hey, Bekka roped me into going to at least three movies with her. I'm still trying to figure out if she has a crush on me or not. But yeah, that sounds cool.}

Reine got up, and as he walked out the door, gasped. He had been out of it the day before, when Dax had carried him to the house, and so hadn't seen the surroundings.

{I might be on in the morning for a bit, you?}

6/14/2008 #14
Scottish Princess

((Just ask her! I will most likely not be on in the morning or during the day much, but in the evening I should be))

Dax raised an eyebrow, closing the door behind him. "Something wrong, kid?"

6/14/2008 #15
Reine Ayten

{Ok... I'll be on in the evening too.}

Reine looked over at him, a smirk on his face. He stuck his hands in his pockets, and tilted his head. "I never noticed where we are. And," he said, looking at his leg, "I think I need a new pair of pants."

6/14/2008 #16
Scottish Princess


"We're in my part of town. I know this area like the back of my hand. It may not be the nicest or the cleanest, but hey, it's all I have," Dax smiled and ruffled Reine's hair, "We'll find you something, kid, I promise. Follow me." He started walking.

6/14/2008 . Edited 6/14/2008 #17
Reine Ayten

{Awww... Dax and Reine are starting to act like siblings... so cute!}

Reine smiled, then walked after him. "How far are we from the gatehouse?" he asked.

6/14/2008 #18
Scottish Princess

((heh, yeah I guess.))

"Practically across town," Dax replied, looking down at Reine, "Why?"

6/14/2008 #19
Reine Ayten

"Because of my little... predicament... I have to know where all the exits are." Reine glanced over at Dax. "Thought I'd get over asking it now, instead of in the middle of running for our lives, which trust me, will happen."

6/14/2008 #20
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded. "In understand. Most of the kids and other people I've helped in the past had somewhat similar situations, granted, only one of them was a Vampire."

6/14/2008 #21
Reine Ayten

Reine smirked, this time being careful to show his fangs. "Who was the vampire? Was it me, or was it someone else?"

{Are they there yet? They've probably walked far enough to have passed at least two jobs}

6/14/2008 #22
Scottish Princess

(yeah they're pretty close))

"She was definitely not you, kid. She was rather, uh, well, she made me very uncomfortable, especially at night. Most times I had to sleep outside." Dax stopped in front of an old building. "Here's job number one."

6/14/2008 #23
Reine Ayten

Reine looked at Dax, his eyes glittering in laughter. Two seconds passed, then finally he spoke. "What do we do here?"

{What do you mean by a bit? Like a day or two, or a couple of hours? Or even more than that?}

6/14/2008 #24
Scottish Princess

((what, huh? a bit what? What did I say?))

"Whatever they tell us, kid," Dax replied, then winked with his good eye. "It's not usually too bad, I promise." he opened the door.

((oh and I just realised that Reine hasn't asked about Dax's eye yet.))

6/14/2008 #25
Reine Ayten

{When the baddy appears. I thought it was tied in with the scars, and Reine asked about those... if it isn't, when would be a good time to ask?}

Reine gulped as the stench reached his oversensitive nose. "What is this place?" he asked.

6/14/2008 #26
Scottish Princess

"It's a butcher shop of sorts," Dax explained, "They basically take in almost anything that's been dead and do something with it, sometimes sell it for meat, other times make fish bait, who knows. Most time though they only make me do deliveries, which is actually rather fun."

((he can show up soon I guess, though I really should get to bed soon here. And Dax's eye, well, that's different than his scars in his mind. But if anything comes flying at Dax from his left, it'll be obvious to Reine that he's blind in that eye, if it isn't obvious already.))

6/14/2008 #27
Reine Ayten

{K, let me know when you're getting off. Would he just walk in and be like, "OMG, you're the guy I'm looking for"?}

"Anything?" Reine asked, a look of pure disgust on his face. Then he looked up at Dax. "I really hope we're only making deliveries. I don't think I could stand chopping up raw, bloody meat, if you know what I mean."

{Someone needs to play the butcher...}

6/14/2008 #28
Scottish Princess

Dax raised an eyebrow, "You mean, you, being part Vampire, don't like the sight of blood? Wow."

((I'll play the butcher. Tomorrow, though, since I'm not off to bed. And he'd probably drop in on them from the shadows and try to kill Dax to get Reine.Anyways. Night!))

6/14/2008 #29
Reine Ayten

{k, sleep tight. That does sound more like him. Wow, you know a bit more about my character than I do... that's sad...}

Reine paled. "That's not it...I'm starting to get a bit... hungry again. And I've had bad experiences with knives..." He looked around the store, and if it was at all possible, became even paler. "And there are a lot of knives here..."

6/14/2008 #30
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