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Reine Ayten

Reine, with nothing else to say, stuck his tongue out at Dax, took his shirt off, and threw the wet piece of clothing at the other boy.

8/19/2008 #2,791
Scottish Princess

Dax caught it with a grin. "I needed to wash these clothes, anyway."

8/19/2008 #2,792
Reine Ayten

Reine grumbled something under his breath, and took off the rest of his clothes, also throwing those at Dax.

8/19/2008 #2,793
Scottish Princess

Dax chuckled and caught those as well, making sure that Reine could see him running his gaze up and down Reine's body.

8/19/2008 #2,794
Reine Ayten

Reine just crossed his arms and looked away, a faint blush forming on his cheeks.

8/19/2008 #2,795
Scottish Princess

"Oh, come on. It's nothing I haven't seen before." Dax pointed out, smiling.

8/19/2008 #2,796
Reine Ayten

Reine still wouldn't look at Dax. "I-it's just awkward..." If anything, Dax's comment made Reine blush even more.

8/19/2008 #2,797
Scottish Princess

Dax leaned down and kissed Reine's cheek. "Sorry. But you do need a bath. Now I'm going to wash your clothes and get you some tea to drink. You just sit tight there."

((I'm off to bed. night))

8/19/2008 #2,798
Reine Ayten

{Night, see you tomorrow?}

Reine smiled shakily. "I-is that your w-way of t-telling me I smell?"

8/19/2008 #2,799
Reine Ayten

{Morning! Just so you know, I have a doctor's appointment, and then we're going to Costco, and I have no idea when we'll be back, but I'll be leaving around 10ish my time}

8/20/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #2,800
Scottish Princess


Dax smiled and kissed Reine's cheek again. "Well, I wasn't going to say anything.... I'm just kidding. You need this bath because it will help bring your fever down."

8/20/2008 #2,801
Reine Ayten

{I edited my morning post, you might want to take a look at it...}

Reine smiled a bit more. "F-fevers stink."

8/20/2008 #2,802
Scottish Princess

((ooh, good luck with the doc's appointment and have fun at Costco. I love that place! XD))

Dax nodded. "I know, but you'll get through it, you have before." He kissed Reine lightly on the lips, then straightened and turned to go clean his clothes.

8/20/2008 #2,803
Reine Ayten

{I do too! My mocha powder's there... It's the kind that smells good... XD I have to get a couple of shots before school starts... grr...}

Reine curled up in the tub, shivering from the coldness of the water.

8/20/2008 #2,804
Scottish Princess

((lol. oh, shots are not cool. I haven't had to have shots in..... gosh a long time.))

Dax pulled out another tub that he reserved for washing clothes in and filled it with water, scrubbing Reine's clothes clean. He checked on the boiling water on the stove and added in some herbs.

8/20/2008 #2,805
Reine Ayten

{No they aren't... I think, if memory serves me right (love that phrase XD) I have another shot for Hep C and MMR... my least favorite ones...}

Reine just sat in the tub, occasionally submerging his head to wash his hair.

Avery walked out of his room, yawning and rubbing his head.

8/20/2008 #2,806
Scottish Princess

((yikes. *rubs arm just thinking about it*))

Dax looked over at Avery and smiled. "You sleep better now?"

8/20/2008 #2,807
Reine Ayten


Avery smiled back, nodding. "Where's Reine?"

8/20/2008 #2,808
Scottish Princess

"In the bath," Dax replied, "He'll be out soon. Are you hungry?"

8/20/2008 #2,809
Reine Ayten

As if on cue, soft coughing sounds could be heard from behind the curtain. Which, with the cold water and all, was probably to be expected.

Avery nodded. "A little bit..."

{See you later!}

8/20/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #2,810
Scottish Princess

((okay, see ya!))

Dax started reheating pancakes from earlier.

8/20/2008 #2,811
Reine Ayten

{I'm back!!!!}

Reine called from behind the curtain, "Can I get out now?"

Avery sat down at the table, still trying to wake up.

8/20/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #2,812
Reine Ayten


8/20/2008 #2,813
Reine Ayten

{Scotty? Are you around here at all???}

8/20/2008 #2,814
Scottish Princess

((*waves* sorry, distracted with working on my story))

"Yeah I guess." Dax called back to Reine , "There's a couple towels over there for you."

Dax set a plate of reheated pancakes in front of Avery. "There you are."

8/20/2008 #2,815
Reine Ayten

{The one I read last night? That's alright}

Reine climbed out of the tub, shivering as the (what he thought) cool air hit his body. He dried himself off with the towels, wrapping one around his waist, and using another to wring his hair out. He peeked his head around the curtain sheepishly. "Are my clothes dry?"

Avery smiled and started eating. "Thank you!" he told Dax between bites.

8/20/2008 #2,816
Scottish Princess

Dax looked up at Reine and smiled. "Nope. You'll have to stick with a towel for now." then her turned to Avery, still smiling. "You're very welcome."

8/20/2008 #2,817
Reine Ayten

Reine shrugged, then walked out from behind the curtain wearing only one towel around his waist and he was still trying to dry his hair with another.

Avery smiled and kept eating.

8/20/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #2,818
Scottish Princess

Dax smiled at Reine. "You hungry?"

8/20/2008 #2,819
Reine Ayten

Reine shook his head. "Not really, no."

Avery finished up, putting his plate on the counter.

8/20/2008 . Edited 8/20/2008 #2,820
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