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As Edward entered the club, he saw dozens of dancing couples; some gay, some lesbians, but not a single straight couple in the place. He smiled.

"Good times," Edward sighed. "Good times."

6/21/2008 #1

Edward re-entered, followed by Ignatius and Ty. "Well, Ty, what do you think?"

6/25/2008 #2
Scottish Princess

Ty looked around, wide-eyed. It was rather overwhelming to a guy who preferred being a loner, especially a guy who went rather weak at the knees around other guys.

6/25/2008 #3

"Come on, let's head over to the bar. You can sit down, since you look like you're going to keel over any second now," Edward said, walking Ty over to the bar. Behind the bar was a 21 year old red-headed bartender.

6/25/2008 #4
Scottish Princess

Ty swallowed and followed Edward, sitting down on a barstool with a sigh.

((is the bartender male or female?))

6/25/2008 #5


"What'll you have?" the bartender asked, smiling.

"Mojito," Edward said. "How about you, Ty?"

6/25/2008 #6
Scottish Princess


"Water," Ty replied quietly.

6/25/2008 #7

The bartender went to the shelves behind him, and fixed their orders.

"Here you go, Edward," the bartender said, handing Edward his mojito. "And yours, cutie," handing Ty a glass of water, winking at him.

6/25/2008 #8
Scottish Princess

Ty blinked and took his glass, muttering. "Thanks."

6/25/2008 #9

"So," Edward turned to Ty. "Are you a full-on queen or just a fence-sitter?"

6/25/2008 #10
Scottish Princess

"Am I what?" Ty asked, confused.

6/25/2008 #11

"Sorry," Ignatius said. "Edward enjoys using gay slang. He meant to ask if you are gay or bisexual?"

6/25/2008 #12
Scottish Princess

"Oh," Ty turned red and shrugged, "I don't know, really." He'd never had anyone telling him what was the right and proper way to act, so he honestly had no clue.

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #13

"Hm," Ignatius said, leaving it at that.

"I see, confused," Edward said. "No matter. You'll know what you like sooner or later. To each their own."

6/25/2008 #14
Scottish Princess

Ty just nodded, sipping his water, his blue-grey gaze taking in everything around him.

6/25/2008 #15

Edward finished his drink. "Come on, honey. Let's dance!" he said, taking Ignatius' hands and leading him to the dance floor.

"Coming, Ty?" Ignatius asked.

6/25/2008 #16
Scottish Princess

Ty shook his head. "No, I'll just, uh, sit here and watch, thanks."

6/25/2008 #17

"Very well," Ignatius said. "Waltz?" Ignatius aked Edward.

"Shyeah, right!" Edward scoffed, throwing off his trenchcoat and dancing sultrily. Ignatius shook hs head. He just started dancing normally.

6/25/2008 #18
Scottish Princess

Ty sighed and sipped his water, just watching them. After a few minutes of watching them dance, however, he started to feel rather lonely and he turned to the bartender. "I'd like a glass of your strongest, please." he didn't care if he couldn't handle alcohol, that was actually the reason why he wanted something strong, to drown out his woes.

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #19

"You got it," the bartender said, fixing up a drink. "Here it is," he said, presenting the drink to Ty. "One Pink Triangle Pile-Driver."

6/25/2008 #20
Scottish Princess

Ty just nodded his thanks and gulped the drink down, ignoring the burning in his throat. "Get me another, please," he told the bartender, scooting the now empty glass towards him.

6/25/2008 #21

"You sure?" the bartender asked. "A few more of these, and you might wake up in a bed n***, with about nine other guys and no memory of what happened." He poured the drink and handed it to Ty.

"Wait a minute," Edward said, who was grinding on Ignatius. "Gay senses tingling. Someone's ordered a Pink Triangle Pile-Driver." He looked over to the bar. "Ty?" He stopped and ran over to Ty, followed by Ignatius. "Dude, did you just down one of those?!"

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #22
Scottish Princess

Ty muttered a slightly slurred thanks to the bartender and then downed the second one seconds before Edward and Ignatius showed up. "Nope," he told Edward, "Ijusss' downed twouvum." He hiccuped, and waved Edward off, "Now go'way."

6/25/2008 #23

"Dude, for your well-being, I'd advise you not to drink any more of those," Edward said, before dragging Ignatius back to the dance floor.

6/25/2008 #24
Scottish Princess

"Jus' onemore," Ty told the bartender with a hiccup.

6/25/2008 #25

"Alright, but one only," the bartender said, fixing him up another. "Y'know, you're the first person besides Edward who has drank more than two of those and not passed out yet."

6/25/2008 #26
Scottish Princess

"That'sshure amazin'," Ty slurred, wondering why he hadn't passed out, seeing as he was never good with alcohol. He downed the third one, thanked the bartender and then got off his stool, stumbling over to an empty corner table in the shadows and collapsing into a chair. He muttered some choice words under his breath and leaned forward, resting his head on his arms on the table.

6/25/2008 #27

Edward watched as Ty slumped over the table. "Oh, dear," he said. "Honey, come on," he said, taking Ignatius over to Ty's table.

"Hey, Ty?" Edward asked. "Are you alright?"

6/25/2008 #28
Scottish Princess

Ty growled something unintelligible and didn't lift his head or anything. If he was thinking clearly he might be able to tell them that he got rather angry when he was drunk.

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #29

"Alright," Edward said, shrugging and heading to the dance floor. "Coming, dear?" he asked Ignatius.

"In a while," Ignatius said, and Edward went off to dance with five other guys. Ignatius pulled a vial of sparkling holy water out of his pocket. "Here, drink this," he told Ty. "It should get rid of that buzz."

6/25/2008 #30
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