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K.J DarKnight

Micah smirked slightly "do you mind if I get you're name? It's not every day I meat a fellow vampire"

8/21/2008 #391
Reine Ayten

Reine coughed a couple times, which caused Avery to rub his back much like Reine had done for the boy not so long ago.

8/21/2008 #392
Scottish Princess

Dax extended his hand to Micah. "I'm Dax. Dax Santillion. And you are?"

8/21/2008 . Edited 8/21/2008 #393
K.J DarKnight

"Micah" he replied simply taking the hand offered

8/21/2008 #394
Scottish Princess

Dax shook Micah's hand firmly then motioned over to where Reine and Avery were. "Over there is my boyfriend Reine and our son Avery. Both of them are Vampires as well. I don't know if there are any others like us in this city, though I'd assume there are."

8/21/2008 #395
Reine Ayten

Reine was too busy coughing to notice, but Avery waved at Dax and the newcomer.

8/21/2008 #396
K.J DarKnight

Micah glanced at the other two vampires and gave a slight nod "I've not met any others"

8/21/2008 . Edited 8/21/2008 #397
Scottish Princess

Dax shrugged. "Me either." he paused, "How long have you been in town?"

8/21/2008 #398
K.J DarKnight

"Only a couple of days, I don't stay in one place for very long" Micah answered

8/21/2008 #399
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded. "I used to be like that. I came here about four years ago with the intentions to stay only for a few days. But I realised how many people needed me here and then just last year I met Reine and, well, I have no reason to leave now."

8/21/2008 #400
K.J DarKnight

"Wellperhaps O too will find a reason to stay" Micah said "Though as of now I haven't a reason in the world to stay"

8/21/2008 #401
Scottish Princess

Dax nodded again. "Well, I should warn you, if you haven't noticed already, this club, it's for gays and the like, so if you aren't one, be prepared." he smiled and stood. "Nice meeting you. I guess I'll probably see you around."

8/21/2008 #402
K.J DarKnight

"Thanks for the warning" Micah said "It was nice to meet you too" he added

((good night y'all))

8/21/2008 . Edited 8/21/2008 #403
Reine Ayten

Reine and Avery were whispering something to each other, Reine shrugging and shaking his head.

{Night K.J!}

8/21/2008 . Edited 8/21/2008 #404
Scottish Princess

Dax just smiled and headed back over to Reine and Avery. "Hey you two. What's that you're whispering about?"


8/21/2008 #405
Reine Ayten

{I have to go pretty soon... like another half hour or so... unless you just got off...}

Reine smiled up at Dax. "Nothing," he said, a little too innocently.

8/21/2008 #406
Scottish Princess

((okay. I don't have that much time myself.))

Dax raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

8/21/2008 #407
Reine Ayten

Reine nodded. "Yup."

Avery bit his lip, trying to not giggle.

8/21/2008 #408
Scottish Princess

"Well then I guess I just won't tell you about our friend the Vampire."

8/21/2008 #409
Reine Ayten

"I do know a couple things about him," Reine told Dax, smirking. "One; he's not out to kill anyone, otherwise you'd be hurt, and two; he's not gay, 'cause no one's hitting on him."

8/21/2008 #410
Scottish Princess

"Someone might still try." Dax told him with a shrug. "You never know. His name is Micah, by the way."

8/21/2008 #411
Reine Ayten

"And you said you wouldn't tell me anything about him," Reine teased, smiling.

8/21/2008 #412
Scottish Princess

"Well I changed my mind." Dax grinned. "That's allowed, right?"

8/21/2008 #413
Reine Ayten

"Never said it wasn't, love," Reine countered, then coughed a couple times.

8/21/2008 #414
Scottish Princess

"You okay?" Dax asked, concerned.

8/21/2008 #415
Reine Ayten

Reine smiled at Dax. "I'm just coughing, not like I'm gonna pass out any time soon."

8/21/2008 #416
Scottish Princess

"Yeah but I'm extra worried about you when you're sick and stuff, you know that."

8/21/2008 . Edited 8/22/2008 #417
Reine Ayten

Reine smiled, standing on tiptoes to kiss Dax's jaw again. "I know, love."

8/22/2008 #418
Scottish Princess

Dax bent his head down and kissed Reine fully on the lips. "You just be careful, okay?"

8/22/2008 #419
Reine Ayten

Reine smiled. "I will, promise."

{I have to go now... *falls asleep at computer* Night, see you tomorrow}

8/22/2008 #420
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