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Scottish Princess

Ty decided that he'd done enough to Val and sat down at the piano, playing bits of this and that.

7/9/2008 #151

Sebastian dragged Val over. "I never want to see your face around here again," Sebastian said, darkly. "Got it?!" Val nodded and ran out.

7/9/2008 #152
Scottish Princess

Ty was still playing around on the piano.

7/9/2008 #153

"Well, we might as well practice," Sebastian said. "As soon as Balthazar and Janine get down here."

7/9/2008 #154
Scottish Princess

Ty looked over at Sebastian. "What songs are we playing, cause I'm not familiar with all of them, I'm sure."

7/9/2008 #155

From upstairs, a pile of leaves fell down the stairs. They reformed to make Janine. Balthazar came downstairs.

"Well," he said. "We 'ave a songlist, but we'll 'ave to replace the drum notes wif piano notes." He handed the playlist to Ty. "I can't read pianee music for s***. If you could do it, we'd be set."

7/9/2008 #156
Scottish Princess

Ty looked at the notes and nodded. He couldn't read any words, but the music notes were cake. He sat down at the piano and went through the different songs, trying to get familiar with them.

7/9/2008 #157

"Simply lovely," Sebastian said. After a while, the club started filling with patrons again.

7/9/2008 #158
Scottish Princess

Ty was still trying to get used to all the songs and what he was going to have to do.

7/9/2008 #159

((Time Skip two hours!))

As the club was full and ready, Sebastian, Ty, Balthazar, and Janine were backstage.

"Oy, everybody ready?" Balthazar asked, tuning his bass guitar.

"Yes," Janine said, strumming her electric guitar

"Ready, Ty?" Sebastian asked, tossing his microphone.

7/9/2008 #160
Scottish Princess

Ty cracked his knuckles and nodded, peering out at the gathered crowd from where he stood with the others. He was nervous about performing in front of alot of people but with Sebastian and the others there, he doubted it'd be all that bad.

7/9/2008 #161

Edward stepped onto the stage to perform the opening act.

"Before we start the main event," Edward said, "I'd like to perform a song that I've been dying to sing! DJ?" The lights went down, and when they came back, Edward was wearing a revealing black leather outfit. "Hit it!" The music started and Edward started dancing and singing.

((Toxic by Britney Spears


7/9/2008 #162
Scottish Princess

Ty raised an eyebrow, surprised and after only a few seconds turned away. He didn't like watching that.

7/9/2008 #163

((Gotta log off now!))

7/9/2008 #164

After Edward finished his song and dance, the crowd went wild. As he stepped backstage, Edward turned to the band.

"Good- good luck!" Edward said, panting.

7/10/2008 #165
Scottish Princess

Ty swallowed, wiping his suddenly sweaty hands on his pants. He glanced at the others, ready to walk out when they did.

7/10/2008 #166

As the curtains raised, Sebastian flashed Ty a bright smile. He stepped forward.

"Thank you, Edward, for that lovely, if rather provactive, performance," Sebastian said. "And now, for your musical entertainment, the Flaming Wisps!" Balthazar and Janine walked out: Balthazar blowing kisses to all his fans, Janine waving politely.

"Before we start, I'd like to say something," Sebastian added. "One of our members, the infamous Val," he said, causing the crowd to boo and hiss, "was recently 'expelled' for our band. In his place, I present to you, a very close friend of mine, Ty!"

7/10/2008 #167
Scottish Princess

Ty followed along behind the others, smiling shyly. He turned slightly red when Sebastian announced his name and he bowed his head to the audience, then made his way over to the piano.

7/10/2008 #168

"Ready, guys?" Sebastian asked, twirling his mic.

"Ready!" Janine said, gripping her guitar.

"Bring it!" Balthazar said, cracking his knuckles.

"Ready, Ty?" Sebastian asked.

7/10/2008 . Edited 7/10/2008 #169
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded. "Yeah."

7/10/2008 #170

Sebastian smiled. "One, two, three, four!" he counted off.

((Monsters by Matchbook Romance


7/10/2008 #171
Scottish Princess

Ty started playing as soon as he was supposed to, doing his best at keeping up with the others.

7/10/2008 #172

As Ty played, Sebastian couldn't help but look over and smile.

7/10/2008 #173
Scottish Princess

Ty wasn't aware that Sebastian was smiling at him, so intent was he on playing the piano.

7/10/2008 #174

As they finished their song, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

"And now our next song," Sebastian said.

((Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones


7/10/2008 #175
Scottish Princess

((Oh I LOVE this song!!!))

And Ty started playing when he was supposed to, actually getting into the song. He liked this one.

7/10/2008 #176

Sebastian started singing with as much enthusiasm as possible. This song was pretty much his anthem.

7/10/2008 #177
Scottish Princess

Ty smiled slightly, listening to Sebastian putting his heart into it. He must really like this song, too, Ty thought.

7/10/2008 #178

Sebastian fought back tears as he neared the end of the song. He remembered why he wrote this song, and it was getting to him.

7/10/2008 #179
Scottish Princess

Ty played the last note as the song finished and looked at Sebastian, a slightly concerned look on his face.

7/10/2008 #180
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