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As Edward, Ignatius, and Ty entered, they were greeted by an air of sophistication, classical music, and the wafting scents of professionally prepared food. A waiter approached them.

"Do you have a reservation?" he asked.

"No," Edward replied. "But I don't need one. The name is Edward Ironcroft III, and I believe you have one of your finest tables in reserve for me at all times."

"Ironcroft?!" the waiter shrieked. "Certainly, right this way, sir!" The waiter led them to the finest table available. As they sat down, he handed them the menus. "I shall return when you are ready," he said, before leaving.

6/24/2008 #1
Scottish Princess

Ty's eyes widened as they entered and he followed the other two in a daze, wondering if it was all just a dream that he would wake from at any given moment. Ty looked at the menu in his hands and chewed on his bottom lip. It was all so expensive!

6/24/2008 #2

"What'll you have, Ty?" Edward asked. "I think I'll have the blutwurst with a salad on the side and a glass of chardonnay."

"I'm having the red wine-roasted game hen and spiced mashed potatoes, with a glass of chardonnay, as well," Ignatius said.

6/24/2008 . Edited 6/24/2008 #3
Scottish Princess

"I-I have no idea what to get," Ty told them, "I've never been to a place like this before."

6/24/2008 #4

"Well, I know something for you to start off with," Ignatius said. The waiter appeared. "Are we ready to order?" he asked.

"Yes," Edward said. "Blutwurst with a salad on the side and a rack of lamb for me, red wine-roasted game hen with spiced mash potatoes and steamed broccoli for Ignatius, and a 16-oz steak with butterfly shrimp for Ty, and a bottle of chardonnay, please," Edward said. The waiter took their orders and left. "Does that sound good, Ty?"

6/24/2008 #5
Scottish Princess

Ty nodded. "That sounds fine." He had no idea what all it was, but he was sure that it would taste good.

6/24/2008 #6

"So, Ty, do you live here in Elarope or are you just wandering through?" Edward asked.

6/24/2008 #7
Scottish Princess

"I've been wandering through places for years." Ty told them, staring at the table.

6/24/2008 #8

"Ah," Edward said. He was going to continue, but he looked at Ignatius and Ignatius shook his head. Then, the waiter returned.

"Blutwurst with rack of lamb and salad," he said, placing the dish before Edward, then Ty's and Ignatius'. "Steak and butterfly shrimp, and wine-roasted game hen with broccoli and spiced mashed potatoes, and a bottle of chardonnay. Bon appetit!" The waiter left.

"Well, what do you think so far, Ty?" Edward asked, pouring each of them a glass.

6/24/2008 #9
Scottish Princess

"It all smells really good." Ty admitted, smiling shyly. His mouth was watering.

((havta eat diner. be back in half an hour))

6/24/2008 #10


"Well, no use letting this food just sit here and look pretty," Edward smiled. "That's my job." He then picked up his fork and knife and carved a piece from the blutwurst, ate it, and sipped his chardonnay. Ignatius took a leg from his game hen and bit into it.

6/24/2008 #11
Scottish Princess

((And now I'm back))

Ty started in on his shrimp, eating slowly and taking in the wonderful flavours. He'd never eaten anything like this before.

6/24/2008 #12

"Would you care for some wine, Ty?" Ignatius asked, holding up the chardonnay bottle.

6/24/2008 #13
Scottish Princess

Ty shook his head. "No thanks."

6/24/2008 #14

"Very well," Ignatius said, continuing his meal. Edward had already finished his blutwurst and went on to the rack of lamb. "Das is gut," Edward said, savoring the lamb.

6/24/2008 #15
Scottish Princess

"So's mine," Ty commented, starting in on his steak.

6/24/2008 #16

Ignatius had finished his game hen, and mixed together the mashed potatoes and broccoli. He proceeded to consume them.

Edward had just finished his lamb, and started on his salad, occassionally stopping to sip his wine.

6/24/2008 . Edited 6/24/2008 #17
Scottish Princess

Ty was taking his steak slowly, still taking in the flavours. "Um, Ignatius," he asked after a few minutes, "Could I try some wine? Just a little?"

6/24/2008 #18

"You didn't have to ask," Ignatius said, pouring wine into Ty's glass. "You're our guest, after all."

6/24/2008 #19
Scottish Princess

Ty just nodded, taking a sip of the wine. He set his glass down, licking his lips and trying to decide if he liked it or not.

6/24/2008 #20

Edward had finished his food. "Wunderbar!" he said.

Ignatius picked up the last piece of broccoli with his fork and ate it. "Simply delectable," he said. "Thank you, Edward honey."

"No problem," Edward said. "How's the chardonnay, Ty?"

6/24/2008 #21
Scottish Princess

Ty polished off his steak and took another sip of the wine. "It's interesting."

6/24/2008 #22

Edward stopped a waiter passing by. "Get me a bottle of Dreamy Diva, Flaming Queen, Apollonian Bedsweet, three glasses, and three cherries, please," Edward asked, sending the waiter on his way.

6/24/2008 #23
Scottish Princess

Ty raised an eyebrow. "What's all that?"

6/24/2008 #24

"You'll see," Edward said. When he waiter arrived with the drinks, Edward smiled. He put the glasses in a row. He opened the drinks, added one dash of Flaming Queen, two jiggers of Dreamy Diva, and a cup of Apollonian Bedsweet to each glass. He then mixed each with a sugar-coated stirrer, took the cherries, removed their stems and pits, and dropped one in each glass.

"Behold!" Edward said, taking his glass and handing one each to Ty and Ignatius. "My own little concoction. I call it a Cherry-Poppin' Backslider!"

6/24/2008 #25
Scottish Princess

Ty sniffed his drink and his eyes widened. "I don't think I want any."

6/24/2008 #26

"Suit yourself, darling," Edward said, downing the drink in one gulp. Ignatius slowly sipped his drink until finished.

"Quite invigorating," Ignatius said.

6/24/2008 #27
Scottish Princess

Ty watched them and felt slightly guilty. He swirled the drink in the glass and glanced up at Edward. "Is it very strong? I don't know how I might handle it."

6/24/2008 #28

"Oh, no, it's very mild," Edward said. "It's more fruity than alcoholic. It's like a lite beer with a fruit flavor, really."

6/24/2008 #29
Scottish Princess

Ty looked at the drink and then shrugged and took a large sip. "It's good," he told Edward, "Different and I'm not used to alcohol, but it's good."

6/24/2008 #30
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