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((I know, but by led, I meant showed him where to go.))

6/25/2008 #61
Scottish Princess

((okay, gotcha))

6/25/2008 #62
K.J DarKnight

As the two stepped inside a young woman greeted them, when she caught sight of Micah she looked him up and down with what she thought to be nonchalantly.

"Welcome to the Silver Stream, a table for two?" She gave Serai'ah a look that might of been jealousy.

Micah nodded "Yes, please"

8/22/2008 #63
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah just smiled politely and waited to be seated.

8/22/2008 #64
K.J DarKnight

the young women lead them to a table in the back.

"Can I start you off with anything to drink" She asked mainly looking at Micah.

"Jut water will do for me" Micah answered.

She then looked at Serai'ah

8/22/2008 #65
Scottish Princess

"A glass of milk, if you wouldn't mind." Serai'ah told the woman, still smiling.

8/22/2008 #66
K.J DarKnight

the woman jotted down their orders and handed them menus. "I'll be back with your drinks" she said and walked off.

8/22/2008 #67
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah picked up her menu and started looking through it.

8/22/2008 #68
K.J DarKnight

Micah only glanced over the menu and quickly decided on the days special, he probably wouldnt eat anyway.

8/22/2008 . Edited 8/22/2008 #69
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah put down her menu and looked at Micah. "So, how long have you been in town?"

8/22/2008 #70
K.J DarKnight

"Not long, I don't stay in one place for very long" he said with a shrug

8/22/2008 #71
Scottish Princess

She nodded. "I don't usually either, most people don't like me around."

8/22/2008 #72
K.J DarKnight

"I know the feeling" He smirked "If you don't mind me asking. why don't people like you around?"

8/22/2008 #73
Scottish Princess

She smiled. "Oh, they just get uncomfortable around a part Demon." she paused, "And a Vampire like yourself can't have much better luck."

8/22/2008 #74
K.J DarKnight

"No can't say that I do" Micah said with a slight smile.

The waitress came back places their drinks on the table "Are you ready to order?" she asked holding pencil and pad.

"I will just have today's special" Micah said

8/22/2008 #75
Scottish Princess

"I'll take a tenderloin steak cooked very rare, please." Serai'ah told the waitress, taking a sip of her milk.

8/22/2008 #76
K.J DarKnight

"any appetizers for you tonight?" she asked jotting down the orders.

"Not for me" Micah said

8/22/2008 #77
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah shook her head. "No, thank you."

8/22/2008 #78
K.J DarKnight

The waitress picked up the menus "It will be about fifteen minutes" she informed before walking off.

"Part demon huh, I would never have guessed" Micah said looking across the table at her

8/22/2008 #79
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah shrugged one shoulder. "Most people don't. But when they find out, they tend to not like me very much." she smiled. "I guess I make them uncomfortable or something." She took another sip of her milk, wondering if he knew about what else she was. She doubted, but she wasn't sure and she didn't think she could trust him completely.

8/22/2008 #80
K.J DarKnight

"Well it will take more then that to scare me off" Micah said, the girl in front of him intrigued him, he had never met someone quite like her before.

8/22/2008 #81
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah smirked. "I bet it would." She took another sip of her milk, watching him.

8/22/2008 #82
K.J DarKnight

Micah didn't touch his water. There wasn't much point in pretending to be human since she knew he wasn't.

"How long do you plan to stay in town?" he asked

8/22/2008 #83
Scottish Princess

She shrugged. "I don't know. It seems like a nice city and one that wouldn't even notice someone like myself, so.... who knows?"

8/22/2008 #84
K.J DarKnight

Micah nodded "You might be right about that, me I don't want to take the risk"

8/22/2008 #85
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah tilted her head to the side and looked at him. "Take what risk? I've already figured out that this really isn't a normal city. I'm sure there's plenty of others like you around."

8/22/2008 #86
K.J DarKnight

Micah nodded "I did meet one, he says he's been here four years I believe it was. He has a husband and a son" he said shaking his head at the thought. "After that I'm not to sure I would like the other vampires around here"

8/22/2008 #87
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah raised an eyebrow. "I've heard of stranger things. But I understand where you're coming from." she took another sip of her milk and stared at the glass, wondering absently if she'd ever find somewhere to settle down.

8/22/2008 #88
K.J DarKnight

"Well, It would be nice to find a place to settle down, maybe I'll stick around a bit longer and give this place a second chance" Micah said mostly to himself

8/22/2008 #89
Scottish Princess

Serai'ah smirked. "I don't think it'll be so bad." she looked around, her stomach growling loudly. "When is our food supposed to get here? I'm hungry..."

8/22/2008 #90
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