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K.J DarKnight

Ivaanah only having just barely arrived currentlylives in a very small place located in the basement of a building. To get to it you have to go down a set of stairs in an alleyway, where there is a black door.

There is no front room, the front door leads strait into the kitchen where only two people could stand comfortably. To the right is the tiny bathroom, to the left is the small bedroom, slightly larger then the kitchen area. The bedroom also serves as the dining area as there is a table and chairs in the room.

This suits Ivaanah's life style since she rarely goes there and has it simply for a hideing place, or somewhere to be alone.

9/6/2008 #1
K.J DarKnight

((from whats left of Micah's place))

It only took them ten minutes to get there, Ivaanah took the hidden key out from under the door frame where there was a small slit in the wood. Letting them in she hoped everyone would fit alright, she only really had the place for emergency's and she never dreamed she would be housing so many others.

"The bedroom is over here" Ivaanah led them to the left glad she knew the place well enough not to run into things. Opening the door she let them come in

11/5/2008 #2
K.J DarKnight

((Don't forget me again Scotty XD))

11/6/2008 #3
Scottish Princess

((sorry!!! I did forget... again.... *feels bad*))

Serai'ah helped her brother inside and looked around.

"Give Natalya the bed." Jake coughed out, "I'll live with being out here, I promise."

((and now I need to go to bed.... :( sorry... night))

11/6/2008 #4
K.J DarKnight

((It's ok I was just giveing you a friendly reminder))

Micah nodded and went into the room laying her on the bed.

"There's no room out here, you will have to stay in the bedroom too, infact we all will since I don't have a front room or anything" Ivaanah said wishing then she had gotten a larger place.

Micah came back out and helped seraih get Jake into the room aswell helping him to sit and rest whence they were in. "I'll go get a doctor" Micah said simply before leaving without another word.

Ivaanah of course hadn't noticed but the room was very dark considering they were in the basement of the large building, there was a window with a well leading down to it from the surface but it provided little light.


11/6/2008 #5
Scottish Princess

Jake collapsed with a sigh on the bed, wincing in pain as he laid back. He looked up at the concerned look on his sister's face and managed a smile. "I'll be fine, sis, I promise."

Serai'ah bit her lip and nodded, hoping Micah would be back soon with the doctor...

11/7/2008 #6
K.J DarKnight

"Can I get you anything Jake?" Ivaanah asked, she was also worried about him

Natalya then stirred opening her eyes she didn't understand were she was. She tried to sit up but immediately regretted it, she put her hand over her stomach as she winced with the pain of it

11/7/2008 #7
Scottish Princess

"Just a little water," Jake whispered, coughing again and wincing. He noticed Natalya stirring and looked over at her. "Micah's getting a doctor." he told her.

Serai'ah sat by her brother's side, biting her lip and holding his hand. It was obvious she was worried about him; she wasn't really paying much attention to anything or anyone else.

11/7/2008 #8
K.J DarKnight

Ivaanah nodded and went into the kitchen, she fumbled through the cupboards till she found a cup, filling it with water she brought it back.

Natlaya looked at him, there was something different about her eyes but it was hard to say what. she stared at him for a moment "Who are you? who's Micah? What's going on?" the questions flooded out all at once, she seemed utterly confused and a bit panicked

11/7/2008 #9
Scottish Princess

Jake took the cup from Ivaanah with a grateful smile, downing half of it before handing it to Serai'ah and looking at Natalya. "I'm Jake. Don't you remember me, Natalya? Do you remember anything?"

11/7/2008 #10
K.J DarKnight

Natalya shook her head "No......I've never seen you before" Natalya said honestly clearly not remembering a thing

11/7/2008 #11
Scottish Princess

Jake stared at her, looking almost hurt, but that look soon faded and he narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. "Do you remember meeting a man named Allen?" he asked her, describing Allen to her.

11/7/2008 #12
K.J DarKnight

Natalya thought about it then slowly nodded "I th........" Suddenly she gasped clapping a hand over her mouth her eyes wide as memories flooded back.

11/7/2008 #13
Scottish Princess

Jake reached over and grabbed her other hand. "Hey.... you'll be okay..."

11/7/2008 #14
K.J DarKnight

Natalya looked up at him again she couldn't bring herself to say anything

Micah then returned with the doctor

11/7/2008 #15
Scottish Princess

Jake squeezed her hand. "You'll be okay." he assured her.

Serai'ah looked up as soon as the door opened and she got to her feet, running up to Micah and quite forgetting about the half empty cup of water in her hand. "Natalya's awake now and she's remembering some things."

11/7/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #16
K.J DarKnight

Natalya didn't look at Micah came back she kept her eyes on Jake "Why are you being nice to me? All I've done is hurt you....."

"I came back as soon as I could" he told her gently, he stepped aside letting the doctor through "They are right through that door" he told the doctor

11/7/2008 #17
Scottish Princess

"You didn't do it on purpose or of your own free will, Natalya," Jake told her. "It's not your fault. I don't blame you for anything. Anything at all."

Serai'ah held onto Micah's arm, chewing on her lower lip. "Do you think they'll both be okay?"

11/7/2008 #18
K.J DarKnight

Natalya smiled just slightly "Thank you Jake" she said before the doctor interrupted "Ladies first, young lady you will have to lay down" Natalya looked at him and nodded as she slowly lay back, she didn't let go of Jake's hand

Micah put a hand to her face "They will be fine I promise" he said softly to her

11/7/2008 #19
Scottish Princess

((hehe, sorry, distracticated))

Jake kept a firm, but gentle, grip on Natalya's hand, watching her and the doctor.

Serai'ah managed a slightly strained smiled and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the lips. "I believe you."

11/7/2008 #20
K.J DarKnight

((its all good))

"This may hurt" The doctor told Natalya, she nodded and prepared herself for it. As the doctor went to work Natalya paled considerably and locked her jaw in place. She held tightly to Jake's hand for support.

it wasn't long before he finished up with Natalya

Micah smiled slightly and kissed her back. "Why don't we go in there with everyone else then you can see for yourself that they will be fine"

((I'll let you play the doctor while he's treating Jake))

11/7/2008 #21
Scottish Princess


Jake smiled at Natalya, squeezing her hand slightly. "See, I told you." he said with a wink before looking at the doctor who was now on his side of the bed.

Serai'ah nodded to Micah. "Okay."

"Micah has already informed of what happened," the doctor told Jake, "So all I need you to do is tell me what hurts and where exactly."

"My left arm and leg," Jake replied, wincing and letting out a small cry of pain as the doctor inspected Jake's injured arm.

"It's broken and pretty badly burned as well," the doctor said, "I'm afraid you won't have much use of it for a while."

Jake nodded. "I figured..."

"Your leg is only minorly burned," the doctor continued, "It would be best not to put too much weight on it for several days at the minimum."

Jake only nodded again. The doctor set the bone in Jake's arm, then put a salve on it for the burns and wrapped it up. He also put a salve on Jake's leg and wrapped it up as well. "There, I've done all I can."

11/7/2008 #22
K.J DarKnight

((Natalya and Jake should get together at some point.....at least I think so.....))

Micah led her into the room and the to table so they could sit while the doctor went to work on Jake.

Natalya felt rather tired after the adrenalin rush so did not sit up again that and she didn't want to tear the stitches

11/7/2008 #23
Scottish Princess

((hehe, I was thinking that, too))

Jake lay still on the bed, eyes closed as he tried his best to fight off the waves of pain. He was still holding Natalya's hand.

Serai'ah looked at the doctor. "But they'll both be fine?"

11/7/2008 #24
K.J DarKnight

((lol great minds think alike))

Natalya gently squeezed his hand and turned her head so she could see him

the doctor nodded "Yes, now they just need to stay in bed and get their rest, and here's some ointment for his burns it should be applied once a day to help it heal faster" the doctor told her as he handed her a bottle

11/7/2008 #25
K.J DarKnight

((I have to go to bed now sorry))

11/7/2008 #26
Scottish Princess

((heh, so do dumb ones! XD))

Jake took several deep breaths before finally opening his eyes, he looked over at Natalya and gave her a tired half smile, but didn't say anything.

Serai'ah nodded and took the bottle. "Thank you, doctor, for everything. How much do we owe you?"

((aw.... night!))

11/7/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #27
K.J DarKnight

((good timing I hadn't quite left yet))

Natalya smiled slightly too but didn't say anything either, she meant to only close her eyes a moment but ended up falling asleep

"Micah has already paid" the doctor said "Now if you will excuse me I have other patients to see" with that he left

((I am going now though, sorry my parents want to go see a movie in the mornin and I don't wanna sleep through it ))

11/7/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #28
Scottish Princess

((aw, okay, see ya!))

Jake turned to look at his sister, smiling at her. "We'll be fine, sis."

Serai'ah thanked the doctor again and hugged Micah, before coming over and kissing Jake's forehead. "You rest now. Both of you need to. I don't want to see you moving an inch out of that bed for at least two days! Unless you have to relieve yourself."

Jake smirked, shaking his head at her. "You're a proper little tyrant you know."

Serai'ah grinned, "I know, now rest!"

11/7/2008 #29
K.J DarKnight

Micah smiled shakeing his head slightly from where he sat "I'm glad I'm not the one injured"

11/8/2008 #30
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